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Chapter 24.2

Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu held hands and walked down the slope back to the entrance of the primary school. When they reached the entrance, Cheng Yu let go if his hand and entered the school courtyard with him.

Seeing that Lin An Lan had come back to the office, the camera man didn’t say anything, after all, it was normal to go to the toilet quickly.

Especially with the toilet here. Even he had to build up the courage a bit before he went.

So it was only right that Lin An Lan took his time.

Lin An Lan sat back at his desk and picked up his pen, but he couldn’t help but think of what Cheng Yu had just said to him.

When he was at home, although he knew that Cheng Yu had liked him since high school, he didn’t ask too many questions because Cheng Yu had said it in a light-hearted manner. After all, they hadn’t been together at that time.

If he had asked too many questions, he was afraid that Cheng Yu would look back on the past and feel uncomfortable.

But ever since they came here and started recording the variety show, ever since Cheng Yu entered this school, he always seemed to think of their high school days and wanted to make up for all the regrets he’d had.

Lin An Lan can understand this mentality. It was the same as when one was a child and didn’t get satisfied in a certain area, when that person grew up and had the ability, he would unconsciously or subconsciously make up for what he didn’t get.

Cheng Yu’s mentality was probably similar.

Lin An Lan sighed, feeling that things had really not been easy for him.

He looked at the textbooks on his desk and thought of what Cheng Yu had said earlier, “When I was in school, I envied other people. They could hold hands with the person they liked in the classroom and kiss in school, but I couldn’t do anything.”

So Cheng Yu had taken him to the slope, the one where he could see the school when he looked down, but the place where he had really wanted to hold hands and kiss him, was probably inside the school.

It was just that there were cameras and other people here, so he had compromised.

A very good compromise at that.

With all these thoughts flowing through his mind, Lin An Lan made a decision.

After school in the afternoon, the children finished their meal, thanked each other politely and ran back with their school bags.

Lin An Lan and Li Yongshi helped Cheng Yu wash the dishes and cleared the table together, but he didn’t rush to leave. Instead, he went back to his office, saying that he would be preparing the lesson for a while.

Li Yongshi was already tired, so she didn’t stay with him and went back to her house in the village with Jian Yada.

When Cheng Yu saw that he was going to stay behind to prepare for his lesson, he didn’t rush back and went to his office to keep him company.

Observing his actions, Chen Yingjie watched wanted to join him, but Cheng Yu refused.

At that moment, they were the only two people left in the school, with the camera men who were following them.

After another hour, the director and the rest of the crew came over to collect the equipments that had been fixed in the classroom.

The machines were expensive and even though they knew the people in the village wouldn’t take them, the crew didn’t dare leave them overnight in the classroom.

Therefore every day after filming, they would take the machines back and then fix them up again the next morning.

When the crew came to the office to remove the equipment, the director found that Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were still around.

“Why haven’t you gone back yet?” The director asked.

Lin An Lan was busy writing down the key points on his paper while replying, “I’m preparing for the class, I haven’t finished yet.”

Then he asked, seemingly inadvertently, “Have you taken down all the equipments in the classroom?”

The director nodded, “Yes, otherwise I’d be uneasy leaving them unattended during the night.”

“You have a point.”

“So now you’re the only ones left.”

“I still have a bit to finish,” Lin An Lan said in response to his words. “Why don’t you go and eat first? Have you eaten?”

He glanced at his followers, “Zhang Ge and the others haven’t eaten yet.”

Zhang Ge smiled at his words, “It’s alright, I’m not hungry.”

“It’s already eight o’clock but you’re not hungry?” Lin An Lan smiled, persuading him, “Alright, all of you should go and eat, take the equipments away too. I’m just preparing for my lesson here and you’ve already shot a lot of this material, it’s just the same content again, there’s no need to spend time here for me.”

When Zhang Ge heard him say this, he turned his head to look at the director.

The director really hadn’t expected Lin An Lan to act like a teacher. He was actually so serious!

Even though the students had finished school and could take a break, he didn’t go back but stayed in the office to prepare for the lesson.

This was too responsible, right?

Looking at him, the director couldn’t help but admire and appreciate him a little more.

Even with the way the director was looking at him, Lin An Lan still had the same gentle and considerate look on his face, “Everyone has worked hard, especially Zhang Ge and the others, you must be hot and tired from carrying such heavy cameras all day, so go and eat if you have to. If you guys continue to act like this, I’d feel too embarrassed to continue preparing for the lesson. I’m also going back now.”

With that, he made a move to pack his books.

The director stopped him hurriedly, “No, no, no. Xiao Lin, continue to prepare your lesson. The way you’re taking this seriously is a good thing, don’t let me put you off. Continue, I’ll go to dinner with Xiao Zhang and the rest. I haven’t eaten yet either because I’d planned to eat later after we finished taking down the equipments.”


Cheng Yu added in smoothly, “Then let Li Ge join you guys. I’m really fine, I just don’t want to stay alone in the house, that’s why I didn’t go back. I can’t even play with my cell phone when the camera is on, so I can only read the primary school textbook here. I’m not going to lie, I’ve almost memorized everything in this book.”

The director and the camera men couldn’t help but laugh.

Cheng Yu laughed as well, “So Li Ge you should also go and eat, so I can take the opportunity to play with my phone for a while and take a break.”

“Okay, then you and Xiao Lin should also go home early.”


Satisfied, the director removed the equipments in the office and left with Li Ge and Zhang Ge, the camera crew.

When Cheng Yu saw them leave, he closed the door, removed his mic, took out his cell phone and started going through his WeChat.

Just as he opened he saw Wang Cheng’s WeChat avatar wrapped in a small red dot with numbers on it.

Wang Cheng: [Ahhhhhhhhhh Cheng Ge, good news! Although Yulan is still very cold, your ‘Yu Shen’ CP with Teacher Lin has risen to the top of the Super Talkers list in the past few days!]

Wang Cheng: [Everyone is very curious about who the mystery man that day was when you were live and only had his voice in the broadcast. I saw on the forum that they have guessed that it’s Teacher Lin, but because you two have never crossed paths before, most of the netizens don’t believe it and are speculating that it’s someone else.]

Wang Cheng: [Cheng Ge, I have a feeling that when this variety show comes out, our Yulan will definitely blossom, become rich and soar!]

It was clear that after just one day, Wang Cheng had uncovered the true nature of his jealous protection, hating the twisting of the true facts of the ‘Yu Shen’ CP.

Once he saw that the so-called ‘Yu Shen’ was in fact his beloved ‘Yulan”, Wang Cheng instantly changed face, replacing the Italian cannon in his hand with a pasta dish for his friends, and rushed to join the ‘Yu Shen’ Super Talk with the pasta in hand, joining the others in rooting for ‘Yu Shen’ as the ‘ahhh’ed’, waiting for the day when the identity of ‘Yu Shen’ would be revealed.

Cheng Yu was extremely pleased: [Then you should prepare yourself.]

Wang Cheng: [Cheng Ge, don’t worry. I promise to complete the task, I have already infiltrated Yu Shen’s inner circle and become one of them [witty.jpg]]

Cheng Yu: [Good, when Yulan explodes, I’ll give you a bonus]

Wang Cheng: !!!

Wang Cheng responded politely: [What bonus are you talking about, is that what we Yulan fans are for? It’s for the power generation of love, not money!]

Cheng Yu: [Such true love, then this year’s bonus will be waived.]

Wang Cheng:!

Wang Cheng hurriedly changed his tone: [In fact, money is also very important when necessary, and to some extent the weight of money can also be converted into electricity.]

Cheng Yu: [Oh?]

Wang Cheng: [Mm-hmm. [nods.jpg]]

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, feeling that his assistant was much more lively than when he had first arrived.

As he was about to reply, he suddenly felt a shadow fall in front of him, and when he looked up, he saw that Lin An Lan had come to stand in front of him at some point.

He put his phone away quickly, “Have you finished preparing for your lesson?”

Lin An Lan nodded, “En.”

“Then let’s go.” Cheng Yu said, standing up and picking up the mic along the way.

They walked out together and closed the door.

It was dark and the compound was silent, with only stars scattered densely in the night, like the starlight of the Milky Way.

Cheng Yu turned on the flashlight that came with his cell phone and was about to walk towards the school gate when Lin An Lan pulled him and headed towards the classroom where he had his class.

“We’re going to the classroom?”

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