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Chapter 75.1

Lin An Lan then thought to himself, if the story ended here, it would definitely have been considered a good story.

But the reason why a story was a story was because it itself wasn’t so simple.

At the beginning of the first semester of their senior year, Lin An Lan and Jiang Xu went out of school and saw a man from afar.

The man, who looked a bit like Jiang Xu, was standing in front of Cheng Yu and talking to him.

Cheng Yu’s expression had been full of disdain and he didn’t seem to be having a good conversation with the other guy, then he turned around to get into another car.

A bit helpless, the man had watched Cheng Yu leave with regret.

Jiang Xu stood still, unable to move as he asked, “It’s him right?”

He looked at him in panic and anticipation, “He looks exactly like the picture. Cheng Yu has the last name Cheng, so he must have that same last name Cheng too. It’s him right? Xiao Lan, he’s my dad right?”

He was cluelessly elated and hopeful, as if he had strayed into the desert and seen a mirage not far away, desperately hoping that it was a real city.

But Lin An Lan was destined to not give him the satisfaction of an answer.

“No.” He said coldly, “That’s Cheng Yu’s father, not your father, let’s go home.”

“But…… he looks exactly the same as in the picture.”

“Really? You saw it wrong.”

Jiang Xu was about to say something when Lin An Lan gave him a tug and dragged him away.

However Jiang Xu, who had just lost his mother, wouldn’t give up so easily. He wanted a father, a relative who could fill his mother’s empty place.

He told him, “Xiao Lan, that’s my father. I can be sure of that.”

“I said he’s not.”

“I want to go see him.”

“No way.”

“Why?” Jiang Xu was puzzled, “He’s my father and I’m his son so why can’t I go see him?”

Lin An Lan put his book down and asked him coldly, “Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid?”

Jiang Xu froze for a moment but didn’t say anything.

“It seems you’re not really stupid.”

“Maybe…… Maybe, he is unaware of my existence.” Jiang Xu whispered.

“So what?” Lin An Lan showed no mercy, “He’s already got a family with a wife and a child, what do you think his wife and child will think when you show up now?”

“But, he’s the only family I have now.”

“Does he treat you like family?” Lin An Lan asked him, “He’s so rich, and your mum has been living in this city, wouldn’t he have been able to find you or your mum if he had wanted to?”

“You’re younger than Cheng Yu, which proves that he had Cheng Yu before he had you. There are news articles of Cheng Yu’s parents’ marriage on the internet, and from Cheng Yu’s age, it can at least be seen that his parents had him two years after they got married. Do you know what that means?”

Jiang Xu didn’t say anything.

Lin An Lan said to him, word by word, seriously and cruelly, “It means that Cheng Yu’s father cheated on his mother with your mum, which is why you’re here. It means that both your mother and Cheng Yu’s father, have wronged him and his mother, and now you’re going to go to Cheng Yu’s father and show up again in front of Cheng Yu and his mum’s face and crush their hearts?”

“Oh, that’s not right either, you can’t crush his mother’s heart anymore because his mother is gone, so you can only crush his heart.”

Jiang Xu was silent, unable to say a word.

“Read the book properly.” Lin An Lan picked up the book again, “and stop thinking about those things. If you want a relative, I can be your relative, but you should stop thinking about all this nonsense. I don’t like it and I don’t think you should go do it.”

Jiang Xu looked at him for a long time before he said in a weak voice, “Then you, you can’t pay any attention to Cheng Yu. He’s been trying to get close to you since last semester, he already has my dad, he can’t have you anymore, you’re all I have left.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “I promise you, but you can’t go to Cheng Yu’s dad either. He’s not your dad, he is Cheng Yu’s dad; you can call him Cheng Feng from now on, no calling him dad.”

Jiang Xu :……

“If you don’t promise, I’ll agree to be Cheng Yu’s tutor.”

“I promise!” Jiang Xu hurriedly said, “I promise you.”

Lin An Lan smiled a little, “That’s more like it, read the book.”

“Then…… about the tutoring?”

“I turned it down.” Lin An Lan said, looking at Jiang Xu, “I’ll try to keep my distance from him, so you keep your distance from him too, don’t disturb his life and don’t let him affect your life.”

They should never have met, Lin An Lan thought to himself. If Jiang Xu hadn’t met Cheng Yu, then naturally he wouldn’t have bumped into Cheng Feng and wouldn’t have found out that Cheng Feng was his father.

He might have still been drowning in the pain of being abandoned by his mother, but he would have come out of it.

But Cheng Feng’s appearance was tantamount to giving him another ray of hope, and he began to hope for this unrealistic ray of hope, and began to unconsciously pay attention to his father’s other son, Cheng Yu.

This wasn’t a good thing. The best thing to do was to keep them at a distance and not get too close.

Only when the two people couldn’t see each other would they have nothing to argue about, then both of them would grow up healthily.

It might not be fair to Cheng Yu who was now bent on making friends with him, but it was what he felt was the best option for both of them.

Anyways, he and Cheng Yu hadn’t had much deep contact, and Cheng Yu should only be interested in him for a while; it would dissipate soon.

Lin An Lan had thought of it well, he just didn’t think of the point that Cheng Yu would fall in love with him day after day and for such a long period as well.

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