I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 159.1

“That’s the power of perseverance.” Cheng Yu told Wang Cheng.

“Are you two, Yu Lan’s biggest and secon biggest fans done with your little exchange? If you are then let’s get going, our ride is still waiting outside.” Sun Meng urged, unable to hold back any longer.

Cheng Yu and Wang Cheng finally paused their lauding and headed outside together.

As the final tour in September came to an end, the film ‘Yun Yun’ was released officially.

This highly anticipated film had a spectacular presale performance, dominating the box office on its opening day and revitalizing the entire market.

Both Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were somewhat surprised. Even Director Zhang was shocked by the presale numbers.

Forum users exclaimed, “D*mn! With this box office, it’s guaranteed to be the champion of this year’s National Day holiday!”

“Do Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu really have that many fans?”

“To be fair, Director Zhang is a big name, so there must be people who went just for him.”

“And some went for the song which is very popular now. Plus, Cheng Yu said previously that he wouldn’t perform it again because he would never have the same emotions again, so many fans went to the cinema to see if his sadness and despair at the time were really that intense.”

“But this also shows that Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu don’t drive people away. Otherwise, with their huge posters, who would go to the cinema if they didn’t want to see them?”

“Enough about the poster already! I wasn’t planning on watching it but my bestie saw the poster with the two of them and thought they looked so handsome so she bought tickets on the spot and asked me to accompany her tomorrow. Director Zhang really knows how to film!”

“Yes, yes, the poster is amazing! All three of them look so good, I love them all! Especially the black and white one of Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu. Heavens, it’s perfect for shipping. I can make up a million words just looking at it! And when you pair it with the song ‘I Love You the Most in the World’, it’s just unbeatable!”

“Heh, so Lin An Lan fans and Cheng Yu fans are boosting things up now? Sure, enjoy this moment while the box office is still doing well. Just wait for the day to end and for the reviews to come out. When everyone is disappointed, it’ll be quite embarrassing then.”

“Your comment makes it sound as if you’ve seen the film.”

“I have. The plot is garbage, the acting is stiff and it’s not interesting at all. The only highlight of the whole film is that song.”

“You’re just spouting nonsense. The premiere hasn’t even ended yet and you’re already spreading rumors. How much are you getting paid? Share some with me!”

“Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.”

“If the plot isn’t as bad as you say, will you apologize to Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu?”

“Like he’d apologize. When the time comes, he’ll just disappear.”

“Heh, don’t believe me. Let’s see who apologizes in the end!”

The online discussions among netizens were heated, while Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu sat in a cinema, watching the premiere screening.

Director Zhang’s shots were beautiful. Each frame seemed to be wrapped in the sunlight of a summer morning, combined with the dew of an autumn morning. The images were refreshing and natural, full of poetic charm.

Lin An Lan watched as Gu Shuyu and Jing Huan went from strangers to acquaintances, walking a long road together until they reached each other’s hearts. However Gu Shuyu stopped just before entering Jing Huan’s heart while Jing Huan continued to walk forward, falling in love with his best friend.

In regards to Jing Huan, perhaps from the moment Gu Shuyu offered to help him return to school, he had already developed feelings for him.

Inside the noisy classroom, Gu Shuyu fell asleep with his head down while Jing Huan sat next to him, working on his papers and glancing at him occasionally. Gu Shuyu’s face was turned towards Jing Huan, allowing him to see the innocent expression he had while asleep. Jing Huan gazed at him tenderly before putting his head down as well then turning his face towards Gu Shuyu, reached out with his crossed arms and touched his fingers.

His fingers stroked Gu Shuyu’s index finger gently and seeming to have been disturbed, Gu Shuyu moved his hand, hooking his finger around Jing Huan’s. Jing Huan instantly stopped moving, allowing him hold his finger quietly.

Gu Shuyu turned his head away, leaving only the rounded back of his head visible.

Jing Huan looked at him tenderly, still with their fingers hooked together.

Boys in the unrequited love phase tended to have many little thoughts and actions. They would subconsciously embrace the other’s shoulders as if they were just brothers, deliberately hold the other’s hand while pretending not to care or playfully hug the other.

Gu Shuyu didn’t notice, but Jing Huan did— he cherished and stored away those careful attempts and touches, to revisit them slowly when he was alone.

However all this changed when they met Sun Xinxin.

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