I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 4

Cheng Yu pointed to Jiang Xu’s WeChat and said to him, “Didn’t I tell you that he doesn’t like me, that’s why when we established our relationship, I was worried that he would still dislike me and would try to break us up.”

“You told me then that it wouldn’t happen, and that if he was really still so bent on it, then you’d just ignore him.”

Cheng Yu looked into his eyes, the expression on his face not changing, “You said that since I was your boyfriend now, then your friend should respect me and our relationship, but that if he doesn’t respect me, then you didn’t need him as a friend.”

He shook the phone in his hand, “You really did it.”

He leaned closer to Lin An Lan, something that was clearly not there, but he also made it sound full of affection, “I had thought that you would be more biased towards him since you have been friends for so many years, but to my surprise, you are biased towards me.”

Lin Anlan looked at the sincerity in his eyes, listened to the cause and effect and cupped his face and said, “What are you thinking, you’re my boyfriend, I’ll naturally favour you. Besides, after so many years, now that I’m with you, it’s really not right for him to target you so much.”

Cheng Yu felt like his whole body was about to float up. In his lifetime, he could actually hear such words from Lin An Lan’s mouth, hear Lin An Lan turn towards him and say what Jiang Xu wasn’t right.

Even if this was something Lin An Lan was pretended to do, something that Jiang Xu had deliberately designed to make him believe him, he would still accept it.

If he could get such a blatant bias from Lin An Lan, whatever Jiang Xu wanted Lin An Lan to get from him, he would hand it over.

He reached out and wrapped his arms around him, unable to restrain himself from kissing the side of his face.

“You’re so good,” he said, “my An An is the best wife in the world!”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile. Now it was An An again, he really gave nicknames by the moment.

Cheng Yu hugged him for a while, then gave his phone back to him, letting him read the messages himself as he moved to help Lin An Lan pack his clothes.

But Lin An Lan wasn’t used to others helping him pack, so he put his phone down first and packed up with him.

In this way, Lin An Lan started living with Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu only had one request for him, “Don’t allow him to be released from the blacklist, otherwise he will definitely want to stir up our relationship again when he finds out that you have lost your memory, I simply know him too well.”

Lin An Lan had no objection to this, his memory was now damaged and there were too many things that he didn’t know, hence it would be too easy for others to try to lie to him.

So he only trusted Cheng Yu now, as he was the only one who existed in his memory for sure.

In the gaps where his memory was blank and confused, only Cheng Yu and his identity was clear and unambiguous.

So only Cheng Yu could be trusted.

Lin An Lan hugged Cheng Yu with some reliance when he thought of this. Fortunately he had such a person he could trust, he thought to himself, otherwise, how would it be as easy as it was now for him to figure out this world all over again?

He lifted his head and kissed Cheng Yu’s chin, who seemed a little surprised.

Lin An Lan didn’t understand what he was surprised about, but soon realised that it had only been a day since he had found Cheng Yu again yesterday, but he had actually taken the initiative to kiss him!

It must be because Cheng Yu, his boyfriend, was always kissing and hugging him, so he had become accustomed to it and was infected!

However, when Lin An Lan thought about it, this probably just proved that they were really a couple.

That was why even if he had lost his memory, he still didn’t feel Cheng Yu was unfamiliar and was even unable to restrain himself from doing things that comprised physical intimacy between lovers.

He let go a little shyly, “I’ll go to the fridge to see if there’s anything to eat, I’m a bit hungry.”

Cheng Yu held his shoulder hurriedly, preventing him from leaving, “Kiss me again.”

This was the first time Lin An Lan had ever taken the initiative to kiss him, so he was flattered and couldn’t help but ask for more.

How could Lin An Lan allow him, “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll go cook, kiss me again.”

Lin An Lan blinked, trying to get him to let him go.

Seeing this, Cheng Yu didn’t make things difficult for him, “Then I’ll give you a kiss.”

Saying this, he lowered his head and kissed him on the brow.

And as if he couldn’t let go, just as Lin An Lan made to leave, he kissed him a second time, hugged him gently and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“Stir-fried pork with green peppers.” Lin An Lan said.

“Okay.” Cheng Yu put his arm around his shoulders then walked towards the fridge.

Seeing him lost in thought, Lin An Lan reached out and waved his hand in front of his eyes, “What are you looking at? So lost in thought?”

Only then did Cheng Yu pull himself out of the memories he had just had, he looked at the person in front of him and laughed lightly, “Looking at you, my wife is so good looking.”

Lin An Lan placed a chopstick full of beef on his plate, “Hurry up and eat.”

Cheng Yu nodded, eating slowly.

After eating, Lin An Lan was responsible for wiping the table while Cheng Yu was responsible for cleaning up the kitchen and putting the uneaten vegetables and meat back into the fridge on the way.

Seeing that there were still a few apples in the fridge, he took them out and went to the kitchen to wash them.

While cutting the apples, Cheng Yu heard Lin An Lan’s cell phone ringing. Lin An Lan picked it up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“What variety show?”

“When is it being recorded?”

“That’s fine, you can take a look at it, I don’t have any drama lately, so it’s fine to record a variety show.”

Cheng Yu’s hand that was cutting the apple paused for a moment. He looked at the apple in his hand, thought about it, then put the knife back to it again, cutting it into crescents of similar shapes and sizes.

He put the cut apples on a plate and carried it out.

Lin An Lan had already finished his phone call, and when he saw that he had brought the apples out, picked up a piece and fed it to him.

“You’re going to record a variety show?” Cheng Yu asked as he ate the apple in his mouth.

Lin An Lan nodded, “A relatively simple outdoor variety show. There’s traveling, climbing mountains and doing games, the offer I was given was okay, and it just so happens that I’m not taking any drama right now, so there’s no delay.”

“In that case, perhaps we’ll meet again.” Cheng Yu said, seemingly unintentionally.

Lin An Lan was surprised, “Are you going to record a variety show too?”

“Yes there is one. Before you woke up this morning, my agent sent me this, saying that he was still talking about it, and that he was still hesitating.”

“Is it also ?”

“Not sure, he said he was still hesitating, so I didn’t ask much.”

Cheng Yu picked up the apple and handed it to Lin An Lan’s mouth, testing the waters, “If it’s really this, would you be willing to participate in the same variety show with me?”

Lin An Lan took a bite and nodded, “Yes.”

He looked at Cheng Yu, “But you can’t treat me like this at home on the show, or else the whole country will think we’re coming out.”

Cheng Yu breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously and fed the apple in his hand into Lin An Lan’s mouth a little, saying delightedly, “Don’t worry, the more blatant and obvious it is, the less they will believe it.”

“Then it can’t be too blatant.”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Okay, I’ll listen to my wife.”

“You’re not allowed to call me that on the show.” Lin An Lan finished, then added, “No calling me baby either.”

“Then I can only call you An An.”

Lin An Lan nodded.

Cheng Yu sighed, “I’m so miserable.”

Lin An Lan smiled, took a slice of apple from the fruit plate and put it in his mouth, “Eat the apple.”

Cheng Yu looked up at him and with a sudden move of strength, reached out and pulled him into his arms, “Eat what apple, wouldn’t it be enough to just eat you?”

After he finished saying this, he lowered his head to kiss Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan’s mouth was filled with the fragrance of apple. Cheng Yu kissed him for a long time until he felt that he had taken away all the fruity fragrance inside his mouth before releasing him reluctantly and feeding the piece of apple he was holding to his mouth to make up for it.

Lin An Lan leaned against him, eating the apple in his hand slowly.

When he took the last bite, he bit Cheng Yu’s index finger mischievously.

Cheng Yu didn’t bother with him and leaving his finger in this position, rubbed his thumb against his lips then pressed his lips that was both deep and light red, sweet and tempting.

Lin An Lan took hold of his wrist and bit his thumb in retaliation.

However it didn’t hurt, it was just like a kitten scratching him.

Cheng Yu let him bite it, kissing the top of his hair lovingly.

Feeling sleepy again after playing with him for a while, Lin An Lan fell asleep in his arms.

Cheng Yu wanted to carry him back to his room but was afraid of waking him up, so he just lay down on the sofa and cuddled with him.

He had one arm around Lin An Lan, the other one texting his agent.

Cheng Yu: [Go and get in touch with the variety show , I want to join.]

Cheng Yu: [The fee doesn’t matter, keep an eye out for other guests participating in the recording, if Lin An Lan is participating, sign it, if not, don’t sign.]

Cheng Yu: [Text, don’t call, he’s sleeping.]

Sun Meng: ……

Sun Meng looked at these lines with a headache, only feeling that this ancestor was the most unappreciative artist he had ever seen in terms of his talent and gifts.

Sun Meng: [Have you read Director Zhang’s script?]

Sun Meng: [You don’t want to act in director Zhang’s film but want to record a variety show? Do you want your fans to scold me to death through private messages?]

Sun Meng: [I’ll help you contact the crew of , but you’ll have to read the script I sent to your email address.]

Cheng Yu thought, he was really stubborn.

Cheng Yu: [Got it.]

Sun Meng: [Swear you’ll read it.]

Cheng Yu: [… I’ll read it, contact them.]

Only then did Sun Meng give up and go to find out more about the team behind the variety show

When Cheng Yu saw that Lin An Lan was still sleeping, he simply logged in to his email and read the script Sun Meng had sent him.

The name of the film was ‘Yun Yun’, after the saying that all beings were ordinary, yet not ordinary at the same time.

There are three main characters, two men and one woman, but it wasn’t the usual story of two men fighting over a woman, but interspersed with each other and each growing up.

The most pivotal character in this drama was the number one male protagonist, Gu Shuyu.

Gu Shuyu was a man of excellent character and education and his family was well-off.

His parents were the owners of a company and his family was wealthy, but they spend a lot of time away from their children.

He understood that his parents were trying to make a better life for him, but he also wished that his parents could spend more time with him.

In an accident, Gu Shuyu in high school encountered a mugging incident and a boy helped him out — Jing Huan.

Jing Huan’s family was very poor and he had dropped out of school early and started working. Gu Shuyu wanted to help him but Jing Huan had his own salary so he wouldn’t accept his help.

By chance, one of Jing Huan’s family members became ill and Jing Huan came to Gu Shuyu in a panic to borrow money.

Gu Shuyu lent him the money and the two became acquainted with each other.

After entering university, Gu Shuyu met the lively and cheerful Sun Xin Xin.

The two liked each other, however, after graduating from university, their philosophies clashed and they eventually chose to break up.

Five years later, Gu Shuyu got married and both Jing Huan and Sun Xin Xin attended his wedding.

They celebrate with a toast, only to go their separate ways after the wedding.

At the crossroads, the three people went in three directions and walked into the crowd, becoming the most ordinary person among all the others.

But what Gu Shuyu doesn’t know is that Jing Huan likes him too. In his barren, depressed teenage years, Gu Shuyu was his hope to keep pushing forward.

He liked this man too much, and for this reason, for the rest of his life, he never said anything about it.

Gu Shuyu only treated him as a friend, so he stayed quietly in the position of a friend, watching Gu Shuyu fall in love time and again and giving him his most sincere wishes.

He wished this man well, just as he wished he could be better.

However, what Jing Huan didn’t know was that Sun Xin Xin had also once felt distressed for him.

She had wanted to help him and to make him feel her warmth.

But she soon realised that Jing Huan didn’t need it. He only opened his heart to Gu Shuyu, just like he only accepted Gu Shuyu’s help.

So she would consciously leave time and space for Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu, hoping that Jing Huan could be happier and that their friendship would last.

So, was there anything Sun Xin Xin doesn’t know?

Of course. She didn’t know that her first investment after graduation came from Gu Shuyu.

At that time, everyone looked down on her, but she didn’t want to give up. She visited prospective companies every day, telling herself every day to hold on a little longer.

Gu Shuyu knew her dream and hoped that she would always be strong and confident, so he asked an old school friend of his to invest in Sun Xin Xin’s project in his name.

Later, he saw the girl he had once liked smile as a result, and saw her grow up with confidence that blazed like the sun.

They were both ordinary, yet they were both very uncommon to each other.

They walked into the crowd and became part of the mass.

This was probably, what was called life.

Cheng Yu finished reading the synopsis of the script on his phone quietly and went back to read the character biographies.

He read it very carefully and then sent a WeChat to Sun Meng: [Who does Director Zhang want me to audition for?]

When Sun Meng saw that he had actually read it, he replied quickly, [Of course it’s Gu Shuyu, he thinks you have a good temperament and are very suitable for the role.]

Cheng Yu guessed so, but he didn’t want to play Gu Shuyu. He looked at Lin An Lan who was sleeping peacefully in his arms, reached out and touched his cheek gently and hardly unable to restrain himself, lowered his head and kissed him on the lips softly.

He watched in fascination, his eyes filled with love.

He picked up his phone and replied to Sun Meng: [I can go to the audition, but it’s not Gu Shuyu I want to audition for, it’s Jing Huan.]

Cheng Yu: [If Lin An Lan is willing to play Gu Shuyu, I will play Jing Huan, if he’s not, then I won’t play either.]

Sun Meng: ……

Sun Meng: [Can I talk to you on the phone?

Cheng Yu: [You can’t, he’s sleeping.]

Sun Meng: ……

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