I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 53.1

“If it’s coming from you, then it’s sweet.” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Lin An Lan instantly felt that the words were too ambiguous, but he was the one who had asked, so he didn’t have the heart to say anything more and walked forward in silence.

Seeing an oil painting gallery in the alley, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu walked in.

The owner of the oil painting gallery was a beautiful woman wearing glasses and when she saw them, she asked in English, “Would you like to make a painting?”

Lin An Lan wanted to try, “But I don’t know how to paint…”

“It’s okay.” The woman said, “You can draw whatever you want, the important thing is to have fun.”

Lin An Lan asked Cheng Yu, “Should we try it out?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Let’s.”

The two of them sat down in front of a drawing board, tied on their aprons, squeezed out their paints and prepared to start painting.

Lin An Lan hadn’t painted before, Cheng Yu had.

He picked up the brush and began to sketch carefully.

Lin An Lan thought for a while before deciding what to paint. He dipped his brush into the green paint and began painting a tree.

As he painted quietly, the camera man who was looking at his painting, slowly realized that he was drawing a forest.

It was a green forest and behind the forest one could see blue water that seemed to be a wave coming in, with the ocean swirling.

“It’s very nice.” The owner of the oil painting gallery praised.

Lin An Lan smiled and picked up other colors.

Moving to the bottom of the forest, he drew flower after flower gently. They were all small, tiny and colorful, just like his little flower.

Each day, his little flower was a different color.

Cheng Yu put his brush away to take a short break and turning his head, he saw Lin An Lan’s painting.

“Is it nice?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“It looks good.”

“What are you painting?” Lin An Lan walked over to see his.

When Cheng Yu showed him his painting, Lin An Lan’s eyes widened in surprise.

Cheng Yu’s painting was of him.

He had his head down and was sitting among a multitude of tulip flowers.

Lin An Lan looked at him in shock, thinking to himself that he was too good.

Cheng Yu felt a little self-conscious. “I’ve learned it before, but I’ve painted less in the last few years, so it might not look much like a painting or look good.”

“How can this not look good!”

Although it wasn’t finished, Lin An Lan thought he had done a very good job!

If Cheng Yu’s painting wasn’t good enough, then his shouldn’t even be looked at.

“Do you think I’m not handsome?”

“Of course not, I’m just afraid that I’m not good enough to draw a millionth of what you are.”

“I think it looks good.” Lin An Lan was still in a state of surprise, “Continue painting, I want to see the finished product.”


Seeing that Lin An Lan liked his painting, Cheng Yu drew more smoothly than before.

Lin An Lan peeked at his progress from time to time, but didn’t rush him. He just waited for him to finish the painting and then give it to him.

He would give it to him, right? After all Cheng Yu was painting him, so he would definitely give it to him.

Lin An Lan waited excitedly, even throwing the words he had said before about avoiding suspicion to the back of his mind.

Cheng Yu painted so carefully and slowly that as the director of the programme looked at him, he thought he would spend half a day here.

But for someone of Cheng Yu’s position, the programme team didn’t dare rush him and could only wait.

After waiting until the afternoon, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu had a meal at the shop and then continued to paint.

It was only when the sun covered the sky in the evening that Cheng Yu finally finished painting.

Lin An Lan looked at the painting of him, dressed in white and decorated with tulips and thought he looked better in the painting.

“It’s so beautiful.”

The owner of the gallery thought so too, “Excellent, you are simply the best person I have seen in the past few months.”

“Would you consider selling this painting to me?” The owner of the gallery said enthusiastically, “I love it, I think it’s beautiful and I’d like to hang it in the shop for display.”

“No.” Cheng Yu refused, “I like it too, so I want to give it to the person to whom it belongs.”

He paid the owner then gave the painting to Lin An Lan.

“Classmate, a gift for you.”

The owner of the gallery, who didn’t understand the Chinese he was saying, only saw him give the painting to Lin An Lan and said with an envious look on her face, “How romantic, are all Chinese people so romantic?”

Lin An Lan blushed, but pretended not to have heard her as he gave his painting to Cheng Yu.

The owner immediately felt that they were even more romantic, “Gosh, you’re just like those couples.”

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan lowered his head and continued to pretend that he hadn’t heard anything.

Cheng Yu also didn’t say a word. He accepted the painting Lin An Lan gave him and walked out with him.

As they walked along the streets and alleys, the sun started to go down and the city started to change with gorgeous lights flickering on. Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu looked at the huge clock not far away, listened to its chime, watched the people across the street cheering – and then looked at each other.

They saw themselves in each other’s eyes. The world was bustling with activity, noisy and chaotic, but between them there was peace, with only each other.

This was probably love.

The trip didn’t cost much, so Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu went out again the next day.

But this time they came back early because the programme team had arranged a game in the evening and they had to go to have dinner together at Ma Junshan’s house, which was the biggest in the courtyard, to play the game.

“It’s good to finally have a break.” Ma Junshan picked up his glass and clinked it with everyone, “I really don’t want to work anymore.”

“Lin Ge and Cheng Ge are really lucky. You don’t have to work, I’m so envious.”

Lin An Lan smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“Aren’t we going to play a game? Let’s start.” Li Yongshi said.


They all responded and then started the game.

The game, given by the show, was called ‘Talk Back’ and everyone laughed as they played, having a good time.

“Let me sing a song for you.” Yuan Le Ren said as she raised his hand.

“Okay.” The crowd didn’t refuse.

Yuan Le Ren cleared her throat and started to sing. She sang a very gentle song that Li Yong Shi and Jian Yada couldn’t help but harmonize softly with her and after she finished, they all gave her a big round of applause.

Yuan Le Ren smiled shyly, her face unconsciously a little red.

Zhou Yuan looked at his girlfriend and said softly, “Then I’ll sing a song too.”

“Alright.” They all welcomed him with applause.

“But I have idol baggage, so I have to go back and get my guitar. We have a guitar at home.”

Everyone laughed and Yuan Le Ren looked at him expectantly.

Zhou Yuan didn’t take long to return, and Ma Junshan had specially arranged a main seat for him surrounded by everyone, “Come, idol, here is your stage.”

Zhou Yuan was a little embarrassed as he went up the ‘stage’.

Sitting down, he started playing the guitar, singing a love song under everyone’s gaze.

He sang very softly, occasionally glancing at Yuan Le Ren. He didn’t dare let his gaze linger on her much, however he seemed to be unable to take his eyes off of her.

As Yuan Le Ren listened, her eyes slowly turned red. She blinked and lowered her head, but as everyone was immersed in Zhou Yuan’s song, no one noticed her abnormality.

Only Cheng Yu noticed.

Cheng Yu looked at her, and then at Zhou Yuan. He sincerely wished them well.

After Zhou Yuan finished singing, he deliberately said loudly, “Who else, who else wants to sing? Come, Xiao Ma, give it a try.”

Ma Junshan naturally wouldn’t give up such an opportunity, “You don’t say, I really know how to play the guitar.”

He took the guitar and sang a cheerful song, instantly mobilizing the crowd’s emotions.

Hence began the inexplicable but reasonable playing and then passing on the guitar, but Chen Yingjie didn’t want to sing, so he refused and Guan Fei couldn’t play the guitar, so he also refused.

The guitar went into Cheng Yu’s hands.

Cheng Yu naturally knew how to play it. With his background, he already knew how to play several instruments and guitar and piano were among them.

When Ma Junshan saw that he didn’t pass the guitar, he coaxed him to take the lead in playing, however, Cheng Yu refused.

He plucked the strings slowly as he started to sing gently.

This was a love song from long ago. The melody was soft and tender, and every word spoke of the love between lovers.

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