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Chapter 69.2 Watch vs. Watch, he chose little flower’s watch

Jiang Xu didn’t want to reconcile, and he couldn’t force him to reconcile, but it didn’t matter. If he was like this all the time, then he would only keep his distant attitude to deal with Jiang Xu.

Cheng Yu had done nothing wrong. Lin An Lan didn’t think it was Cheng Yu’s fault because no matter what Jiang Xu did, Cheng Yu was always willing to work things out, so even if he didn’t know what their conflict was, he didn’t think it was Cheng Yu’s fault.

Jiang Xu was the one who had made a mistake, however he didn’t want to solve it. He was quite stubborn.

He put a piece of pork ribs into Cheng Yu’s bowl, “Eat this.”

“Is it any good?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Lin An Lan was about to say it was good, but then he remembered that it was made by Jiang Xu so he said, “It’s not as good as yours.”

Cheng Yu smiled.

Jiang Xu sneered, “I learned this from Auntie Lin and Uncle Lin.”

He looked at Lin An Lan, “Have you forgotten? The aubergine with bean curd is Auntie Lin’s favorite and best dish, the spicy fish is Uncle Lin’s favorite and best dish. The sweet and sour pork and the pork ribs with sauce are your favorites, all of which I learnt specifically from your parents. You even complimented me at that time that it tasted exactly like your parents’ cooking. Now, it has become ‘not as good as yours’ ?”

Jiang Xu glared at Cheng Yu contemptuously, “Do you think you deserve it?”

Cheng Yu laughed lightly, “I don’t deserve it.”

“But it’s not that I don’t deserve to be better than you, it’s that I don’t deserve to be compared to Uncle Lin and Auntie Lin. You don’t think you can really do the same as Uncle Lin and Auntie Lin, do you?” Cheng Yu’s rare grimace surfaced, “No way, right? People don’t really believe that, right?”

“Who’s cooking can compare to that of their parents?”

After he finished, he lowered his head and started eating, leaving Jiang Xu alone to gnash his teeth in anger with nothing to say.

The meal was very unpleasant. Jiang Xu ate with a lot of anger, but Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were fine, at least they were full.

Because Jiang Xu had prepared the meal, he refused to wash the pots and pans and said to Cheng Yu with his chin raised, “You go.”

Not arguing with him, Cheng Yu stood up and went to the kitchen. When Lin An Lan say him move, he followed him.

Jiang Xu stopped him hurriedly, “I have something to say to you.”

“Again?” Lin An Lan didn’t want to talk to him anymore, “Take a break, I’m tired.”

He bypassed Jiang Xu and went into the kitchen with Cheng Yu, ready to help Cheng Yu wash the dishes.

Seeing this, Jiang Xu went over and took the bowl from his hand, “How can I let the birthday boy wash the dishes, I’ll do it.”

Lin An Lan didn’t refuse and gave him the bowl, talking to Cheng Yu while watching him wash the pot.

When it was all over, Lin An Lan looked at his watch. It was already half-past nine.

Noticing the watch on his hand, Jiang Xu looked at it closely and when he saw the tulips on the case, he frowned immediately, “An An, I’ve got a present for you too.”


Jiang Xu handed him a paper bag, “A wristwatch.”

“Oh.” After Lin An Lan took it he didn’t even look at it, clearly disinterested.

“Open it and see.” Jiang Xu urged.

“Forget it, we have to leave.”

“It won’t take long.”

“I’m too lazy to bother.”

Unwilling to let him go without opening it, Jiang Xu opened the box himself, took out the watch and handed it to him, “Does it look good? This is a new watch from the R brand, it’s not yet available on the market.”

Lin An Lan really wasn’t interested in these things, so he nodded perfunctorily, “Put it in the bag.”

“Put it on.”

With that, he tried to remove the wristwatch from Lin An Lan’s hand. Before Cheng Yu could stop him, Lin An Lan held his wristwatch down first, “What are you doing?”

Lin An Lan was a little angry, “Can’t I decide what I wear or don’t wear? You just want to change it for me without even asking? Did I agree?”

When Jiang Xu saw that he was angry, he didn’t dare to be reckless and whispered, “I just want to change it for you.”

“There’s no need, it’s not as if I don’t have a wristwatch.”

“But this one is obviously better and more valuable.”

Lin An Lan gave a sneer, “Do you want to know which one is more valuable?”

He waved the watch on his wrist, “This one.”

When Lin An Lan finished saying this, he pulled Cheng Yu, ready to leave.

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