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Chapter 66.1

Lin An Lan ignored him again and put the phone away.

But not long after, the phone rang again.

Lin An Lan took it out and saw that it was a strange call.

He guessed that it must be from Jiang Xu.

He didn’t pick it up, but Jiang Xu kept calling, making Lin An Lan unable to help but ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I should be asking you this.” Jiang Xu’s voice was thick with confusion, “What’s wrong with you, Xiao Lan? Did you encounter something on the set? Or did Cheng Yu give you a hard time?”


“Then why did you say that you don’t have a birthday? The only day you go home regularly, 365 days a year, is this day, for many years, from when you were a child until now, so why did you suddenly change this year?”

Lin An Lan was even more puzzled, “Go home?”

“Yes, go home to spend your birthday with your family, although this year, both your parents are gone. However, last year your father left and you went back as usual, I asked you if you would still go home for your birthday and you said yes. How come now, it’s changed again?”

Lin An Lan had no idea about this.

“I spend my birthday with my family?” He asked unconsciously.

“Of course.” Jiang Xu answered, and having said that, he added, “And me.”

If so, that would seem to make sense …

The younger generation celebrated their birthdays according to the solar calendar, but some of the older generation enjoyed counting their birthdays according to the lunar calendar and thus celebrated their birthdays according to the lunar calendar as well.

If his parents were also this kind of people, then it was likely that they had given him a birthday according to the lunar calendar when he was little and over time, as he grew up he got used to the lunar calendar.

It was just that when other people saw his ID card, they thought he had a solar birthday. Lin An Lan guessed he had been too lazy to explain, plus he also wanted to leave his real birthday day to his parents and celebrate with them, so he just had a solar calendar birthday externally, and internally, a lunar calendar birthday.

This also explained why Zhuo Siya and the others didn’t know.

As for Cheng Yu ……

Lin An Lan guessed he hadn’t told him this before, after all, it was still a bit away from his birthday and he could have waited until his own birthday was approaching before telling him.

But surprisingly, he had lost his memory, and he had forgotten about it, let alone remember to tell Cheng Yu.

Figuring out that this was the reason why, Lin An Lan felt that everything was clearer.

Jiang Xu was still over there asking him, “What kind of dish do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you then, are those four okay? That’s what we ate last year.”

Lin An Lan inexplicably had a hunch that Jiang Xu wasn’t mentioning these four dishes casually, they must have some special meaning, which would explain why he ate this last year, and it was also why Jiang Xu didn’t purposely change it this year.

“Okay.” Lin An Lan said.

Although he didn’t really want to spend his birthday with Jiang Xu, since Jiang Xu had just spoken about going home and said that it was his regular and scheduled reunion day every year, Lin An Lan did want to go home a bit after listening to him.

“But I’m taking Cheng Yu with me.”

Jiang Xu: !!!

Jiang Xu refused, “No.”

“Why? It’s my birthday, so it’s what I say that goes.”

Jiang Xu felt helpless, “It has always only been the two of us spending your birthday together, when has it ever been his turn?”

“From this year onwards.”

“Xiao Lan, don’t be angry with me, and don’t put yourself down too low. Cheng Yu likes you, so even if you don’t let him come, he won’t complain. What’s more, hasn’t he already done it for you on the set?”

“The crew is the crew, this time is this time.”

“I don’t agree.”

“I didn’t ask for your consent.” Lin An Lan didn’t concern himself with his opinion, “I’m going to spend time with him anyway, it doesn’t matter if you agree or not.”

“If you continue on being like this, then I’ll be busy with other things that day and not go to your house.”

“That’s good, it would just be the two of us, that’s what I was planning.”

Jiang Xu: ……

Jiang Xu was so angry with him that he scolded, “What the hell are you thinking? Xiao Lan, don’t really immerse yourself too much in this act.”

Lin An Lan was speechless, “Jiang Xu, I can do whatever I want to do in my own drama, don’t try to interfere, okay? I’m not a child. Do I still need you to teach me every single move?”

Jiang Xu: ……

“I just don’t think it’s necessary for you to go to that extent.”

“I think it’s quite necessary, so let’s just leave it like that. Of course, you don’t have to come visit me at work, it’s not necessary.”

“I have to pick you up.”

“I’ll go back myself.”

“Then I’ll wait for you outside your house.”

“No, you go ahead and get busy. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come if Cheng Yu went? That’s good.”

Jiang Xu: ……

Jiang Xu said angrily, “I’ll definitely be there! In all these years, I’ve never missed any of your birthdays, and I won’t miss this one either!”

Lin An Lan: “…… It’s not necessary.”

Jiang Xu: “It’s necessary!!!”

Lin An Lan: …… Then it’s really, a pity.

Lin An Lan hang up and went out to look for Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu had just gotten out of the shower, changed into his pajamas, and was about to take a two-minute break to look for Lin An Lan when he heard a knock on the door.

Walking over, he opened the door to see Lin An Lan smiling at him with his head tilted.

Cheng Yu sidled up to let him in and then asked, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“Little flower, have I ever told you about my birthday before?”

Cheng Yu was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“Jiang Xu just sent me a text message.” Lin An Lan shook his phone, “According to what he said, my birthday should be in two more days time and that I have a lunar birthday, not a solar one.”

Cheng Yu was stunned.

He had never thought of this possibility, never thought that such a thing would happen.

It wasn’t really anything too surprising or shocking, but it still stunned him in place.

When Lin An Lan saw his reaction, he knew at once that he really hadn’t told him.

“And listening to what he said, it seems like I go home to spend my birthday with my parents, even if they are no longer around.”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything.

He didn’t know, he didn’t know any of these things.

It was in this moment that he realized clearly and powerlessly, that even though he already knew Lin An Lan well, even though he had put his whole heart into Lin An Lan’s heart, even though he had tried to act as if he knew him best,

What he knew, in the end, was still only superficial knowledge.

He would only know those things that Lin An Lan showed and exhibited and was willing to let outsiders know.

And those that were inside his heart, that he had covered with a protective layer, that he didn’t make public, he knew nothing about, just like everyone else.

He thought he knew him well enough, but in fact, he hadn’t even touched the core parts…

That was why he didn’t even know his real birthday and foolishly thought he finally had the right to spend it with him.

He had never had the right, he didn’t know Lin An Lan.

Cheng Yu lowered his eyes unconsciously and whispered, “So it’s like this.”

“En, that’s why I want to go home for my birthday this time too.”

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