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Chapter 155.2 Single becomes a hit, Cheng Yu gains fans

At this time, the official account for ‘Yun Yun’ posted the following update: “See you in cinemas on the 1st of October.”

As this announcement confirmed the release date, the fans of Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen were all delighted. They forwarded and commented on the news, spreading it far and wide, eager to let the whole world know that ‘Yun Yun’ had secured the National Day release slot.

After confirming the release date, it meant that the promotional tour was about to begin and as this film was crucial for all three of them, they all cleared their schedules for the entire month of September to accommodate the promotional tour.

In response, Cheng Yu had already asked his secretary to rearrange his schedule and plan his activities for August.

Lin An Lan’s schedule was much easier to coordinate. He had spent the first half of the year filming and hadn’t chosen a script for the second half of the year yet. He only had some brand events and fashion ceremonies to attend, so his schedule was relatively relaxing.

However, as he looked at the calendar, he realized that Jiang Xu’s birthday was just two days away.

Ever since they had parted ways at that time, Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu hadn’t seen each other again.

Lin An Lan had really forgiven Jiang Xu, but he couldn’t accompany him on his birthday like they used to, eating cake and making wishes together. However, he could still send him a birthday message.

[Happy birthday. I hope you’ll encounter better people and things in the coming year.] Lin An Lan sent this message to Jiang Xu on his birthday two days later.

Jiang Xu didn’t expect that Lin An Lan would still send him birthday wishes after everything that had happened, especially given their relationships with Cheng Yu. He thought that once Lin An Lan chose Cheng Yu, they wouldn’t have anything to do with each other anymore.

He looked at his phone then replied carefully, [Thank you.]

Lin An Lan sent him a cake emoji: [Don’t forget to eat cake.]

Looking at the message, Jiang Xu’s heart felt both sore and soft. He replied with a simple ‘en’ then asked, [Are you coming?]

Lin An Lan: [I won’t be coming this year. Let’s talk about it next year. You should enjoy your birthday and celebrate with the people around you.]

Jiang Xu’s heart sank immediately, but he had guessed that this would be the case, so he replied, [Alright.]

After some thought, he asked Lin An Lan, [We’re still friends, right?]

Lin An Lan replied, [Of course. I told you in the hospital that if I see you, I’ll still greet you and talk to you. I don’t blame you anymore.]

Jiang Xu’s eyes were sour as he replied, [Thank you.]

[You’re welcome.]

In the evening, during dinner, after Lin An Lan finished discussing other matters with Cheng Yu, he mentioned this to him as well.

Nodding, Cheng Yu said to him, “If you want to go to his birthday party, just go. I don’t mind. I can even accompany you if needed.”

Cheng Yu was serious. Just as Lin An Lan didn’t want him to lose his family because of their relationship, even though there was meager familial love that Cheng Yu didn’t care about,

Similarly, he didn’t want Lin An Lan to lose his lifelong friendship because of him.

People might be able to live solely on romantic love, but if possible, one should experience various kinds of love throughout their life. Cheng Yu loved Lin An Lan and so wanted him to have it all.

Lin An Lan smiled, “It’s not necessary.”

He was very calm, “From the moment I chose you, it was inevitable that my relationship with him would become distant. He has been with me for so long; he’s not like you and he’s not like me. He grows slowly and tends to rely on people around him, so he needs to grow up.”

“I can’t always be with him and I won’t always be with him. So he needs to step out, meet other people and grow on his own. That way, he won’t put all his emotions onto others and won’t think about ending his life just because something doesn’t go his way.”

“Once he matures and has someone he cherishes, if he wants me to celebrate his birthday with him, I will go with you. By then, everything will have passed and everyone will have a brand new future. We can let go of the past. But for now, I don’t want to go and I don’t want you to go even more. You’ve endured him for long so I don’t want you to face him anymore.”

Lin An Lan spoke calmly, unhurriedly and reasonably and perhaps because he had already found happiness, his words were full of understanding. Seeing him so composed, Cheng Yu smiled, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Actually, Cheng Yu didn’t really care about facing Jiang Xu or not. He had once disliked Jiang Xu solely because Jiang Xu had tried to prevent him and Lin An Lan from being together. But now, Jiang Xu no longer had that power and Lin An Lan had only him in his eyes and heart, making Cheng Yu feel secure and thus, he didn’t bother with Jiang Xu anymore.

Cheng Yu was a rare person who could see things in a broader perspective, except for when it came to his love for Lin An Lan. Apart from that, he was very open-minded about other things.

Jiang Xu was Cheng Feng’s son. Cheng Yu didn’t like Cheng Feng, so he didn’t care; Jiang Xu was once Lin An Lan’s friend, but he knew that Lin An Lan only loved him now, so he didn’t care either.

His focus had always been on the most important people in his life and his emotions were never wasted on those who didn’t matter.

He picked up a piece of spare rib for Lin An Lan, “Try this. I learned a new sweet and sour method today. Tell me if you like it better than the previous one.”

Taking a bite from Cheng Yu’s chopsticks, Cheng Yu was surprised to find that it tasted even better, “This sauce is a bit sweeter and sourer.”

“I guessed you’d prefer this one. Then I’ll cook it this way from now on.”

“En.” Lin An Lan smiled, “Little flower, you’re really amazing.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu wiped Lin An Lan’s mouth with a napkin then kissed the corner of his lips, “Of course! Otherwise, how could I be your husband?”

Lin An Lan looked at him with a raised eyebrow and just as Cheng Yu was leaving, bit his lower lip gently, provoking Cheng Yu to return and kiss him several times passionately.

A few days later, the results of the Level 4 English exam came out. Pei Qiu barely passed the exam and called Lin An Lan in excitement, “I passed!!! I passed!!! Heavens, I can’t believe I passed on my last attempt, I’m so amazing!”

“It wasn’t easy, congratulations!” Lin An Lan said with a smile.

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