I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 51.2

Opening his eyes, Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu who was sitting beside him with spring in his eyes as he said. “Little flower… You’re my first love.”

Cheng Yu’s hand that was fanning him stopped and Lin An Lan smiled. Lowering his hand, he took Cheng Yu’s hand that wasn’t holding the fan.

The classroom was quiet, their world seemingly undisturbed.

Cheng Yu fanned him gently, thinking to myself, was he actually Lin An Lan’s first love?

But before he had time to be happy, he saw the scene change. The adult Lin An Lan looked at him with a cold gaze.

“Are you happy?” he asked. “Turning my first love experience into this? Are you happy?”

Cheng Yu woke up immediately, breaking out in a cold sweat.

He looked down unconsciously to look at the person beside him. Lin An Lan was still sleeping, his long eyelashes lowered with his eyes closed. The coldness and indifference of the dream were no longer there.

He hugged him in his arms tightly in fear, but then let go of the person in his arms slowly, as if he was afraid he would despise him.

Looking down at Lin An Lan who was still sleeping peacefully, his heart was full of mixed feelings.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly, “I’m sorry.”

Laying back down on his bed, he couldn’t fall asleep again.

When Lin An Lan woke up, Cheng Yu had already returned to his usual state.

He had even finished washing up before Lin An Lan and had gone to open the door for the cameraman.

There wasn’t much left from the ingredients they had bought yesterday, so Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu decided to make a noodle dish. This way, when Hua Rong and the others arrived in the afternoon, they could have noodles.

After the two of them finished breakfast, they got down to business.

Inspired by the two of them, the other guests also set out to make money today.

Chen Yingjie knocked on Lin An Lan’s door and after it was opened, he asked, “You’re opening a home kitchen, aren’t you? I can do odd jobs for you “

Lin An Lan didn’t let him in this time, saying in a very direct manner, “There’s no need, we’re good. We’re both busy enough.”

“Just add me, I’m good value for money.”

Lin An Lan smiled gently, “We can save the 100% 1It basically means that they (meaning Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu) would not be blinded by the discount and would consume rationally, such that would still be saving 100%, we don’t need you .”

Then he suggested, “You can also go and work. I see Yuan Le Ren and Zhou Yuan have gone to work? Li Yongsi, Ma Junshan and the others have gone to work as well.”

“Is it not possible to work for you?”

“Ha ha ha, How can I say that?” Lin An Lan continued politely, “The main thing is that we’re not a family, either. I thought the show was about fighting for your family? You’d better go and talk to Guan Fei about what to do.”

Chen Yingjie wanted to say something else but Lin An Lan let out an ‘ah’. “I’m still cooking, I’m going to go now. You’re on your own.”

After he finished saying this, he closed the door, thinking to himself, what’s wrong with this Chen Yingjie? Did he like Cheng Yu so much?

He constantly had him on his mind!

He had just about said, “I’m here to join the family, I’m not here to break up the family”. He had too much drama that he’d be a good candidate for a cannon fodder role with Jiang Xu.

“Who was it?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“Chen Yingjie.”

“Oh.” Cheng Yu didn’t take it seriously.

Lin An Lan took advantage of the cameraman’s absence, turned the mic off, leaned in close to Cheng Yu’s ear and lowered his voice as he asked, “What exactly did you do to provoke him? He can’t stop thinking about you.”

Cheng Yu looked back at him, “I’m being wronged, my wife. Please judge clearly. I have never provoked anyone except you and I’ve never even spoken a word to anyone.”

“Then why is he after you so much?”

“Maybe he’s just trying to rub off of my popularity.” Cheng Yu guessed, “There are a lot of stars like that. Don’t worry about it.”

Lin An Lan didn’t think it was that simple. If he wanted to rub off of his popularity, Chen Yingjie wouldn’t have been so weird before. Moreover, he was no less popular than Cheng Yu, so if he rubbed off of him, then wouldn’t he fly away?

But Chen Yingjie obviously only had eyes for Cheng Yu, so it wasn’t as simple as rubbing off of his popularity.

But Chen Yingjie didn’t say anything so he didn’t even bother to guess. Anyway, Cheng Yu wouldn’t pay attention to him, so it would be better if he just wanted to rub his popularity. Otherwise, if he got hurt later, then he shouldn’t blame Cheng Yu for being heartless.

Lin An Lan glanced at Cheng Yu quietly. He had a lot of confidence in his boyfriend!

No, he was simply too confident in him.

Cheng Yu made a two-in-one version of tomato and egg noodles and oil splash noodles. Lin An Lan loved it so much that he ate a bowl full of it.

When Hua Rong brought his friends to dinner in the afternoon and saw this familiar noodle dish, he couldn’t help but feel a little emotional again.

“I’ve had enough of pasta, especially the black pepper. I’m sick of eating it.”

“This is clearly what a real man loves!” His foreign friend was in tears and when he was done, he shouted. “One more bowl!”

The foreigners were amazed and quickened their fight, exchanging chopsticks for forks, afraid they would go hungry if they fell behind.

The meal was very enjoyable. After Hua Rong paid the bill, he asked Cheng Yu, “Is it okay to have dumplings tomorrow? I haven’t eaten real dumplings in a long time.”

“What are you thinking? We’re closed tomorrow.”

Hua Rong: ! ! !

“Don’t you have four or five days to record this show?”

“Yes, but we’re already making a lot of money, so we’re not open tomorrow. The boss is going out.”

“The boss and the boss’s wife are going out together, right?”

Lin An Lan’s hand jerked as he was putting a bowl away. Looking down, he moved away from the table quickly with the bowl in his hand, his ears a little red.

Cheng Yu poked Hua Rong with his elbow. “Don’t tease him, he has thin skin. If he gets angry, I’ll have to coax him.”

“Then coax him. I know you relish it .”

Cheng Yu: ……

Although it was true, however, we’re recording the show. Can’t you show a little bit of restraint?

Taking the money, he sent them out quickly so he wouldn’t have to talk too much and make too many mistakes.

“Here.” Cheng Yu handed the money to Lin An Lan, “Let’s go out tomorrow, we have enough money.”

Lin An Lan didn’t expect them to make so much in two days, “Aren’t we selling it too expensively?”

“No, not at all. I charge what the local Chinese restaurants charge.”

“Alright then.”

Cheng Yu looked down at him then said in a low voice, “Then, are we going on a date tomorrow?”

Lin An Lan looked up to glance at him, then nodded slightly, inexplicably looking forward to it in his heart.

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  1. Felt bad… The dream must’ve scared him but he wanted this. He knew the consequences yet he still continues to deceive him. I just hope that their relationship will still go smoothly in the future.

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