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Chapter 107.1

When Sun Meng saw this, he said nothing more, recorded the vcr then advised him, “Then get some rest.”

Although he had disapproved of Cheng Yu taking advantage of the situation and deceiving Lin An Lan’s feelings before, it was just that now that Cheng Yu was like this, there was no point in talking about it anymore. He had already learned his lesson, so he didn’t need to rub salt in his wound.

“I’ll take care of the rest of the work for you first. When you’re feeling better, then we’ll talk about it.”


Not bothering him, Sun Meng left after saying a few more words.

Cheng Yu slept for a while longer, then feeling a little dizzy, with his face seeming a little hot, he felt his forehead, took out his temperature gun and tested himself. He indeed had a fever.

He then pulled open the drawer and after searching through it for a while, found a fever-reducing pill and took one.

Cheng Yu felt very drained, so drained that he barely had any energy left.

But hearing another knock at the door, he dragged himself out of bed wearily.

Then, he saw Yu Heng.

Inexplicably, Cheng Yu felt a little guilty. Among so many people, he never cared that others saw his current image, but he didn’t want Yu Heng to see him like this.

Yu Heng trusted him, and he saw Cheng Yu as a good, confident and strong person who could do as well as he did, that was if he wanted to.

So, he didn’t want Yu Heng to see him as he was now, for fear of disappointing him. After all, Yu Heng was his closest relative.

Of all his family members, Yu Heng was the closest to him and the one who cared about him the most.

Cheng Yu was a bit rushed for a moment, “What are you doing here?”

“What’s wrong with you?” Yu Heng asked him.

Raising his hand, he touched Cheng Yu’s forehead, “A fever?”

Cheng Yu nodded.

“Because of Lin An Lan?”

Cheng Yu wanted to reply, but didn’t want to lie to him, so he didn’t say anything.

Yu Heng sighed helplessly, “I knew this would happen. When I met you guys that time, I knew you were quenching your thirst, playing with fire ****.”

Moving out of the way, Cheng Yu asked him, “Want to come in?”

Yu Heng walked in.

Then he said, “Xiao Yu, you should see a doctor.”

“It’s just a cold and fever, there’s no need. I’ve got medicine at home.”

“I’m talking about seeing a psychologist.” Yu Heng said in response.

Cheng Yu froze for a moment, then looked at him in surprise.

Yu Heng’s expression was calm, “Your feelings for him are too obsessive and you have too much weighing on your mind. You should go see a doctor, you need a doctor to help you move on from these feelings.”

“I can do it myself.”

“If you could, you wouldn’t still have your eyes on him even after eight years.”

He advised Cheng Yu, “You don’t have to feel that it’s something to be ashamed of. Modern people are under a lot of pressure and more or less have some psychological problems, which is why many universities now have counselling offices. I’m not saying that you’re sick or that you’re wrong, I just think that you should find someone who specializes in this area to listen to your story and to help you come out of it.”

“Even if you don’t want to come out and you can’t, still, go see a doctor and let him help relieve you of the depression in your mind to make it easier on yourself. It wouldn’t hurt you, would it?”

“I can get rid of it myself.” Cheng Yu was firm, “I’m just not in a good place right now, but I’ll be fine in a while, don’t worry.”

“How can I not worry when you’re like this?”

Yu Heng sighed, “Back then, your mother was so physically and mentally exhausted, and there was so much grievance and dissatisfactions piled up in her heart that although she had finally let go, her body couldn’t be repaired, and now you’re like this. Seeing you like this, do you think I will feel at ease?”

“Soon.” Cheng Yu reassured him, “I’ll be fine soon. Big brother, you really don’t have to worry.”

As he spoke, he coughed a few times. Pouring a glass of water for him, Yu Heng changed the subject, asking him, “Have you eaten?”

Cheng Yu didn’t dare worry him, so he could only say, “I have.”

“Did you really eat?”


“I won’t be going home for these two days. I’ll stay with you and when you’re better, I’ll go home.”

“There’s no need.” Cheng Yu was embarrassed, “I can take care of myself. Go ahead, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I won’t stay depressed like this for long. Soon, I’ll get back up again.”

“How long?”

Cheng Yu kept his mouth shut. Yu Heng looked at him and after they stared at each other for a long time, Cheng Yu finally gave in, “A week. After a week, I’ll be fine.”

“If in a week, you’re still like this, then you’re going to the doctor and I’m going with you, is that okay?”

Cheng Yu shook his head in refusal. He didn’t want to. He knew of course that Yu Heng meant no harm and he knew that he should probably really go see a doctor. His love had been unhealthy for a long time that he should have sought medical attention long ago, but alas, he didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to cut his love out for others to see, let alone define his love for Lin An Lan as a mental illness.

He just loved Lin An Lan. Like all boys and girls in the world, he simply just loved someone.

He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it, much less that it needed to be singled out for judgement, for someone to tell him what he should do.

Love was between two people and unrequited love was for one person. He was willing to love, what’s more he wasn’t hurting anyone, so, he could naturally keep his love, and keep the way he loved someone.

He didn’t want to go to a doctor nor did he feel that his love needed to be seen by other people.

If Lin An Lan was willing to love him, then that day would be the best attending physician for him, the best medicine.

But if Lin An Lan wasn’t willing to love him, then he could lick his wounds and let this unhealthy love rot in his heart as well.

Healthy love had its own way of living and unhealthy love also had its own way of dying. As long as he wasn’t hurting anyone, why couldn’t he let these feelings grow on its own terms?

“I won’t go.”

Yu Heng simply couldn’t do anything about him. For this kind of issue, if Cheng Yu didn’t want to, then it was useless even if he forced him to.

“Xiao Yu, I don’t want you to end up like your mother.”

“It won’t happen.” Cheng Yu said seriously, “My mental capacity is so much better than hers. I’ve come through all these years, this time, I’ll accept it too.”

“Give me a little time, just a little time is enough.”

He was very sincere and seemed so sure that Yu Heng believed him. He believed he could adjust, that in a few days, he would still be the calm and collected little brother he knew.

But the more this happened, the more uneasy he became. Cheng Yu had so much pain and depression piled up in his heart along with a lot of wounds, so how long could he last? Sooner or later, something would happen to him.

And he didn’t want anything to happen to his little brother.

Yu Heng sighed and conscious that he was still ill and that arguing would only hurt him, agreed with him for the time being.



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