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Chapter 126.2 Little Flower, I miss you

Cheng Yu was about to say something else to him when Lin An Lan remembered Meng Tingyun outside. He asked him, “Little flower, can I get back to you later? There’s a new actor who has come to see me for me to help him with his lines and we have a scene tomorrow morning, so I have to go practice with him.”

“Then you go.” Cheng Yu had no problem with that, “Work is important.”

“But you’re more important.” Lin An Lan said gently, “It’s just that when you called, we were exactly halfway through our lines and he’s still waiting outside, so I’ll feel embarrassed if I keep him waiting too long.”

Cheng Yu didn’t expect that just during this moment of him inquiring about Zhou Yan, Lin An Lan would unexpectedly be halfway busy with work. He said quickly, “Then I’ll talk to you tomorrow, go ahead and practice your lines. Go to bed early afterwards, don’t stay up too late.”


“Go on.”

It was only then that Lin An Lan hung up and walked out.

Seeing him come out, Meng Tingyun quickly sat up straight, straightening his back.

Lin An Lan sat down beside him and put his phone aside without saying anything more and asked him, “Should we continue from where we left off or start from the beginning?”

“Let’s start from the beginning.” Meng Tingyun said.

He was actually curious about who Lin An Lan had been talking to for so long. Was it Cheng Yu? However he was too shy to ask.

Meng Tingyun adjusted his emotions, mobilized his excitement then called out in a pleasant tone, “Uncle!”

Lin An Lan also cooperated by saying his lines again.

When the scene was over, Lin An Lan carefully pointed out the lines he felt Meng Tingyun had problems with and voiced his opinions.

Meng Tingyun nodded his head obediently, very obedient.

“Thank you Lin Ge and I’m sorry for bothering you. I feel I’m much better now.”

“It’s alright.” Lin An Lan was as gentle and polite as ever, “I have basically all your scenes where I’m part, so feel free to come to me if you have any questions.”

“Then I won’t be polite.” Meng Tingyun laughed.

“Mhmm, but there’s not much I can do to help you. You’ll mostly have to work hard on your own.”

“I will.”

Smiling, Lin An Lan got up, ready to see him off.

Meng Tingyun wanted to talk to him more, but then heard him say, “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

These words sounded very sweet, yet they were a euphemism to persuade one to leave, so Meng Tingyun could only stand up. He asked him, “Lin Ge, is it that I’m disturbing your rest?”

“No, it’s just that it’s late and that I should rest too.”

Meng Tingyun nodded, “Then I wish you good dreams.”

“Thanks.” Lin An Lan opened the door then watched him walk out.

It wasn’t that he was in a hurry to sleep; it was just that work was work and once work was done, then it meant it was time for him to enter his private time. What’s more there was no need for colleagues he wasn’t acquainted with to remain in his room.

Essentially, Lin An Lan was still the same Lin An Lan, not too keen on making friends and self-protective, yet because of his upbringing at home and school, was willing to lend a helping hand to those around him.

’Breaking Dawn’ was his work project and Meng Tingyun was a colleague who was working with him on this project, so Lin An Lan was willing to help the confused Meng Tingyun in order to complete the project better and because he was a newcomer. As a senior, he had to be tolerant and supportive of Meng Tingyun, but that was all.

He didn’t want to have too much interaction with Meng Tingyun outside of work, let alone have any personal relationship with him, so when the practicing of lines was over, then it was time for them to part ways.

He messaged Cheng Yu: [Finished with my lines, ready to go shower and go to sleep.]

Cheng Yu was surprised: [So soon?]

Lin An Lan: [He did pretty well, so I gave him a few pointers then asked him to go back.]

Cheng Yu sent him a video call request and Lin An Lan answered it, only to see Cheng Yu sitting against the bed in a black robe, “Then can you stay with me for another five minutes?”

“It’s very expensive if you want me to chat with you.”

“You time it, I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

“Forget it,” Lin An Lan laughed, “for the sake of you being so good looking, I’ll use your beauty as the fee in exchange.”

Cheng Yu was instantly intrigued, “How do you want to do the exchange? Just looking or owning me physically?”

It was only when he said this that Lin An Lan remembered that it seemed he and Cheng Yu hadn’t done what lovers loved to do for a long time.

It seemed that ever since they got back together, the two of them had just been hugging and kissing, going the pure route as if they were students who had just fallen in love.

He looked at Cheng Yu’s fair, bare skin and delicate collarbones under the collar of his black pajamas and thought of his tenderness and patience in bed. Instantly, certain searingly hot memories tumbled through his mind.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Lin An Lan said hurriedly.

“No more chatting?” Cheng Yu was surprised, “Didn’t we agree that I would trade my beauty for a few minutes of chatting with you?”

“Just wait for me to come out.” Lin An Lan hung up then felt his face burn a little. Exhaling, he tried hard to stop his rambling thoughts.

But the more he tried to stop certain things, the more he couldn’t. Standing under the shower, Lin An Lan vaguely remembered that they seemed to have done it once in the bathroom too. The water in the bathtub had been hot, but the breath Cheng Yu exhaled had been even hotter than the water in the bathtub.

He quickly turned the shower to the cool water mode and cooled himself down.

It was just that even though he didn’t want to think about it, these thoughts made him a little curious about what it would be like to drive on the road between lovers.

Those pleasures of amnesia were pleasures of memory, so visible and untouchable that he had no sense of reality.

Lin An Lan sighed. If only he was at home now, then he could try it out.

He dried himself off, put on his robe then walked out.

When Cheng Yu saw Lin An Lan again, he saw that he was already sitting on the bed wearing pajamas and looking at him with dark hair.

“Finished bathing?”

“Mm.” Lin An Lan nodded his head.

“Have you blow dried your hair?”

“I have.”

“Then go to bed early.”

“You go to bed early too then.”

“I’ll go to bed early if you give me a kiss.”

Unable to help his smile, Lin An Lan made a kissing motion at the screen, “Go to sleep now.”

Cheng Yu kissed him back immediately, “Alright, good night.”

“Good night.”

Hanging up, Lin An Lan laid back under the covers.

As the bed was large, Lin An Lan slept in the middle then felt, for the first time, that the hotel bed was a little empty.

It would have been nice if at this moment Cheng Yu were here.

Turning off the lights, he closed his eyes.

But not long after, he opened his eyes again and sent Cheng Yu a message.

Cheng Yu was about to turn off the lights and go to sleep when he suddenly heard a WeChat ringtone. Picking his cell phone up, he looked at it and found that it was from Lin An Lan.

Opening it, Cheng Yu saw that it read: [Little flower, I miss you, good night].

As Cheng Yu looked at his words, slowly, slowly, the corners of his mouth lifted up then he decided that he was going to see him tomorrow after he saw Yu Heng.

Lin An Lan missed him, he missed him. Cheng Yu couldn’t suppress his smile, hating that he couldn’t fly to him right away.

[I miss you too. Good night baby, sweet dreams].

As Lin An Lan looked at the message he had sent back, he thought in his heart, it would definitely be a dream related to Cheng Yu.

Closing his eyes, he went into dreamland.

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