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Chapter 65.2

Very often, once the scene was finished, Lin An Lan would have already come out of the shadow of the scene, but Cheng Yu would still be caught in it.

“Don’t get too caught up in Jing Huan’s emotions.” Lin An Lan advised him, “Jing Huan’s emotions were so bad at this time that he almost made himself sick. If you get too deep into the scene, you’ll make yourself sick too.”

Cheng Yu nodded cooperatively, “I understand.”

“Don’t just understand, you have to do it.” Lin An Lan was worried about him.

“You’re different from Jing Huan. Gu Shuyu doesn’t like Jing Huan, he doesn’t even know that his best friend doesn’t see him as just a friend, but I like you. We’re in love with each other, it’s not the same as Gu Shuyu or Jing Huan at all, so don’t get too involved in the drama. The state you’re in makes me worried about you.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu smiled at him and pinched his face. “Don’t worry, I won’t get too much into the scene.”

He took Lin An Lan into his arms, reassuring him, “You’re right, we’re not the same, so I won’t get caught up in it.”

“Don’t worry.”

He wasn’t willing to spend the limited time he had with Lin An Lan becoming another person because they were different. Even if Jing Huan couldn’t be with Gu Shuyu, he could have Gu Shuyu’s friendship for the rest of his life.

But when it came time for Lin An Lan to leave him, when they weren’t together anymore, he would have nothing left.

There would be no love, not to mention friendship.

That was why, he couldn’t get caught too deeply into the scene.

Director Zhang also spoke to him about this, advising him not to get too involved in the drama and not to spend too much time with Lin An Lan these days. “Jing Huan likes Gu Shuyu. As you are now, I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with Lin An Lan and when that happens, it’ll be bad for you and for Lin An Lan as well and I, the chief culprit will feel guilty. So you should sit less with Lin An Lan when you’re taking a break. If you’re afraid of getting too close to an actress and getting into a scandal, you can talk to another male actor.”

Cheng Yu thought to himself, this was a rare responsible person. “You’re the first director I’ve ever met who’s afraid of actors getting too involved in the drama.”

Director Zhang waved his hand, “When I was young, I had a friend who was good-looking, empathetic, and born to be an actor. One of us chose to be a director and the other chose to be an actor. We also made an agreement that when we became famous we would work together, however, he starred in a literary film and he was really good at it that he won an award afterward but he never got out of the shadow of that role until he won the award and then when he finally got out of it, he was depressed. He clearly loved acting so much, but he never did another film again.”

“Now, I’m considered to be a big director, but I can’t work with him because he can’t act at all. His whole life has been affected by that film.”

“When you’re a director, of course you value your work and would think it’s good that the actors are into the scenes, but from a personal point of view, a person’s life is too short and too busy to be tied down by anything other than his own heart. If my friend hadn’t been in that film, he might not have won an award so quickly, but he would have been happy and chasing his dreams instead of being depressed and unhappy every day.”

“You’re still very young, this play is just a drop in the ocean of your life. I don’t want you to let this one drama affect your whole life.”

Cheng Yu nodded as he listened.

“Thank you, I won’t let it affect me.”

“That’s better.” Director Zhang looked at him with affection in his eyes.

As Cheng Yu looked into his eyes, he said to himself, “He really is a very good director. Both in his work and personality-wise.”

He filmed for another day, went to a variety show for a few days, and then he finally cheered up.

When Director Zhang saw that Cheng Yu’s whole body exuded a relaxed and happy air after having finished recording the variety show, it caused him to have an unprecedented satisfaction with a variety show.

It was really important for young people to go out and have more fun!

Lin An Lan was also pleased to see that the variety show was worth it when he saw that he wasn’t as immersed in Jing Huan’s emotions as he had been before on set.

At least it had broken the cycle of Cheng Yu’s down emotions, preventing him from living in Jing Huan’s depression all the time.

In his state of happiness, he received a text message from Jiang Xu: “It’s your birthday in two days, so I’ll come visit you then. I’ll pick you up and take you home for your birthday”.

Lin An Lan frowned. His birthday was obviously ten days ago, yet Jiang Xu had the nerve to say that his birthday was in two days. Which country’s time was he using? He was sleep-deprived right?

Lin An Lan ignored it.

Jiang Xu texted again a short while later: What do you want to eat this year? Apart from eggplant with beans and spicy fish, what else do you want to eat? Or do you want the same thing as before, sweet and sour pork and pork ribs with sauce?

Lin An Lan: ….

Lin An Lan looked at the names of the dishes he had mentioned. The first two were indeed his favorite dishes, and the last two didn’t seem too bad either, mostly because he was so specific. Was that what he had eaten with him on his birthday before?

Then he had eaten quite a lot of homemade food.

Of course, that wasn’t the point. The point was that Jiang Xu didn’t even seem to realize that his birthday had passed.

He replied: [There’s no need to come over, my birthday has already passed.]

Jiang Xu was surprised: [No it hasn’t. It’s two days away, I set a memo for it.]

Suddenly remembering something, Lin An Lan brought up the calendar that came with his phone and looked at it carefully.

Sure enough, in two days time, it would be the 2nd day of December on the lunar calendar.

He understood instantly. No wonder Jiang Xu hadn’t sent him any wishes on the 2nd of December, it was because he didn’t celebrate a solar birthday at all but rather a lunar one.

But that wasn’t right either.

If he had a lunar birthday, why didn’t Cheng Yu know?

He wasn’t the only one. Zhuo Siya, Yang Wang and the others obviously thought his birthday was a solar one as well.

What was going on?

It couldn’t be him and Jiang Xu alone that used the lunar calendar, right?

Lin An Lan wanted to ask him, but was afraid that if he did, it would reveal his amnesia, so he held back.

Lin An Lan: [Forget it, I’m busy with filming here and the crew has already thrown a birthday celebration for me so let’s leave it at that.]

Jiang Xu: [??? Xiao Lan, what’s wrong with you? Even if you’re busy, you wouldn’t not celebrate your birthday. Has something happened to you?]

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