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Chapter 143.1 Only he, could bring him eternal happiness

Wang Qi was anxious, asking Lin An Lan continuously when he would arrive.

Lin An Lan looked at his filming schedule and told him that he would be there probably the day after tomorrow.

Then he called Cheng Yu to ask if he had time to go with him.

Cheng Yu didn’t really want to go. He had been uneasy since he heard that Jiang Xu was injured and now that he was being asked to go see Jiang Xu, he wished more than anything else that Jiang Xu would stay in bed forever and not wake up, to stop him from jumping out to destroy his happiness every time he was happy.

However he was even less willing to let Lin An Lan go alone, so he agreed, “I have time.”

“See you at the hospital then.” Lin An Lan said.


After he hang up, Cheng Yu sat on the sofa quietly.

He hadn’t expected Jiang Xu to use such a killer move, betting with his life.

He hadn’t expected him to be so decisive, so reckless.

But he had won. Lin An Lan was finally willing to look back at him, finally willing to walk up to him of his own accord.

After so long a stalemate, their situation had finally been broken by this accident.

But Jiang Xu wanted much more than for Lin An Lan to turn back and Cheng Yu knew what he wanted, which was why he instinctively felt uneasy.

He was afraid that Lin An Lan would say yes to Jiang Xu so that he could live a healthy life.

But he was even more afraid that if Lin An Lan didn’t say yes to him, he would regret it later when Jiang Xu was gone.

For the first time, he felt that perhaps Jiang Xu shouldn’t be alive. If it wasn’t for Cheng Feng’s wild and dissolute ways, there wouldn’t be Jiang Xu now and there wouldn’t be the uneasiness he was feeling now.

He should never, ever dream of being the ideal son in Cheng Feng’s eyes.

After a busy day, Cheng Yu drove to the hospital.

Lin An Lan had already arrived and was waiting for him in the car, only getting out when he arrived.

The two met at the entrance of the elevator then took the elevator together to Jiang Xu’s floor.

Not many people knew about Jiang Xu’s accident as his agent had suppressed the news so as not to cause excessive worry among his fans.

Jiang Xu was still unconscious when his agent brought Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu in with him, worry in his agent’s eyes as they approached Jiang Xu’s hospital bed.

Lin An Lan looked at the man he knew so well lying in the hospital bed, his figure thin and frail and for a moment, felt as if he didn’t hate him so much anymore.

He had seen his adoptive mother lying in such a bed, had seen his adoptive father lying in such a bed and now, he was seeing Jiang Xu lying in it.

And in a rare moment, his heart softened.

In the end, there were many years of friendship between them and they had after all grown up together. Lin An Lan had never wished that anything would happen to him, he had never even known that they couldn’t completely bridge the gap, which was why he had said they could be ordinary friends. Ordinary friends who greeted each other in passing.

He sighed low in his heart then asked Jiang Xu’s agent what the situation with him was now.

Jiang Xu’s condition wasn’t too good. He had woken up once after the operation but fell asleep soon afterwards. His injuries weren’t serious, but he didn’t have a strong will to live and so wasn’t willing to actively cooperate with the treatment.

“He’s been like this for the past six months, not in the slightest bit of spirits and when you ask him what’s happened, he won’t say anything. It’s just so frustrating.” His agent said helplessly.

Lin An Lan understood.

Jiang Xu had really done it on purpose. He was hell bent on dying, which was why when he was saved, he didn’t want to live either.

Lin An Lan felt that if he had been more ruthless, then he probably should have said, “If he wants to die then he should.”

But he wasn’t as ruthless as he had thought he was as he could only whisper, “It’s good that his injuries aren’t serious.”

“When he wakes up, let me know.” Lin An Lan said to Wang Qi.

Wang Qi nodded then asked him, “Aren’t you going to stay and look after him?”

“No, I still have a scene to film.”

After he said this, he left with Cheng Yu. He left without a moment’s hesitation, his visit not having taken too much time. He didn’t even need to ask the crew for time off for this.

Slightly relieved, Cheng Yu accompanied him down the elevator.

Lin An Lan pulled him into his car and allowed Pei Qiu drive.

Since Cheng Yu brought Pei Qiu over, Pei Qiu had become his driver and probably because he was afraid that something would happen to him, except for when he went to the washroom, Pei Qiu followed him all the time. At first, Lin An Lan had been a little unaccustomed to it, but now he was used to it.

“Are you worried?” Holding Cheng Yu’s hand, Lin An Lan looked up at him.

Cheng Yu denied it, “No.”

“But you’ve been quiet all this time.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Cheng Yu looked at him, “With him like this, it doesn’t seem appropriate no matter what I say.”

“It’s okay.” Lin An Lan took his hand and leaned into his embrace, letting his arm wrap around his waist.

“No matter how he is, it won’t affect us.”

He looked at Cheng Yu then smiled, “You promised me before that you would believe in yourself. Have you forgotten?”

Cheng Yu hadn’t forgotten. It was just that he who was alive and Jiang Xu who was ready to die at any moment were bound to not be on the same scale.

He could believe that Lin An Lan would care more about him if he and Jiang Xu were both alive and that if he and Jiang Xu were both dead, Lin An Lan would miss him more.

However if he was alive and Jiang Xu was dead, he didn’t know if Lin An Lan would have any psychological burden.

He held the person in his arms silently, kissed his forehead, then said to him, “You’re right, everything will be okay.”

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