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Chapter 88.2

Yu Heng had disapproved of him going into acting from the beginning, but later, when he had no choice, had reluctantly agreed when he saw that he was bent on doing it.

But since he was in such a position after all, he had to go back. For his own sake, for the sake of the Yu family, and for the sake of Lin An Lan.

If there was one chance in a million that they could be together, then he would never let that one chance disappear for any other reason.

The only person who could stop him from being with Lin An Lan in this world was Lin An Lan himself.

Others couldn’t, including Cheng Feng.

Cheng Yu slowly withdrew his gaze and looked back down at his script. [Yun Yun] was almost finished, but he and Lin An Lan were not.

In the days that followed, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu shot a few more scenes as Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan respectively.

In the scenes, they went to the movies together, went to an amusement park together, climbed the city walls together, and watched the sunrise on Mount Hua together.

When the sun came up, Gu Shuyu exclaimed, “It’s a new beginning again.”

Looking at him, Jing Huan whispered, “Hmm.”

Gu Shuyu looked back at him and Jing Huan saw the color of the sunrise in his eyes.

Everything about his new life had been brought about by Gu Shuyu. He didn’t need a new beginning because he had already experienced its glory. He loved Gu Shuyu, he would always love this man, no matter when, no matter where, and no matter whether he loved him or not.

He smiled brightly at Gu Shuyu, like a god in the red fire of the sunrise.

Gu Shuyu smiled back, then watched the splendid sunrise with him.

When the day ended, it was the last day of the year.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu stayed in their room after the filming of the scene, ordered take-away to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one.

“I hope next year goes well too.” Lin An Lan wished.

Cheng Yu nodded, “En, I hope you’ll still be happy and healthy next year.”

“You too.”

They clinked glasses, drank some wine, and when the zero hour came, hugged and kissed each other tenderly.

Leaning in his arms, Lin An Lan wanted to ask him how he was going to spend the New Year and whether he would like to go to his house, but was worried that he was going back to spend it with his own family, so he didn’t ask.

But in that moment, Cheng Yu hugged him tightly, kissed him in the process, and said, “Let’s spend New Year’s together this year.”

Lin An Lan was surprised, “Don’t you have to go home for New Year’s Eve?”

“I just have to show my face and it will be okay. I’ll be back very soon.”

“Okay then.” Lin An Lan said happily, “I’ll wait for you at home.”

Finished saying this, he added, “At my house. Let’s go back to my house for New Year’s Eve. Jiang Xu did say that I go back to my house for New Year’s Eve every year.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu laughed, “With pleasure.”

Placing his arms around his neck, Lin An Lan kissed him then leaned into his arms with a smile on his face, his heart full of joy and sweetness.

On January 5th, the first episode of the second season of [Backpacking For Youngsters] aired officially.

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu sat down on the sofa together after filming, waiting for the show to air.

Cheng Yu even prepared snacks and fruit for the occasion.

The show began on time at ten o’clock, and Lin An Lan ate his raisins while watching the TV.

The show’s post-production team was very good at editing the scenes, as they had added small details and special effects to the scenes.

The four-person fruit-picking team provided many of the laughs in this episode. Yuan Leren, as leader for the first time, was confused but sincere and cute, Li Yongsi and Jian Yada were moderate but likable, however, Lin An Lan’s status as a learning god and his relationship with Cheng Yu as old classmates really surprised everyone.

“Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan are old classmates?”

“It was on the Groove Network? We’ve seen it once before on the forum. They are old classmates, they said it themselves. What’s more later a high school classmate came out to reveal it, confirming that they were indeed classmates.”

“Then why didn’t they interact much before?”

“Maybe they weren’t all that close. A high school friend of theirs also revealed that Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu didn’t have a deep friendship and that Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu were closer. He and Jiang Xu seemed to have been friends.”

“Were they classmates in University too?”

“Different departments in the same university, sort of alumni and also high school classmates, but they seem to have an average relationship in University as well.”

“But they seem to be close in the variety show.”

“It’s probably because it’s rare to have someone you know after entering the industry, that’s why they’ve become close.”

As everyone was talking about this, it didn’t take long before [Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu, old classmates] went up on the hot search.

Lin An Lan had already finished watching an episode of the variety show and found it quite interesting.

“I was worried that the results after the filming of the variety show would be boring, I didn’t expect that the program team would be so good at editing.”

“That’s why good shows are made, not filmed. A good post-production team naturally knows how to maximize the benefits.” Cheng Yu fed him a slice of orange on a toothpick.

Lin An Lan nodded, “That’s a good point.”

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