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Chapter 58.1

Jiang Xu didn’t care, “It’s okay, we’ll stay home together if we’re infected. It’s just as well that I’ll be able to keep you company.”

Lin An Lan was touched, but didn’t want to hold him up, “The final exams are coming. If you get infected now, you might not be able to take the exams.”

“No way. I asked the teacher for you and was told you still have to take the exam, it’s just that you will maybe have to take it alone.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “Anyway, don’t you get too close to me.”

“I will.” Jiang Xu said so and lunged towards him.

Lin An Lan hurriedly moved to push him, but withdrew his hand due to the fear of contaminating him, and Jiang Xu also didn’t really dare touch him. He was afraid that touching his chicken pox would leave him with scars, so he just teased him. In the end, both of them laughed together.

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but laugh as well when he saw this.

In the morning when he woke up from his dream, Lin An Lan was a little stunned when he realized what he had dreamed about.

He had never expected that he would have a dream related to Jiang Xu. Was it because Jiang Xu had been continuously saying that he was sick so that’s why he had subconsciously thought of a memory of himself once being sick?

Even though he had obviously forgotten, it was still refracted in the dream.

Lin An Lan didn’t understand the human brain as it was too amazing a thing and he would never be able to figure it out, nor did he want to dwell on it.

He was just surprised that he would dream about Jiang Xu, and surprised that Jiang Xu was like this when he was a child.

This should have been a real memory at one time. Of this, Lin An Lan was inexplicably certain.

He recalled the images from the dream and actually sighed a little for a moment.

Before, no matter how Cheng Yu told him that they had been good friends who grew up together and best friends at that, he had always felt it was very unreal, so he had little feelings for Jiang Xu.

If Jiang Xu treated him well and treated Cheng Yu well, then he was naturally willing to maintain this friendship, but Jiang Xu obviously had deep malice towards Cheng Yu, hence he didn’t bother to maintain their previous friendship and only hoped that Jiang Xu would leave him alone.

But this one dream finally gave him some sense of reality and finally made him willing to believe that they had really been very good friends who grew up together.

Sighing, Lin An Lan got up to change his clothes.

Today’s shoot was at Jing Huan’s house, where they would be filming the changes in the relationship between Gu Shu Yu and Jing Huan.

With Gu Shu Yu’s help, Jing Huan’s grades had taken a huge leap and he had been placed in Gu Shu Yu’s class at the start of the new school year and became his tablemate.

Gu Shu Yu was very happy about this.

They went to school together during the day and went back to Jing Huan’s house at night after school.

Jing Huan’s mother really liked Gu Shu Yu and always gave him a warm welcome whenever he came over, especially when she saw Gu Shu Yu helping Jing Huan explain the questions for him.

It was very hot and the cicadas in the trees were still stirring. Jing Huan’s mother had gone out and Gu Shu Yu lay on the cooling mat of his bed, the fan that was rotating above his head blowing up his bangs and blowing up the corners of his coat, revealing his slim waist as it swept by.

Gu Shuyu rolled over, the sleeves of his white shirt unconsciously shifting upwards, the skin that had been unintentionally peeked at displayed bare before Jing Huan’s eyes.

Jing Huan seemed to have been pricked, without his expression changing, he moved to help him arrange his clothes nicely, then continued to look down and recite the words, but he couldn’t help but look at him.

Outside the window, the sound of hawking rose and fell, none of the hawkers willing to be outdone by the other.

But Jing Huan’s heart was quiet as he sat at his desk not far from Gu Shu Yu, occasionally feeling the wind blowing over him.

His dreams were just ahead and the person he liked was right next to him. He felt very fortunate, as if he could hold his tomorrow with a single reach.

In the evening, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu shot another scene where Gu Shu Yu and Jing Huan slept together.

Gu Shu Yu didn’t go home, and slept in Jing Huan’s house.

Jing Huan’s bed wasn’t big, only one point two meters but Gu Shu Yu didn’t mind. As he had just undress in front of him, he remembered, “I didn’t bring pajamas.”

Jing Huan then lent him his newest set of pajamas.

Gu Shu Yu lay down on the bed and Jing Huan lay beside him.

His sleeping posture isn’t very good, rolling over to Jing Huan’s side after falling asleep for a while, almost pushing him to the floor.

Not daring to disturb him, Jing Huan turned his body sideways, trying to let Gu Shu Yu sleep more comfortably.

However, Gu Shuyu then kicked his leg, used his leg as a leg support, and squeezed into his arms. He then finally settled down.

When Jing Huan saw that he stopped moving, he didn’t dare move. He just stared at him quietly in the darkness.

As the night was hazy, he couldn’t actually see Gu Shu Yu’s expression, but he still stared at him unblinkingly.

The darkness gave him courage, and also expanded his desire, because in the silence, he slowly reached out, and embraced Gu Shu Yu.

At first, his embrace was very gentle, but it slowly tightened up, so much so that Gu Shu Yu unconsciously let out a murmur.

Frightened, Jing Huan let go, but then Gu Shu Yu only gave a brief hum then stopped moving, still leaning in his arms, his hand was even resting on his waist.

Jing Huan’s arms hung in the air for a long time before he finally placed it down again slowly and hugged him carefully.

He didn’t dare hold him too tightly this time, he only held him in his arms and stroked his hair.

Jing Huan had a dream. In the dream, Gu Shu Yu was lying in his arms next to him when he suddenly raised his hand, caressed the side of his face and moved close to him, as if he wanted to kiss him, but then smiled wryly, his eyes were full of sunshine as he said, “Do you want to kiss me?”

When Lin An Lan finished this line, the scene ended completely.

Still immersed in his scene, Cheng Yu was unable to come out for a while. It wasn’t until Lin An Lan sat up and snapped his fingers in front of him that he finally seemed to wake up.

His gaze unconsciously followed Lin An Lan, as he then remembered the day Lin An Lan had just lost his memory and appeared in his house.

That night, when Lin An Lan went to bed early, he had sat in the living room, not daring to close his eyes all night.

Afraid that he would wake up and Lin An Lan would be gone.

More than that, he feared that it was only a dream, an absurd and unreal dream of his.

He had walked to Lin An Lan’s bedroom and crept to open the door. The light from the living room had seeped in and he could see the person lying on the bed.

He had just watched him, leaning against the wall next to Lin An Lan’s bedroom, not sleeping the whole night.

Wang Cheng and Yang Wang took their coats and draped it over them, fearing that they might catch cold.

Cheng Yu lowered his head, his heart beating rapidly.

He had dreamed of Lin An Lan asking him more than once, “Do you want to kiss me?”

He would reply in his mind, but not dare say it out loud.

He would caress Lin An Lan’s face, but his silhouette would disappear in an instant.

Then he would wake up anxiously, only to find that it was just a beautiful dream.

He was the same as Jing Huan, but not the same as well.

Lin An Lan put on his coat and went back to the artist’s van with Yang Wang.

He had just gotten into the car when he received a message from Jiang Xu that he had recovered from his illness.

Lin An Lan thought of his dream last night and, in a moment of weakness, replied: [That’s good.]

Leaning back in his chair, he looked out the window. If he could, he definitely hoped that he could have both friendship and love, but if not, he wouldn’t hesitate to choose Cheng Yu.

Jiang Xu had survived without him as far as he could tell in the past few months.

But Cheng Yu would probably take a long time to get over him if he left him.

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