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Chapter 9

Cheng Yu didn’t expect him to rush in to ask him specifically about this statement, so he could only say perfunctorily, “My parents aren’t close and don’t have a deep relationship with me, unlike Gu Shuyu’s parents who are busy but care about him, so I can’t play Gu Shuyu.”

Lin An Lan sighed in relief, thinking in his heart, so that’s how it was.

“I thought it was because I did something wrong and you thought that I didn’t like you.” He confessed.

“How come?” Cheng Yu walked closer to him, caressed his face and kissed him, “You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Lin An Lan slowly smiled.

Cheng Yu stroked his hair, “Alright, get out, it’s all water vapour here, it’s too stuffy.”

When he said this, Lin An Lan also felt the air was stuffy, “I’ll go out first then.”


Lin An Lan looked at him and suddenly reached out to pull down his neck, tilted his head up and kissed him on the mouth.

Cheng Yu wrapped his arms around his waist and held his lips in a long, sucking kiss before releasing him reluctantly.

He watched as Lin An Lan walked out and closed the door again, before turning on the shower again.

He really didn’t fit Gu Shuyu at all, he thought, not for this role of being loved.

How could he have forgotten that apart from the fact that Lin An Lan didn’t like him, his parents weren’t close to him either, especially his father, who he was better off without than with.

A person like him was really not worthy of having Lin An Lan cooperate with him in the role of Gu Shuyu.

He finished his shower quickly, but didn’t rush to go out, staying in the bathroom for a while. He wanted to smoke but didn’t bring a cigarette in, fortunately he wasn’t addicted to smoking, so he quietly calmed himself for a while, then walked out again as if nothing was wrong.

He was still the same gentle, considerate and seemingly very reliable lover Cheng Yu that Lin An Lan was familiar with.

With four days to go before the deadline for the auditions, Cheng Yu didn’t panic and took a day off before heading to the location with Sun Meng.

Director Zhang was obviously very fond of him, and when he saw him coming, he laughed, “I thought you weren’t coming?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “How is that possible? I had something at home earlier, that’s why I came late.”

Director Zhang didn’t mind and asked him, “You’re auditioning for Gu Shuyu, right?”

Although he said this as a question, it was in a declarative tone.

Cheng Yu, however, shook his head, “I’m auditioning for Jing Huan.”

Director Zhang was surprised, “Xiao Cheng, what I told your agent was that I thought you were suitable for Gu Shuyu.”

“I know, but after reading the script, I prefer the role of Jing Huan.”

“Jing Huan is a good character, but you should know that although all three of them are the main characters in this drama, in the end, the two characters, Jing Huan and Sun Xin Xin, are triggered by Gu Shuyu. He is the link between the two, moreover, he is the beginning and the end of the story, so he has the most parts and the strongest performance, even if in the future, you apply for awards, Gu Shuyu can definitely apply for the male lead, but Jing Huan may not necessarily be eligible.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu was calm, “but I don’t care about that.”

Director Zhang looked at him in surprise, somewhat shocked.

He and Cheng Yu had not worked together before, but had only had a brief conversation at a film festival and at that time he thought that Cheng Yu had a good image and was very suitable for playing a nobleman.

Later, when the image of Gu Shuyu appeared, he somehow thought of Cheng Yu at first.

For this reason, he watched Cheng Yu’s previous films that had been shortlisted for film festivals, contacted the directors who had worked with him and, after learning that he had good business skills and, despite his popularity, never put on airs and was good to work with, sent an invitation to his agent for an audition.

Unexpectedly, he gave up Gu Shuyu as the first male lead and chose the role of Jing Huan.

Moreover after knowing that the role was small and might not be eligible for the male lead award, still remained true to his original intention.

Director Zhang was a bit surprised, he thought that the current flow actors were all more concerned about their roles, but he never thought that there would be an exception.

Director Zhang felt it was rare, yet somehow admired him.

“Alright then,” Director Zhang smiled, “Jing Huan it is.”

Cheng Yu nodded and auditioned for Jing Huan’s psychological scene, as had been requested of him.

Director Zhang was satisfied, but didn’t give him the results directly. He said instead, “That’s fine, I’ll contact you when I have the results.”

“Alright.” Cheng Yu said, turned around and walked out.

Sun Meng greeted him hurriedly and asked, “How did it go?”

“I don’t know, let’s wait for the results.” Cheng Yu said calmly.

“There should be no problem.” Sun Meng reassured him as well as himself, “Director Zhang’s assistant called me specifically about this before, telling me not to miss the time, it must be because Director Zhang has you in mind, that’s why he reminded me of this.”

Cheng Yu was faint, “Mm.”

He walked to the end of the corridor and saw someone turn the corner from the other side and walk in front of him.

When their eyes met, Cheng Yu felt disgusted.

But as if he didn’t see the other party, he didn’t even glance at them, and walked towards the front.

But the other person moved back intentionally and took a few steps back, blocking his path.

“Are you here for the audition too?” Jiang Xu asked.

“Good dogs don’t get in the way.” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Jiang Xu let out a laugh, “Are you talking about yourself? It’s just that Xiao Lan isn’t here today, otherwise you would have been moving towards him the moment you smelled him, right?”

When he spoke of Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu laughed all of a sudden.

“Where’s Lin An Lan?” He asked knowingly.

Jiang Xu froze for a moment involuntarily, not understanding why he suddenly asked this, wasn’t Lin An Lan with him now? What was he pretending to be confused about?

Or, was he pretending deliberately?

Jiang Xu laughed and replied as he always did, “He’s in my car. It’s probably because he knows you’re here and doesn’t want to get upset when he sees you, that’s why he didn’t come up.”

“And here I was wondering why he didn’t come up. Sure enough, it’s still Xiao Lan who is the smartest.”

As Cheng Yu listened to his words and looked at the expression on his face, he couldn’t guess whether Jiang Xu knew that Lin An Lan was with him now or not.

But looking at his performance, it seemed that no matter if he knew or not, he didn’t intend to take him away from him for the time being.

That was enough.

Cheng Yu didn’t pay any attention to him anymore, and reached out his hand like he was plucking rubbish, brushing him away.

Feeling his contempt, Jiang Xu tried to grab his arm, but Cheng Yu pushed him aside.


“With a bang, Jiang Xu slammed into the wall.

He glared at Cheng Yu in anger and rushed up to fight him.

“Do you want to go to the audition with a bruised nose and a swollen face?” Cheng Yu held his fist.

Jiang Xu laughed lightly, his eyes full of mockery, “Do you dare to hit me? By hitting me, do you want Xiao Lan to be angry?”

Cheng Yu’s hand which was holding his fist tightened unconsciously as he sneered, “That would be good then. In this way, wouldn’t he see me? The key is, are you willing to let him see me?”

Jiang Xu was silent.

Cheng Yu snorted, “As expected.”

Finished saying this, he shook Jiang Xu’s fist off, put his hands in his pockets and walked forward.

Jiang Xu looked back at him and thought, ‘Sure enough, he’s just like a dog.’

He dusted his clothes off, adjusted his mood and made himself look flawless before he continued to stride towards the office where he would be auditioning.

As he pushed open the door and walked in, he saw that both director Zhang and the scriptwriter were there.

He nodded politely, greeted them in turn, and then began.

It was only after the performance was over that he said, as if inadvertently, “I even met Cheng Yu when I was just here.”

“He’s also here to audition, just like you.” Director Zhang said.

“What role did he audition for? Is it Gu Shuyu like me too?”

“No.” Director Zhang didn’t care much and said, “He’s auditioning for Jing Huan.”

Jiang Xu was stunned and almost laughed out loud.

He suppressed the ridicule in his heart, thanked him politely, but couldn’t help but laugh in a low voice until he walked out of the office.

Jing Huan, it was actually Jing Huan!

This really fit Cheng Yu, but he just didn’t know, when the time came, if he succeeded in his audition and he acted as Gu Shuyu while Cheng Yu acted as Jing Huan, at that time, what would Cheng Yu’s expression would be?

He would probably refuse. After all, it would be ridiculous to ask Cheng Yu to act as if he was in love with him.

Jiang Xu couldn’t help but smile, and even hoped a little that Cheng Yu would succeed in his audition.

Cheng Yu and Sun Meng arrived at the underground car park and were walking when he suddenly heard someone call out to him, “Brother Cheng.”

He turned around in confusion, and saw a familiar but unfamiliar face.

Xie Hui trotted over, stood in front of Cheng Yu, nodded politely, and asked, “Brother Cheng are you here for the audition as well?”

Cheng Yu looked at his face, the light in the underground car park wasn’t too bright, and it made the face in front of him look more like the one he knew.

Cheng Yu was puzzled, “Do you think you’re ugly?”

Xie Hui froze for a moment and said awkwardly, “Why do you say that? Did I do something wrong?”

“If you don’t think you’re ugly, why do you transform yourself into another person? Is your original face unseemly?”

Xie Hui instantly became more embarrassed, and said, ill at ease, “They did the make-up for me like this.”

“You’re a grown-up, it’s time you had your own ideas.”

He finished and was about to continue walking towards his car when he suddenly became sensitive to something and looked back towards the left rear of the car.

“What’s wrong?” Sun Meng asked him.

“There’s someone over there.” Cheng Yu stared in that direction and calmly said, “They took a picture.”

Sun Meng walked over hurriedly and saw that it was a girl.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The girl apologized repeatedly, “I just happened to bump into you guys, so I wanted to post it to my friends circle to show off.”

Hearing this, Sun Meng, checked the picture she had taken. In the picture, Cheng Yu was standing steadfast and tall, with his head bowed and as the lighting wasn’t very bright, it gave him a bit of an indescribable lonely and gloomy look.

“It’s not bad right?” The girl whispered.

Sun Meng felt helpless, “Here, don’t do this next time. It’s just me who’s nice to talk to, if you meet other serious celebrity teams, they would seize your phone.”

“Got it.” The girl whispered.

Sun Meng went back to Cheng Yu and told him about it, “It’s not a problem, she just took a picture for fun.”

Not paying any more attention to this, Cheng Yu took a step towards his car.

Entering the car, he leaned back against the car seat, but felt a bit annoyed in his heart for no reason.

“If Jiang Xu succeeds in his audition, I won’t act.” He said to Sun Meng.

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