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Chapter 41.2

Lin An Lan couldn’t do anything about it and couldn’t force Cheng Yu to do anything about it either, so he could only take care of his flower, observe his flower, and adjust the way he watered his flower at all times.

Sigh, gardening was such a technical job!

He kissed Cheng Yu then asked, “So you guys were talking for so long, just about this?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yu released him, “I rejected her so she wanted to come to you but I told her that you would definitely not cooperate with her and she asked me in return, ‘If it’s not me, will it be with you?’”

“Then she suddenly realized that the two of us could hype up a CP and told me that we would be a good match.”

“It’s rare that I hear someone support us, so I started discussing things with her.”

Lin An Lan: …

Lin An Lan blinked. He never expected that they would talk about this for so long.

“So for the past half hour or so, you two were talking about whether you and I are suitable for each other or not?”

Cheng Yu looked at him in discontent, “What are you saying? What whether you and I are suitable for each other or not? We were talking about how very suitable we are! How very suitable we are, ok!”

Lin An Lan: …

“That Fan Ruiwen is quite good-tempered to have not left on the spot.”

“She was probably bored, but she designed two different scenarios for us, different ways of hyping our CP and even thought of our characters and the plot.”

Lin An Lan: …

“She’s really talented!”

“So are we going to do it?” Cheng Yu looked at him expectantly.

Lin An Lan felt that he had now mastered the right way to water his flower, “Of course I’m willing to do it with you, but even if we don’t hype up a CP, the two of us are already in a relationship. It’s just that because we are already in a relationship and you like me in the drama, it would look too deliberate if we hype up a CP at this point. It would be as if we are trying to promote something and there’s no need for that.”

He looked at Cheng Yu and said seriously, “Little flower, I like you, and because I like you I don’t want to mix our relationship with these other things. We don’t need to create hype, because we are already a couple. It’s just that we can’t come out yet, so we can’t explicitly say ‘yes, we’re in a relationship’, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you or don’t want to be with you publicly, I just think the time for us to go public isn’t now.”

He was very honest and Cheng Yu also understood.

Lin An Lan was essentially the type of person who didn’t like to put his personal life out in the open, that was why he was rarely in the hot search, and even less in the news.

Cheng Yu understood and was willing to accept it.

Although he might not be able to wait until Lin An Lan thought they could go public, it wasn’t Lin An Lan’s fault. It was his fault– he wasn’t Lin An Lan’s real boyfriend and because he didn’t fit the premise.

It had nothing to do with Lin An Lan.

He nodded in response, “Okay.”

“But even if we don’t go public, as my boyfriend, you can’t have any scandals with anyone.” Lin An Lan said deliberately.

Cheng Yu smiled instantly, pinching his face as he replied with a gentle and pampering expression: “Okay, I’ll only have it with you.”

“Of course, as your boyfriend I also won’t have scandals with anyone.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu smiled.

The two of them smiled as they looked at each other. They whispered sweet nothings to each other for a while then got ready to go to bed.

The next morning, when Lin An Lan and Fan Ruiwen were filming, he was worried that she would ask her about him and Cheng Yu, but Fan Ruiwen looked as if nothing had happened. She just held her script as usual as she discussed with him her understanding of the characters in the scene.

As it was almost November, the temperature had dropped to a new low and as Fan Ruiwen was underdressed, she kept bouncing on her toes from time to time to keep the cold away.

Lin An Lan adviced, “If you’re feeling cold, wear a little more.”

Fan Ruiwen refused, “If I wear more, I won’t look good. Actresses must look good on camera, especially in this kind of love scene. Who wants to see me dressed like a bear in love? So unromantic.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but say, “Alright, then.”

Just as he finished saying this, his cell phone rang. He looked down at the screen and saw that it was a text message from Jiang Xu.

Jiang Xu’s new drama was going to be broadcast soon and as it was currently in the promotion period, he was asking his friends in the circle to help promote it. Of course as Lin An Lan was his best friend, it was a given that he would help him promote it.

Jiang Xu: [Xiao Lan, go on Weibo and help me retweet it, it would be better if you do it right now.]

Lin An Lan didn’t really want to pay attention to him because he didn’t care.

But after a while, Jiang Xu sent another message: [Are you busy?]

Seeing as Lin An Lan didn’t respond, Jiang Xu thought about it then contacted Zhuo Siya directly.

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  1. What the- ugh I really hate this kind of friend… use you when they need to and toss you when they don’t.

    I can see that he became dependent to An An for our sweet little An An is very caring but this is too much! Really really too much!!

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