I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 146.2

Lin An Lan couldn’t sleep and after lying in bed with his eyes closed for a long time, finally opened his eyes and got out of bed.

And coming out of his bedroom, saw that the light in Pei Qiu’s room was still on.

Knocking on the door, he walked in then asked, “You’re still not asleep?”

Pei Qiu was using his laptop, but closed it immediately the moment he saw him, answering “I’ll sleep in a bit.”

“That truck had been aimed at me, right?”

Not necessarily.”

“Am I so fragile that you feel the need to keep things from me?” Lin An Lan leaned on the door frame.

Pei Qiu blinked. It wasn’t that he thought Lin An Lan was fragile, he just felt that it wasn’t a good thing.

It wasn’t a good thing for anyone to know that someone didn’t like them and wanted to kill them, hence it didn’t need to be known.

“Cheng Feng or Cheng Xiao?” Lin An Lan asked.

He thought about it. “Perhaps I should ask Cheng Feng myself?”

“Cheng Xiao.” Pei Qiu told him.

Lin An Lan nodded. “Don’t tell Cheng Yu.”

“I’m definitely going to tell him.”

“Then don’t tell him yet. I’ll tell him myself.”

Pei Qiu had no objections to this. “Okay.”

“Rest.” Lin An Lan told him. “You’ve had enough work for today.”

“You should rest too.”


Lin An Lan went back to his bedroom. The night breeze was cool as he sat on the balcony for a long time before taking out his phone to call Cheng Feng.

Of course he had Cheng Feng’s number. He still hadn’t deleted the message he had sent him that time.

Cheng Feng heard his phone ringing in his sleep and seeing that it was Lin An Lan’s number, answered it, confused.


“I attended an event tonight and after the event almost had an accident. I want to ask if it has something to do with you?”

He definitely knew it had nothing to do with him, but this was the most convenient way to lead into the topic.

Cheng Feng woke up immediately. “What did you say?”

“Wasn’t it one of your people?”

“Of course not! What benefit do I get from you getting into an accident?”

“Then I know who it is.”

Cheng Feng was stunned for a moment. He also knew who it was.

He pressed his fingers to his temple, feeling a headache come on. “Don’t tell Xiao Yu yet, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan agreed.

“Are you okay?” Cheng Feng asked him.

“I’m fine for now.”

Cheng Feng breathed a sigh of relief then hung up.

He had never in a million times expected that his father hadn’t just said it, he had actually acted on it!

If Cheng Yu found out, how would he deal with them?

Enraged, Cheng Feng threw the covers off and walked towards his father’s room.

Lin An Lan put his phone on the round table in front of him then sat there quietly.

He never thought that one day he would be so close to death, so close that when he opened his eyes to react, he would have already escaped it.

It was very scary and made it difficult for him to sleep.

But that was Cheng Yu’s grandfather.

He looked at the night sky outside the window, his entire being quiet like never before.

Intentional homicide had to be investigated and prosecuted. Cheng Xiao was the mastermind and should be reported. However, he was Cheng Yu’s grandfather. No matter how distant Cheng Yu was from him, every year during New Year, Cheng Yu would go home and celebrate with his father and grandfather.

Lin An Lan didn’t want to put him in the center of the balance, to make him fight against his own family for his sake.

He was afraid that Cheng Yu would be hurt, even if it was just a little bit.

He couldn’t bear it.

So, he chose a compromise, by allowing Cheng Feng solve the problem first and asking Pei Qiu to keep it a secret.

The most difficult choice in the world was probably the choice between one’s family and one’s lover. Lin An Lan was confident that Cheng Yu would choose him without hesitation, but he didn’t want him to lose his family because of him.

Cheng Yu could of course choose to not want his family, but it shouldn’t be because of him. He could do anything, but he couldn’t let him lose anything he already had, whether it was affection or his material possessions.

Hopefully, Cheng Feng could resolve this issue so that when he told Cheng Yu later, the damage would have been minimized.

Who would want to hear that their grandfather wanted their boyfriend dead?

It was too tragic and too cruel for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Feng knocked on Cheng Xiao’s bedroom door then went in, only to find that Cheng Xiao was still awake.

He was standing in front of the window, seemingly deep in thought. When he saw Cheng Feng, he asked him impatiently, “What are you doing here?”

“Am I disturbing you?” Cheng Feng asked coldly.

“What’s sort of attitude is that?”

“And what sort of attitude is yours?” Cheng Feng walked up to him. “What are you thinking about? How to kill Lin An Lan? I already told you before that he can’t die, nothing can happen to him, so why did you still do this?!”

Cheng Xiao responded with an ‘oh’, “No wonder you came to me so late at night. It looks like you already know.”

“Can I not know? If it weren’t for me knowing, Xiao Yu would be the one standing in front of you now!”

“It would be good if he were here. Could it be that I’m afraid of him? If it weren’t for him making trouble about wanting to marry a man would I have bothered so much?!”

Cheng Xiao continued angrily, “Who am I doing this for? Isn’t it for you and him? If it wasn’t because I want to leave you two with descendants, would I have done this?”

“There are a hundred ways to break them up, but only this way isn’t feasible. Xiao Yu has loved Lin An Lan for nine years, not nine days or nine months. If you kill Lin An Lan now, aren’t you forcing him to turn against his family? Don’t you know the type of character he has? If he finds out, he might risk everything to avenge Lin An Lan. Is this what you want to see? Do you want to see him put you in jail and then commit sucde? Do you want to see the Cheng family become a laughingstock, mocked by other families?”

“He dares?!” Cheng Xiao shouted angrily.

“What wouldn’t he dare? From childhood to adulthood, there’s only what he doesn’t want to do, not what he doesn’t dare to do. Don’t you know your own grandson’s character? He himself has no attachment to this family, yet you’re pushing him like this. Do you want to lose your grandson completely?!”

“I’ve told you, you should bring Jiang Xu back. That’s your child, our Cheng family’s flesh and blood. But what about you? You just won’t do it! Now look at what is happening, your son is going to marry a man. Handle it for me to see! Didn’t I give you enough time? But what result have I received? If it weren’t for you being unable to handle it, would I need to find someone to solve it?”

Cheng Feng felt helplessly, “This issue isn’t easy to handle. You need to give me time.”

“How much time? If I give you more time, they’ll probably be married already!”

“Even so, you can’t take action against Lin An Lan directly.” Cheng Feng was exhausted, “Can you not interfere with Xiao Yu and Lin An Lan’s affairs in the future? Please, I’m begging you. If you continue like this, this family will really be in trouble. Do you want to see that outcome?”

“Xiao Feng, let me tell you. If you don’t handle this matter properly, the one who will suffer the most is definitely not me! Your brothers have many children and have been eyeing you hungrily. Even if the Yu family protects him, can they intervene in our Cheng family’s affairs? Do you think I’m afraid of the Yu family?”

“You only acknowledge Cheng Yu as your son, but I have more than just Cheng Yu as a grandson.”

Cheng Feng’s eyes darkened slightly, “I know.”

“So, if you really have a way, then resolve this issue quickly. I’m sick of it, and I never want to hear the name Lin An Lan anymore.”

“….. Okay.”

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One thought on “I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

  1. … Not gonna lie I really don’t understand Lin An Lan’s logic here. Cheng Yu’s grandfather tried to kill him. Like why on earth would he think that that Cheng Yu would even want to go home and spend New Years with somebody who tried to kill his lover? Like I get filial piety is a thing but that definitely crosses a line. I feel like his own family issues have prevented him from understanding that sometimes cutting off toxic family relationships is for the best.

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