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Chapter 38.2

But Cheng Yu also wanted someone to pick him up. He needed someone to pick him up.

Then, could Lin An Lan come and pick him up too?

At that moment, Cheng Yu frantically wanted to make friends with Lin An Lan. As long as they were friends, then Lin An Lan might take care of him just like he was taking care of Jiang Xu and he would reach out his hand to pull him out of the mud.

The moment this thought appeared, it was like a biological invasion in his mind. He pressed it down again and again, but again and again, he couldn’t resist the temptation to let that thought break free again.

Cheng Yu persuaded himself to make friends as it was normal, because who didn’t make friends in high school?

Lin An Lan was so good, he would be good to Lin An Lan too. As long as Lin An Lan was willing to treat him the way he treated Jiang Xu, not even that much, as long as he was willing to give a tenth of what he gave to Jiang Xu, then he could meet all of Lin An Lan’s demands and give him everything he had.

He would be the best friend he had ever had in his life.

He approached Lin An Lan with trepidation, anxiety, excitement and enthusiasm and asked him, “Do you play basketball? There’s a shortage of people.”

Lin An Lan looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to come and invite him.

He really hadn’t played basketball for a long time so he didn’t refuse but Jiang Xu joined in with him.

Everyone had a good time as they played and when the PE teacher blew the whistle they stopped. Cheng Yu took the ball and as they walked back he deliberately walked beside Lin An Lan and smiled, “You’re not bad.”

“I’ve played before.”

“Really? Then I’ll keep calling you next time.”

Lin An Lan thought for a moment then replied, “If I have time.”

“Ok.” Cheng Yu said.

He wanted to say something else but then the PE teacher blew the whistle again. Jiang Xu pulled Lin An Lan, saying as he run, “Hurry up, if we’re late for assembly we’ll have to run laps again.”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything more and ran after them.

After that, Cheng Yu started to approach Lin An Lan intentionally or unintentionally.

He would deliberately walk up to him with a fairly complicated-looking maths problem and ask him, “Can you explain this problem to me?”

Although Lin An Lan found it strange, he didn’t turn him down. He would analyse the problem and explain the solution to him in a good-natured manner.

Sometimes he would act as if he had a clear understanding, and sometimes he would pretend that he didn’t understand so that he could come back and ask him during the next class.

When he started doing this more often, Jiang Xu became a bit impatient, “Why do you always ask Xiao Lan? Can’t you ask the teacher if you don’t know something? If you bother him like this every day, will he still be able to do anything else?”

Cheng Yu was a bit embarrassed and said, “I don’t ask him every day, do I?”

“That’s quite a few times.” Jiang Xu retorted.

Cheng Yu could only look at Lin An Lan “Am I bothering you?”

Lin An Lan smiled a little, “No.”

Cheng Yu had just let out a sigh of relief when he heard Lin An Lan say in a warm voice, “But I also think that you can actually ask the teacher your questions. If you ask, the teacher might give you a systematic study plan. It would be better for you too.”

“Then can you give me a systematic study plan?” Cheng Yu asked gently.

Lin An Lan didn’t expect him to say that and shook his head, “I can’t, I’m still prepping and revising myself and also have other things to do so I don’t have time to make this for you. You can hire a tutor if you want.”

Then he suggested, “But you’ve got a good base so it’s not really cost effective to hire a tutor. I think you’d be better off going to a teacher.”

“Alright Xiao Lan, stop it, it’s time to go.” Jiang Xu stood up and pulled him to his feet, “Do you think the Cheng family is your family or my family? They are so rich, what tutor can’t they hire that they still need your help to figure out if it’s cost effective or not.”

Lin An Lan stared at him helplessly and closed his book, finally saying to Cheng Yu, “Of course, I’m just saying what I think, but it’s up to you.”

He had just finished speaking when Jiang Xu dragged him away impatiently.

Cheng Yu looked at his back then down at the paper he was holding in his hand which was blank just like his heart.

Pale and despondent.

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