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Chapter 80.2

Cheng Yu might have really loved Lin An Lan, however, he had deceived him as well.

Zhuo Siya withdrew his gaze and said in a low voice, “Then it seems, you should be able to recover your memory soon.”

Cheng Yu raised his eyes to look at him.

Lin An Lan, mindful of Cheng Yu’s fear, said softly, “Not necessarily. It may take some time. “”

He looked at Cheng Yu, who smiled at him and slowly took his hand in his.

After lunch, Zhuo Siya went back to the hotel to rest for a while.

Lin An Lan still had a scene to do, so he didn’t leave the set and Yang Wang accompanied him.

Zhuo Siya had just arrived at the hotel door when he saw Jiang Xu waiting in front of his door.

Jiang Xu was standing with his arms against the wall and when he saw him coming, he opened his mouth, “Agent Zhuo is really busy. Since you’re not free, then I have to come myself.”

Zhuo Siya was calm, “What do you want?”

“Xiao Lan has lost his memory?” Jiang Xu asked as he stood up straight, staring at him.

Zhuo Siya opened the door, and walked in. Jiang Xu followed him in hurriedly.

“Why didn’t you tell me before that Xiao Lan had lost his memory!”

“I am Lin An Lan’s agent. I’m only responsible for Lin An Lan, so I didn’t feel that there was any need for me to tell you.”

Unscrewing a bottle of mineral water, Zhuo Siya sipped it slowly and deliberately.

“How much of his memory did he lose? How was it lost? What was the dividing line, the person or the time? And what does he remember now? And Cheng Yu, why did Cheng Yu suddenly get so close to him? He lied to Xiao Lan, didn’t he? He lied to Xiao Lan that he was his boyfriend, right?”

“You’re asking too many questions.” Zhuo Siya sat down on the sofa, “I’m not Lin An Lan, how would I know that?”

“You’re his agent, how would you not know that?”

“An agent is the one who helps him with business endorsements, script roles and work resources. As for the rest, if he wants to tell me, I will know; if he doesn’t want to tell me, I won’t ask more. “

“How could Xiao Lan not tell you? And how could you not ask more questions? You’re in charge of everything he does, including press interviews and now that he’s lost his memory, a random question from a reporter could be in his blind spot. Zhuo Siya, would you let that blind spot exist? You wouldn’t, you would just know everything in advance. You would know everything about him and then you would avoid those blind spots.”

Zhuo Siya laughed a little.

He looked at Jiang Xu, “You do know me well, but there is another way for me to do it.”

Zhuo Siya said helplessly, “Wouldn’t I just not let the reporters interview him?”

He asked Jiang Xu, “Haven’t you noticed, that he hasn’t given any interviews in the last few months?”

Jiang Xu frowned, staring at the man in front of him in silence, “Aren’t you curious?”

“Even if I’m curious, he has to be willing to tell me, right? He’s got amnesia and he’s very self-protective. If he’s not willing to talk about a lot of things, I can’t pry his mouth open and force him to talk, can I?”

“So what’s the deal with Cheng Yu?”

“I don’t know.” Zhuo Siya said, “I’m not Cheng Yu’s manager. If you want to know about him, you should ask Sun Meng.”

“Since when did Cheng Yu appear around Xiao Lan?”

“The variety show’s filming and the movie shoot; they met on set.”

“And before that?”

Zhuo Siya was helpless, “Would I know? I don’t put Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu under surveillance and they wouldn’t tell me everything. “

Frowning, Jiang Xu told him, “Zhuo Siya, you should know that I would never hurt Xiao Lan. I care about him, and now that he has amnesia, I am worried that he will be deceived by Cheng Yu.”

“Then you shouldn’t have come to me, you should have gone to Lin An Lan. What use is it to you to come to me, what can I know?”

“You really don’t know anything?”

“If I knew, why didn’t I say so myself?” Zhuo Siya asked him rhetorically.

Jiang Xu didn’t speak again and after a long time, he said, “I want to see Xiao Lan. We had a fight today, but I hadn’t finished saying all that I wanted to say.”

“I’m sorry, it’s not within the scope of my job to help you with that.” Zhuo Siya refused.

What a joke. If he dared to help Jiang Xu see Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu would suspect him again tomorrow.

“To be honest, Jiang Xu. Lin An Lan, both before and after his amnesia has always been polite to you. He’s concerned about his status as a star and I’m concerned about the large number of people in the cast, that’s why neither of us has done anything to you. Even if we don’t want to see you, when you do show up, we don’t embarrass you. But could you respect An Lan’s decision once in a while?”

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