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Chapter 127.1 Cheng Yu’s plan, Zhou Yan comes to pick a fight

Seeing that Lin An Lan’s new movie had started, Sun Meng went to see Cheng Yu the next day.

Cheng Yu had just been about to go out when he saw him coming. Stopping in his tracks, he poured him a glass of water then asked, “Why are you here all of a sudden?”

Holding the glass of water, Sun Meng looked at him in askance, “Lin An Lan’s new movie has started, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Cheng Yu wasn’t ashamed, “I feel proud.”

Sun Meng: ……

“Take this as me begging you. Young Master, eldest young master, take a look at a script and get ready to work.” Sun Meng said humbly.

Cheng Yu advised him, “As for work, of course I will work, but not in this area.”

Sun Meng: ????

“What do you mean?”

Seeing the confusion in Sun Meng’s eyes, Cheng Yu simply laid it out for him at this time, “Sun Ge, go and see if there is a suitable newcomer. If there is, draw them into the studio and you will mainly cultivate that person in the future.”

“You don’t want to act anymore?” Sun Meng was shocked.

“I have more important things going on right now, so I don’t have the means to focus on acting, and I guess that will be the case in the future. I might still act, but certainly not as often as before.”

Sun Meng didn’t say anything, he just stared at Cheng Yu seriously and carefully. He had always known that Cheng Yu’s purpose for entering the entertainment industry wasn’t pure. He hadn’t done it to be popular, let alone for money, he had just done it to cross paths with Lin An Lan.

And now that Lin An Lan and he were together, he did seem to indeed have little need to struggle in the entertainment industry any more.

“I understand.”

“Don’t worry.” Cheng Yu reassured him, “I’ll give my fans an explanation and I won’t quit the industry right away. I just need to adjust my focus and when I’m done with it, I’ll film a movie.”

“The Cheng Group?”

“Not entirely.” Cheng Yu smiled faintly, “So go and pick out the right newcomer.”

Sun Meng nodded as he looked at Cheng Yu. He knew that he was ready to return to the path he had been on, ready to officially pave the way for his and Lin An Lan’s future.

At the time when Lin An Lan wasn’t in love with him, Cheng Yu had wanted nothing more than to be able to see him, to talk to him, to film.

But now that Lin An Lan was willing to love him, Cheng Yu wanted to clear the way for their love. How could a family like the Cheng family accept Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu’s love calmly? They wouldn’t do anything to Cheng Yu, they would only target Lin An Lan, and there was no way Cheng Yu would allow Lin An Lan face that, so it was time for him to go back to his original track.

“Be careful, and I wish you all the best.”

“I will be.”

Drinking the water, Sun Meng put the glass down on the table, turned his back to Cheng Yu, lowered his head slightly and said softly, “No matter what, I’m very glad you came along. You’re a very outstanding entertainer and you’ve shown me that there are some people that can really excel no matter what industry they’re in.”

Looking at his back, Cheng Yu smiled, “Thank you.”

Then he added, “You’re also very good and very excellent, that’s why I chose you and that’s why I’m popular.”

Sun Meng turned his head to look at him and Cheng Yu smiled at him, “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to get what I wanted so quickly.”

Sun Meng was silent for a moment then he smiled. Turning, he walked towards the door, patting Cheng Yu on the back as he passed him, “Come on, you’re going out aren’t you? Let’s go together.”

Cheng Yu didn’t refuse his offer and went out the door with him then getting off the elevator, they headed for different cars.

Before getting into his car, Sun Meng couldn’t help but look back at him again.

Looking at his straight spine, he thought of their first meeting. Cheng Yu, with handsome eyebrows and full of intent, had said, “I’ve chosen you to be my agent, the opportunity is yours. Now it just depends on your ability.”

Some people in this world were born to be envied, born with stars. They didn’t need to pick them because they were lying in the palm of their hand and Cheng Yu was like that.

Sun Meng believed that he would be able to get what he wanted as he was young but calm, very good at being patient, good at waiting and good at delivering the fatal blow at the right time.

No one had ever thought much of the possibility of him and Lin An Lan being together, yet he bided his time and finally got the result of being together with Lin An Lan.

There was no giving up in his dictionary, only that he didn’t like something, but once he wanted it, he could always get it.

This time too, that must be the case.

Getting into his car, Sun Meng drove quietly back.

His little boss would surely welcome his own peace and happiness.

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