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Chapter 64.1

Cheng Yu probably understood it himself, understood that the feelings between them wasn’t equal, which was why every moment, his every act of favoring him, of liking him, delighted him so much.

And that was also why he wanted him to be jealous and mindful.

Sighing inwardly, Lin An Lan grabbed his hand and said to him, “Then I’ll spend your birthday with you next year.”

Looking at Cheng Yu, he said softly, “Although I didn’t spend it with you this year, I will spend it with you properly next year, I promise.”

As Cheng Yu looked at the determination in his eyes, he thought to himself, will there really be a next year?

Would Lin An Lan still have amnesia until his birthday next year?

How could that be possible?

He was already dreaming about the past, so how could he not regain his memory before his birthday next year?

On his birthday next year, he most likely, wouldn’t be around.

“Okay.” He smiled, replying to Lin An Lan, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile and remedied the mistake he had made earlier by saying, “Don’t take what I just said about wanting to seek peace and security in your arms to heart. I’ve lost my memory, so I don’t know what went on exactly, it’s all a wild guess. Maybe I just liked you and because I liked you, said yes at that time. I think this was really what I was thinking then.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu hugged him.

Lin An Lan continued softly, “So don’t be misled by this me with amnesia now. I must have liked you before, for sure.”

Cheng Yu nodded slightly, reassuring him, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

It was just a falsehood, so what was there to mind?

Everything he said was a lie, except for his An An, who was foolishly afraid of hurting him so was desperately trying to assure him that he had liked him before too.

He was such a good lover, but unfortunately, he didn’t deserve him.

Cheng Yu kissed his ear before letting go and restarting the car.

Zhuo Siya and the others had arrived a long time ago and when Lin An Lan entered, Yang Wang set off two firecrackers in celebration, which almost scared Lin An Lan.

“Happy birthday Lin Ge.”

“Thank you all.” Lin An Lan said.

After he said this, he settled down with Cheng Yu.

Although Zhuo Siya had been prepared for it in his heart, when he saw that Lin An Lan had brought Cheng Yu with him, he still had an inevitably unpleasant feeling.

He was one of the few people who knew the truth, so although he couldn’t say anything to Lin An Lan because of Cheng Yu’s threats, he couldn’t really wish them well either.

For him, it was more about the guilt he felt towards Lin An Lan and the resentment he felt towards Cheng Yu.

But he didn’t dare confront Cheng Yu, so he didn’t say anything. He only smiled and wished Lin An Lan well.

When it was time to cut the cake, Lin An Lan once again gave the first slice to Cheng Yu, giving him a very huge cut. He had even asked Yang Wang to order a chocolate one specifically because Cheng Yu liked it.

Yang Wang deliberately pretended to be aggrieved, “Lin Ge, you’re too biased. You gave the biggest slice to Cheng Ge on the day the crew threw a birthday party for you and now you’re still like this. Mine is so small.”

Laughing, Lin An Lan cut another slice for him, “Now it’s not so small.”

Yang Wang smiled, “Lin Ge you’re so kind, thank you, Lin Ge.”

Shaking his head, Lin An Lan smiled, gave Zhuo Siya a slice and cut another one for himself.

“Happy birthday, I hope everything goes well for you next year too.” Zhuo Siya lifted his glass.

Yang Wang also lifted his glass immediately and said, “I wish you smooth success in your work and love life and a smooth sailing career!”

Seeing this, Cheng Yu joined them and said, “I hope next year will be full of surprises and good things for you and that you will be happy and free from all worries.”

“Thank you.” Lin An Lan clinked glasses with them, drank his wine and looked at them with a smile.

The dinner went well, and everyone had a good time.

Lin An Lan was very happy, thinking that this birthday, although not grand, was very enjoyable.

He wasn’t in a hurry to go back either, so he chatted and laughed until the night was almost dark as ink then went to the washroom in the private room to ease himself, after which the dinner celebration ended.

Zhuo Siya sent Yang Wang to settle the bill, leaving him and Cheng Yu alone in the room.

Leaning back in his chair, Cheng Yu looked down at his phone.

After two seconds of silence, Zhuo Siya asked him, “How long are you going to keep this up?”

Cheng Yu looked up at him, but didn’t say anything.

“If he never regains his memory, are you really going to lie to him for the rest of his life?”

“Shhh.” Cheng Yu raised his right index finger, “Why are you talking about this here? Do you know how dangerous it is? It would be bad if he hears you.”

His voice was soft, his expression gentle as he said, “Don’t be afraid, it won’t be for the rest of his life. How can I bear to do that?”

But Zhuo Siya didn’t believe it.

Cheng Yu didn’t want to continue the conversation with him, so he lowered his head again.

Zhuo Siya sighed helplessly, “Cheng Yu, the longer you drag it out, the more he will react when the time comes.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu was calm, “But I don’t like talking to you about this, so let’s change the subject.”

He looked up and smiled at Zhuo Siya, “That’s a nice shirt you’ve got there, what brand is it and where did you get it from?”

Zhuo Siya: …..

“Taobao 59.99. Buy one get one free. Want one? I’ll send you the link.”

Cheng Yu: …..

Cheng Yu thought he probably didn’t like the topic, so he withdrew his gaze and continued to exchange WeChat messages with Xu Sheng.

In a better mood, as he had ‘put him in his place’, Zhuo Siya leaned back in his chair.

So when Lin An Lan came out of the washroom after washing his hands, this was what he saw. His boyfriend and agent both holding their phones and looking as if they had nothing to say to each other.

As he walked over, Cheng Yu stood up, “Let’s go.”


“Oh. Right, An An.” Cheng Yu looked at Zhuo Siya, “Give Agent Zhuo a proper pay rise. Although the 59.99 shirts he wears from Taobao aren’t bad, he’s one of your people, otherwise people would think you’re just popular on the surface and don’t make much money.”

Zhuo Siya: ….

Lin An Lan, who had just been deceived asked with a naive expression, “What 59.99 shirt?”

“It’s the one he’s wearing.”

“Enough!” Zhuo Siya retorted, “My wife owns her own Taobao shop and it’s a good price. Can’t I help her with her shop? Can’t I help her with her stock?! Why don’t you ask your wife to make one for you too!”

Cheng Yu turned his head to look at his wife: ……

Lin An Lan: ???

Lin An Lan crossed his arms, giving him a look that said, ‘I won’t, don’t even think about it!’


“Zhuo Ge, you do have quite a good value for money with this shirt. Sister-in-law has good skills.”

“Do you like it? I can send you the link. The shop just opened, so it’s slashing prices to boost sales!”

Lin An Lan laughed, “Sure, send me the link and I’ll help sister-in-law sell them.”

Zhuo Siya sent his wife’s shop’s link to him gleefully then stressed, “Don’t tell her I was the one who gave it to you, just do your own shopping.”

Lin An Lan, “I understand.”

Cheng Yu: …. Sigh, he wanted his wife’s love shirt too.

However, it was destined that he wouldn’t get his wife’s love shirt, but he could still receive his wife’s love.

Lin An Lan said goodbye to Zhuo Siya and went home with Cheng Yu.

Their scene tomorrow was in the evening, so there was no rush to get back to the set.

Lin An Lan was already a little sleepy at the moment, so he leaned back in his chair and looked out of the window. Dazed and confused, he lowered his head and fell asleep.

He felt as if he had forgotten something, that something didn’t seem right, that he had overlooked something.

But his mind was too muddled, especially with the warm air blowing in the car, making him even more drowsy.

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