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Chapter 42.1

Lin An Lan was about to take a break after a scene when he heard Zhuo Siya say to him, “Jiang Xu just sent me a message asking me to tell you to help him repost the promotion of his new drama…”

“He’s really persistent, I didn’t give him a reply so he contacted you…”

“It’s normal. You’ve always reposted about his new drama for him,” Zhuo Siya said, “Once you were late in doing so, making the netizens wonder if you two had had a falling out, and over 30 posts were posted on the forums that afternoon to argue that you two had gone separate ways and all these arguments ended up under you and Jiang Xu’s Weibo accounts, so this time, you should repost it for him before it’s too late…”

Lin An Lan was shocked, “Something like this happened?”

Zhuo Siya said helplessly, “What do you think?”

Celebrities had always been a popular after-dinner pastime for many netizens, especially the so-called internet celebrities, whose every move were watched.

In the past, XX always posted his birthday wishes to him, but why not this year? Did they break up?

In the past, XX would always reply to his posts, but why didn’t he reply this time? Is it because of a fight?

In the past, he would always promote his new drama XX, but why no promotion this time? Is there a conflict?

The reason why internet celebrities were internet celebrities was because people were not only interested in them, but also in their networks, and once their networks changed, there would be anti fans who wouldn’t be able to wait to jump out to throw dirt on them.

If someone became more popular than before, then it was because he/she had forgotten their original intentions and now looked down on his/her previous friends.

If someone had become more popular than before, then it meant he/she had lost his heart, and all the people they used to hang out with would no longer associate with that particular person, icing them out.

So sometimes, even if some celebrities really went their separate ways in private, they would continue to create the same illusion on Weibo to avoid trouble, so that they wouldn’t be dragged and insulted again and again.

Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu were now in the middle of an impending separation and Zhuo Siya didn’t dare get involved in their relationship, but out of professional ethics as an agent, he felt that he didn’t need to make it too obvious otherwise it would unnecessarily give the public something to talk about.

After all, it was a drama between three people. The three of them could play by themselves, others didn’t need to get involved.

“So you should do what you used to do before and repost it for him, otherwise the forums will be discussing whether you two are at odds, whether you’ve had a falling out or not, and his fans will be all over your Weibo feed again.”

Lin An Lan acquiesced to it. Wasn’t it just reposting? He opened Weibo, swiped the home page, found Jiang Xu’s page, and chose the repost button.

However, after a short while, Jiang Xu sent a message again: [Xiao Lan, why did you only repost it?]

Lin An Lan was confused, [What else?]

Jiang Xu: [You have to add words to it.]

Lin An Lan: [You didn’t send it to me.]

Jiang Xu: …

Jiang Xu: [You always write it yourself, have you forgotten?]

Lin An Lan: … Had he? Sorry, he really forgot…

Lin An Lan: [It’s fine like this, I’ve got a drama to shoot, I don’t have time.]

Jiang Xu: !!!

Jiang Xu looked at the message in shock. He sent another message, but received no reply. This… had he already gone to shoot the drama?

Worried, he asked himself, what was going on? In the past, every time Lin An Lan did a repost for him, he would always include his own words considerately, but this time, there wasn’t a single word, just the four big words that came with the system: ‘Reposted’.

Jiang Xu felt depressed. This wasn’t normal. This shouldn’t be, how busy was Xiao Lan? How could he be so perfunctory…

He frowned and sent a few more messages to Lin An Lan who didn’t reply. Jiang Xu wanted to call him but then thought that it might not be convenient as he was with Cheng Yu.

Wait a minute, Jiang Xu suddenly realized, maybe that was why Xiao Lan couldn’t help him to promote the message as carefully as before. He was only pretending to be perfunctory so that Cheng Yu would let down his guard.

Having found a reason, Jiang Xu stopped sending messages to Lin An Lan, but felt that this whole thing had to end soon, otherwise, it would be too torturous for him and his Xiao Lan if it kept going on.

Ai, he had wronged his Xiao Lan!

When Jiang Xu’s agent saw that Lin An Lan had reposted it, he arranged for the hot search that he had already prepared, and within a short while, Wang Cheng who was scrolling through Weibo saw the phrase [Jiang Xu, Lin An Lan] on Weibo hot search.

When he clicked on it, he saw that there were all kinds of marketing accounts bragging about the years of friendship between Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu. They had been friends before they joined the entertainment circle, but even after they joined the industry, they still remained friends, with an attitude of, I promote your new drama, you vouch for my new drama. There was no better friendship than this!

However, the Jiang Lin cp fans didn’t think this was friendship.

“It’s so clear, yet you’re still talking about friendship, it’s clearly love!”

“An An is helping to promote Jiang Ge again. I knew it, every time Jiang Ge has a new drama, An An will never forget it…”

“Where are those who said that Lin An Lan wouldn’t promote? Come out and slap yourselves in the face…”

“Some people are just jealous of the friendship between the Jiang Lin cp, they keep on saying that they’ve had a falling out. You and your boyfriend will have a falling out, but they won’t…”

“Jiang Lin is too cute, I’m so jealous woo woo woo…”

Wang Cheng was so angry that he changed to a new user name and sent out a series of sarcastic laughs in the comment section, feeling depressed in his heart.

As a Yulan fan, Wang Cheng was most envious and jealous of the Jiang Lin cp. This number of people, this amount of sugar, compared to the Arctic circle of Yulan, this CP was simply the equator, it was too hot!

It was a pity that in a place like the entertainment circle, it was a mystery whether a particular cp would be popular or not, so even though Lin An Lan was such a famous celebrity, and Jiang Xu wasn’t so unpopular, they couldn’t hold this cp together.

Many people fell for this friendship candy and fell into the pit, then later found out that it was really just friendship! There was no ambiguity or tension! So they waved their sleeves and left with their love and accounts.

So now, Wang Cheng was always annoyed anytime he saw these lively Jiang Lin cp fans.

He showed his cell phone to Cheng Yu as he said, “Jiang Xu and Lin are on the hot search.”

Cheng Yu had already seen it so he wasn’t surprised, “Oh.”

Wang Cheng looked at him in shock, “Oh, just an oh and that’s it?”

“Cheng Ge, aren’t you and Lin Ge already a real couple now? Then on our side you shouldn’t be on a double search with others, and on Lin Ge’s side, he shouldn’t be on a double search with others.”

Cheng Yu looked down at him, “Wang Cheng, you’re really bold, to even dare interfere with your Lin Ge’s business, are you his agent?”

“Aren’t I doing this for both of you?”

“No need.” Cheng Yu said, “Just mind your own business. You don’t have to interfere in your Lin Ge’s business.”

“But you can interfere…” Wang Cheng suggested in a low voice.

Cheng Yu narrowed his eyes, smiled and said, “If you talk more, you’ll lose your bonus this year.”

Wang Cheng closed his mouth instantly, putting a zip on his mouth.

Cheng Yu clicked on the hot search and saw that, as he expected, it was just Lin An Lan promoting Jiang Xu’s new drama, just like before.

“It’s just a promotion for a new movie, a commercial exchange.”

Wang Cheng silently pulled back the zip on his mouth and whispered, “Then he can do it for us too, because your new movie is scheduled.”

“I didn’t tell him.”

“Then you can tell him now.”

Cheng Yu: …

Wang Cheng said positively and encouragingly, “Isn’t it just a commercial exchange in promotions? If it’s okay for friendship, then naturally it’s okay for love.”

Cheng Yu: …

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