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Chapter 47.1

Zhuo Siya followed Lin An Lan onto the plane, and just after sitting down and opening Weibo, he searched for Lin An Lan’s fan page, and saw Cheng Yu’s video.

Clicking on it to take a look, he felt his temples swell. He could see that Cheng Yu was not only planning to take advantage of Lin An Lan’s memory loss to fall in love with him, he was also clearly planning to take advantage of the opportunity to grow their cp fan base.

This candy was not just given one by one, it was a handful, as if he was afraid that the cp fans won’t have enough to eat.

It was sweet and filling!

Zhuo Siya minded this very much, but he didn’t dare say anything.

He could only remind Lin An Lan politely, “When you and Cheng Yu are outside, you should exercise a little restraint, otherwise if you lose your numerous pure fans, then it’s not worth the loss.”

Lin An Lan thought he was restrained, it was just that Cheng Yu couldn’t restrain himself sometimes, but it was normal as they were in a relationship, not to mention that Cheng Yu had been pursuing him for so long and they had only just gotten together. Moreover they were still in the honeymoon phase, so it was a bit hard to ask Cheng Yu to restrain himself at this point.

“I’ll do my best.” He answered, “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

Zuo Siya wasn’t at ease, and neither were Lin An Lan’s pure fans.

“He unexpectedly arrived in the same car as our Lin Ge?”

“Heavens, I don’t think our Ge has ever let anyone ride in his artist’s van before, right?”

“Don’t scare yourself, Jiang Xu has done it.”

“But Jiang Xu was a good friend of our Ge before he joined the entertainment industry, and Cheng Yu wasn’t.”

“The two of them even appeared at the same airport. Are they going to the same destination?” A fan suddenly asked.

The girl standing next to the fan sighed, “It’s not just the same destination. I just checked, they are on the same flight.”

Little groove girls: ……

“Then why didn’t they come to the airport together?” Someone wondered.

“Didn’t Cheng Yu already explain it? They were afraid of causing a commotion, after all, one of them has enough fans. If the two of them had appeared together, they probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of this airport.”

“Wait, what is Cheng Yu go to do? Our Ge has an event and he also has one too?”

The crowd looked at each other and shook their heads. They weren’t Cheng Yu’s fans so how would they know?

But there was no shortage of Cheng Yu’s fans around. Seeing their target, a few of Lin An Lan’s fans ran over to them and asked what Cheng Yu’s itinerary was.

But the Tulip Sisters didn’t know either. They just shook their heads, and replied honestly, “It doesn’t say on the internet, it’s probably a commercial.”

The little groove girl was relieved. It was good if it was a commercial. At least they knew that Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan didn’t have a joint endorsement, so they would definitely not meet. It was probably just a coincidence, that was why their destinations coincided.

Thinking this way, they walked out of the airport boldly.

As for the Yu Lan fans who didn’t think so, they were immersed in the beauty of the two of them sitting in the same car and had no energy to think about anything else.

Lin An Lan waited for a while before seeing Cheng Yu get on the plane.

Cheng Yu walked over to Zhuo Siya, who consciously gave him his seat.

“So slow?” Lin An Lan whispered.

“There were too many fans.” Cheng Yu replied, “It’s a good thing we didn’t go together, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have been able to get on the plane.”

“That’s true.”

As they spoke, the plane slowly left the ground and Lin An Lan looked out the window, looking forward to this trip abroad.

The programme team had already arrived two days in advance at the overseas location, set up everything, and arranged for the stars to be picked up by the staff and vans.

As soon as Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu got off the plane, they were taken to the artist’s van by the crew.

This time the variety show was being filmed in E country, which wasn’t as densely populated as their country, hence after some consideration, the programme team rented several villas for the shoot.

The villas were close together, so the stars would be able to communicate with each other from their balconies and courtyards, the staff wouldn’t interfere with the interaction between the stars, and the stars would be given the space to showcase their talents.

The group didn’t arrive too late, but there were others who hadn’t arrived yet, so they couldn’t just choose their villa at this point, but had to wait for the others to arrive.

The crowd chatted as they waited. Chen Yingjie sat next to Cheng Yu, handed over the nuts in his hand and asked, “Cheng Ge, do you want some pistachios? ”

Cheng Yu smiled and grabbed a handful, but before Chen Yingjie could be happy, he saw Cheng Yu pouring the pistachios into Lin An Lan’s hand, “Here, pistachios.”

Lin An Lan: …..

Chen Yingjie: …..

However Chen Yingjie reacted quickly. Lifting the pistachios in his hand, he asked, “Lin Ge would you like some? I have more, I’ll give you some more.”

“No, thank you.” Lin An Lan refused.

Chen Yingjie then asked the others. Yuan Le Ren and Jian Yada asked for a handful and then they started chatting.

Lin An Lan poured the pistachios onto a piece of paper, and while chatting with the group, peeled them.

But as he was busy listening to everyone, it slowed down his speed, so looking down, Cheng Yu helped him peel them and them put them onto another piece of paper.

As soon as Lin An Lan looked down, he saw the emerald pistachios and jade-like piles on the white paper. He unconsciously looked at Cheng Yu, who said gently as he smiled at him, “Just eat them.”

Lin An Lan could only say politely, “Thank you.”

Yuan Le Ren looked on with envy. Look, even an old classmate knew how to help peel the pistachios, unlike her boyfriend who was blind.

“Cheng Ge, you’re so attentive.” Yuan Le Ren said this deliberately in order to make her boyfriend hear. “Even peeling the pistachios for Lin Ge. If you get a girlfriend in the future, she will definitely be very happy.”

Cheng Yu smiled as he looked up at her and said, “I hope so.”

“She will definitely be very happy. You’re so handsome, good-tempered and so gentle, to be your girlfriend, she must have saved the galaxy in her previous life.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu looked at Lin An Lan, “An An, what do you think?”

Lin An Lan: ……

However Yuan Le Ren still continued innocently, “Lin Ge must think so too, right Lin Ge?”

Lin An Lan could only nod, “En.”

Yuan Le Ren smiled and without the expression on her face changing, looked at her boyfriend but saw Zhou Yuan still playing on his cell phone with his head down.

Yuan Le Ren: …… He seriously couldn’t be saved! He should just wait for her education of romance tonight!

She chewed her pistachios with puffed up cheeks, really, not happy at all!

After waiting a little longer, the rest of the guests arrived.

Now that everyone was here, the show started the official recording.

The first part of the recording was centered on the room sharing.

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