I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 114.2

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu’s innocent face with eyes that were full of clarity.

His right hand violently increased its force, pulling Cheng Yu inside.

“You’re not yet well and you let yourself get beaten by the rain. Do you not want to get well?” As he said this, he gave him a pair of slippers, “Go and take a hot bath.”

Cheng Yu didn’t dare refuse. Changing his shoes obediently, he was led into the bathroom.

Lin An Lan ran the bath water for him and left him to his own devices in the bathroom while he went to find pajamas for Cheng Yu.

Pushing open the bathroom door, Cheng Yu turned around. Lin An Lan was inexplicably embarrassed and hurriedly lowered his head, putting the clothes on the bathroom hanger.

“I brought you some pajamas, you can change into them later.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu smiled, “Thank you, An An.”

Lin An Lan didn’t say anything. The bathroom was a bit warm and his face was a bit hot, so he turned around and went out the door, found the cold medicine he had at home and made Cheng Yu a bowl of ginger tea.

Now he didn’t have to dwell on it, Lin An Lan thought, he didn’t need to go to Cheng Yu’s house now that he had come to his.

He took the ginger tea out and in a few moments, Cheng Yu came out too.

“These pajamas are quite suitable.” Cheng Yu said as he looked at him.

Lin An Lan helped him find a hairdryer and handed it to him, “Blow-dry your hair.”

Sitting down on the sofa, Cheng Yu blew dry his hair obediently.

By the time he was almost done, the ginger tea wasn’t so hot.

Lin An Lan pushed both the ginger tea and the medicine in front of him. Cheng Yu drank the ginger tea, took the medicine in one gulp then asked him with a bitter expression on his face, “Is there any sugar, this medicine is too bitter.”

Lin An Lan laughed a little, thinking he was quite delicate.

Going into his bedroom, he took some sweets out of the pocket of his jacket, went out and handed them to Cheng Yu.

He had only discovered Cheng Yu’s love of candy when he had quit smoking. He had quit smoking but had fallen in love with candy, so he always carried a few in his pockets and bags in case Cheng Yu wanted some but didn’t have any with him.

Cheng Yu took them, tore off the paper, ate one and said to him, “It’s quite sweet.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Lin An Lan said.

Cheng Yu looked up at him, “Is it really good as long as I like it?”

Lin An Lan froze, then looked at Cheng Yu’s burning gaze and after a long silence, digressed and asked, “Have you eaten?”

Cheng Yu shook his head.

“Then what do you want to eat?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“What do you want to eat?”

Lin An Lan looked out the window at the rain then said to him, “Is hotpot okay?”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu didn’t have a problem with that.

Lin An Lan recooked a packet of hotpot base then washed the vegetables.

Cheng Yu wanted to help him, but Lin An Lan didn’t let him move on the grounds that he was sick and only poured him a cup of hot water, instructing him, “Drink more hot water.”

Cheng Yu could only take the cup obediently and drink the water, watching him work.

He actually didn’t feel that he was seriously sick. A cold in itself wasn’t a serious illness, and it was more so pronounced especially now that he was with Lin An Lan. He didn’t feel sick at all, he could even go downstairs whenever and run a couple of laps.

“Ah-choo.” Cheng Yu sneezed and Lin An Lan looked back at him.

Cheng Yu smiled at him. Alright, he was still a bit sick with the cold, but to be by Lin An Lan’s side, enjoying his care and attention, this sickness was a blessing.

After Lin An Lan finished washing the vegetables, he took them out, turned on the heat and waited for the pot to boil.

Looking at him, Cheng Yu felt as if they were back in the days when they had been together, on rainy days when they stayed at home, sitting opposite each other, eating hot pot face to face.

The rain was falling outside the window, but he felt warm in the obviously cold weather, as if he could never feel the cold as long as he was with Lin An Lan.

After turning on the fire under the pot, Lin An Lan put the shredded beef rolls and vegetables into it.

Cheng Yu also put some of his favorite ingredients into the hot pot.

The two of them ate the hot pot quietly, neither of them talking much, nor asking the other anything.

When the meal was over, it was already past eight o’clock and Cheng Yu, fearing that Lin An Lan would kick him out, said immediately after he had finished washing the utensils used, “I’m sleepy, can I sleep in one of your bedrooms?”

“You’re not going back?” Lin An Lan was surprised, “I’ll take you home.”

“The power is out at my house.” Cheng Yu said without hesitation.

Lin An Lan: ……

Lin An Lan really wanted to ask him, do you think I will believe that?

He was such a good liar before, but now he was just too bad.

Not exposing him, Lin An Lan said helplessly, “Then you can stay.”

He took Cheng Yu to the guest bedroom in his house, turned on the light and told him, “This is the room.”

“Thank you.” Cheng Yu said warmly.

“Then get some rest, I’m going to my room too.” Lin An Lan didn’t stay long and went back to his bedroom.

Closing the door, he sat down on his bed with a headache. Why had he allowed Cheng Yu to stay?!

He propped his head up, thinking that he shouldn’t have allowed Cheng Yu stay. Hadn’t he already decided that he would talk to Cheng Yu and tell him that he wanted to adjust his mindset before dating him again?

So why did he allow him to stay?

Lin An Lan sighed. He had just said he couldn’t see Cheng Yu. He could think clearly about everything if he didn’t see Cheng Yu, but once he saw him and Cheng Yu showed even a little bit of misery, he couldn’t be cruel with him.

Laying down on the bed, he thought of Cheng Yu’s expression when he had just opened the door then thought of what he said, ‘My boyfriend is missing, I’ve come to look for him. Excuse me, are you my boyfriend?’

How could he be so good at it? He even knew how to reenact that scenario, but …… it had indeed, worked very well.

Lin An Lan gloomily closed his eyes, only for those days of the past to slowly appear in his mind.

Besides Cheng Yu lying to him that one time, they had been really happy during the other times.

So, how could he really be so cruel as to kick him out?

Wrapping himself up tightly with the covers, Lin An Lan flopped helplessly onto the bed.

He lay in bed for a while before he finally sat up again, washed up, then went back to bed.

Seeing the light go out under Lin An Lan’s bedroom door, Cheng Yu guessed that he was about to sleep.

He had been prepared for Lin An Lan to throw him out this time and had even thought that if he was lucky, then he would be able to see him and have a meal with him, but he never expected that he would be lucky enough to stay in his house.

Him being able to stay meant that Lin An Lan’s heart had softened towards him.

And a softened heart was the beginning of many relationships.

Cheng Yu was so happy that he looked at Lin An Lan’s bedroom door, stood against it for a long time, then went out again and stood by his door and knowing that Lin An Lan was behind it, his heart filled with joy.

He didn’t disturb Lin An Lan. Instead, he stood against the wall quietly, and then sat down against it, staying closest to him.

He felt that he was lucky. When he had lied to Lin An Lan, he had been prepared for him to never see him again in his life and for him to loathe him.

But now he had the chance to see him, to eat with him and to stay in his house.

He had been determined to die, yet he had survived and, even had the chance to actually achieve his heart’s desire.

He was so lucky, luckier than he had thought he was.

Lowering his head, Cheng Yu smiled faintly.

Lin An Lan wasn’t asleep and as he was thirsty, he got out of bed to get a glass of water, however when he opened the door, he saw Cheng Yu sitting beside it.

Lin An Lan looked at him in disbelief.

Cheng Yu said honestly, “I wanted to be close to you.”

The first day Lin An Lan had stayed in his house after losing his memory, he had been in disbelief and ecstasy as he’d looked at Lin An Lan’s bedroom door then spent the whole night at his bedroom door.

He had wanted to be closer to him, afraid that if he was too far away, Lin An Lan would be gone when he opened his eyes.

When Lin An Lan heard him say this, he bent down to lift his arm, “Get up, the floor is cold and you aren’t well yet.”

Cheng Yu stood up obediently and Lin An Lan pulled him into his room, turned on the light, sat him down on the bed and said to him, “Cheng Yu, let’s talk.”

Cheng Yu could only nod, asking him, “What do you want to talk about?”

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