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Chapter 133.2 The truth begins to take shape

Lin An Lan didn’t believe that Meng Tingyun liked him. Perhaps he had a slight fondness for him, but it wasn’t love.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have remained unaware until now.

“The thing I hate the most is deception, so put away your lies and don’t appear in front of me again.” Lin An Lan said as he walked towards his seat.

Meng Tingyun grabbed him, the expression on his face anxious, “Lin Ge, it’s not what you think.”

“Let go.” Lin An Lan said coldly.

Helpless, Meng Tingyun could only let go.

Returning to his seat, Lin An Lan focused on his script.

Meng Tingyun looked at him, feeling guilty.

He really didn’t want to be on bad terms with Lin An Lan. They had spent time together in the same place when they were younger and Meng Tingyun felt a sense of familiarity towards Lin An Lan. Furthermore, Lin An Lan had been very caring towards him in recent days, so he didn’t want to make him unhappy because of him.

Meng Tingyun was so distressed that he was unable to act well during filming, causing him to make several mistakes and to be scolded by Director Zhao several times. It was only after he finally overcame his personal emotions and immersed himself into the state of the character Li He that he was able to finish the scene.

As he approached the chair where he usually rested, Meng Tingyun looked at Lin An Lan who was sitting in his seat reading his script intently. He hesitated, then decided to approach him.

“Can I talk to you?” He whispered.

Lin An Lan didn’t even lift his head. “If you want to apologize, then there’s no need. I don’t care about your apology, so I don’t want to waste time.” He said in reply.

“No, it’s not that.” Meng Tingyun said, clenching his fist. “I want to have a serious conversation with you. You must have a lot of questions, and I can answer them.”

Lin An Lan finally stopped flipping through his script and looked up at him.

“Fine.” He said as he closed the script, standing up.

Zhuo Siya and Yang Wang looked confused, wondering what he was going to do.

However, they didn’t ask, only following him as he walked a short distance away. Eventually, they watched as Lin An Lan and Meng Tingyun got into an artist car.

In the hotel, Cheng Yu’s cell phone rang.

Cheng Yu answered it then heard a familiar voice on the other end. “You really guessed correctly. Your father and Fei Meng’s CEO went golfing about two months ago. However, your family has never had any business cooperation with Fei Meng, so I didn’t initially think in that direction.”

“And what about Meng Tingyun?”

“Your father doesn’t have any contact with him, but his assistant contacted Meng Tingyun a few times, and there are records of calls from your father’s assistant on Meng Tingyun’s phone.”

“I see.”

“Young Master Cheng, are you really going to fight with your father openly?”

“Are you looking forward to it very much?”

“No, I’m just looking forward to it generally.”

“Are you busy these days?” Cheng Yu asked.

“Yes, I am.” The other person sighed. “I’m too busy, alright?”

“Come over here when you’re not busy.” Cheng Yu told him.

“You want to hire me? It’s expensive to go out there.”

“Just come out.” Cheng Yu said in response. “I’ll introduce you to someone when you get here.”

“Is it Lin An Lan? You want me to protect him?”


“Tsk, I didn’t expect Young Master Cheng to be a romantic. Alright, I’ll try to finish up as soon as possible and come see you. I’ll give you a 20% discount when I get there.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

After Cheng Yu hung up, the corners of his mouth curled up slowly into a contemptuous smile. He didn’t think his unrestrained and rake of a father would be able to sit still for very long, however he didn’t expect him to be unable to sit still so quickly.

Since that was the case, then he shouldn’t blame him for being rude.

Lowering his head, he sent Yu Heng a message.

As Meng Tingyun sat in the artist car, he hesitated several times before finally settling on grasping the cushions of the seat nervously with both hands.

“Are you not going to speak?” Lin An Lan asked calmly as leaned back against the car. “If you aren’t going to speak, then I’ll have to get off and go do something else.”

“I….” Meng Tingyun opened his mouth then closed it again before finally sighing low and deciding to start from the beginning.

“I grew up in Universal Love when I was three or four years old. You were there too and we played together. Later, your parents took you away and my parents took me away as well not long after.”

Lin An Lan listened quietly, not interrupting.

“My parents were good to me and our family had decent conditions, so I grew up in a good environment. Later, I got into X University and then I saw you on TV. I vaguely felt that you looked familiar, but I couldn’t place you until I returned to the welfare institute and remembered that you were probably from there as well. It was just that you weren’t called Lin An Lan at that time. That name should have been given to you by your parents later.”

Lin An Lan nodded.

This was the name given to him by his adoptive father. It implied a peaceful journey through each and every wave.

His adoptive father was a teacher who paid great attention to the art of naming. His older brother was named Lin Bo, and he followed suit by adopting the same radical in his name.

However, perhaps out of fear that he would also meet an early demise like his older brother, the character ‘An’, meaning ‘peace’, was added.

“Later on, just last year when I graduated, my father became seriously ill and I took care of him for half a year, until this year when the weather warmed up and his illness improved. That’s when I decided to make my way into the entertainment industry to try my hand at acting.”

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