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Chapter 37.2

Wherever Lin An Lan was, Jiang Xu was there.

However, unlike Lin An Lan, who listened carefully in class and studied actively outside of class, Jiang Xu was more similar to him in the way that he didn’t listen much in class or study much.

Sometimes he even skipped a few classes on a whim.

A month before the final exams, Cheng Yu once again saw Lin An Lan at an internet cafe.

Lin An Lan turned off Jiang Xu’s computer and said to him, “Come back with me.”

“I’m not going,” Jiang Xu bent down to turn on his computer, but Lin An Lan grabbed his arm.

“If you don’t want to go to school anymore, then you should just ask the school to let you withdraw from the class, lest you get the bottom of the class in this exam and then you’ll be relegated to a regular class and the teacher will think he didn’t teach you well.”

Jiang Xu froze for a moment and looked up at him.

Lin An Lan’s gaze was cold, but his tone was even colder than his eyes, “Since you like to play so much, why don’t you just drop out of school? Even if you spend all day in an internet cafe, no one will complain about you.”

The person next to Jiang Xu looked at him and said, “Yo, where’s this good student from? If you look down on us gamers, then you shouldn’t have come here.”

“How can you talk to Brother Jiang like that? Who do you think you are? Believe it or not, I’ll show you why the flowers are so red today!”

“Brother Jiang, do you want us to beat him up?” Someone stood up and looked at Lin An Lan with a tilted head.

Lin An Lan’s anger rose instantly as he looked at these people, “Great, Jiang Xu, these days haven’t been in vain, you’ve even made brothers. I can see that you really don’t want to go to school anymore, then don’t go to school, go back to school early and do the withdrawal procedures, so as not to take up the teaching resources of the rest of the school!”

After saying that, he turned around and walked away.

Jiang Xu, suddenly alarmed, hurried after him. His brothers stood up to follow. Jiang Xu said angrily, “Don’t come over again.”

Cheng Yu looked at him then asked Xu Sheng, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Sheng didn’t know either, but after asking around, he found out that Jiang Xu had been hanging out in the internet cafe these days and had made friends with some of the punks in the cafe.

“Yo, he’s become a socialite now.” Xu Sheng teased, “He’s quite good at it.”

Cheng Yu laughed mockingly but didn’t say anything.

But soon, he noticed that Jiang Xu no longer frequented the internet cafe.

Meanwhile, he was spending more time in the classroom, reading and writing papers in and out of class.

“He seems to have cut off relations with those people”, Xu Sheng said.

Cheng Yu was surprised, “Studying out of guilt?”

“I think so.” Xu Sheng shrugged.

A few days later, Cheng Yu got the affirmative answer.

That day, he wanted to go back to class to sleep during PE, but when he pushed open the door, he saw Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu in the classroom, seemingly talking about a topic.

Cheng Yu froze for a moment, and Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu also looked up at him.

Everyone had skipped free time to return to class, so naturally no one was in a position to say anything about anyone, so Lin An Lan just blinked before lowering his head again and continuing to talk to Jiang Xu.

Jiang Xu also lowered his head and listened, telling him about what he didn’t understand.

Cheng Yu closed the door and walked to his seat, lay his head on his desk and closed his eyes.

The classroom was quiet so although Lin An Lan’s voice was very small, it still reached his ears.

He heard Lin An Lan patiently explain to Jiang Xu over and over again what he didn’t understand, as well as Lin An Lan’s words of encouragement and affirmation.

“Don’t worry, as long as you follow the schedule I’ve set out for you, you’ll be fine.”

Jiang Xu sighed, “That’s not necessarily true, is it? I have to be in the top 56 of our grade.”

“You can do it.” Lin An Lan reassured him, “You have a good foundation, you just haven’t been working hard for a while. I’ll help you and it will get better.”

Jiang Xu smiled at his words and looked at him, “Only you would help me like this.”

“So don’t make me angry again.” Lin An Lan said, “Running away from problems won’t solve anything and giving up on yourself won’t help. I understand how you feel, and if you want to vent, I have no objection, but you can’t ruin yourself for someone else.”

“Don’t let other people’s mistakes get in the way of your life. Even if it’s difficult, you have to grow up first. Your parents won’t feel bad if you don’t study hard, only I’ll feel sorry for you, and only you’ll spend the next few decades of your life regretting that you let yourself go.”

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