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Chapter 74.2

As Yang Wang had asked for a day off for him, Lin An Lan took his medicine and wrapped himself up in a blanket, waiting to sweat it out.

The moment Cheng Yu was done with his scenes he rushed directly to Lin An Lan without resting and the first sentence he asked when he saw Lin An Lan was, “Are you feeling a little better?”

Lin An Lan shook his head.

With little energy and a bitter taste in his mouth, he said to Cheng Yu coquettishly, “I want to eat.”

Cheng Yu ordered some porridge for him but before that, he put a piece of candy in his mouth and told him to keep it in his mouth for a while.

“Why do you suddenly have a fever? You didn’t get wet yesterday.” Zhuo Siya said worriedly.

Cheng Yu who was sitting next to him put a towel on Lin An Lan’s forehead.

Lin An Lan had no idea why either, he only thought that his body was really weak, otherwise why was it that Cheng Yu didn’t have any problems when he was the one who had gotten more wet?

“I’m so miserable.” Lin An Lan moaned, “Why am I so delicate?”

Amused, Cheng Yu pinched his cheeks then said, “It’s not that you’re delicate, but that people have fever a few times a year, so it’s normal that you have it.”

“But you don’t have a fever.”

“I had it in the first half of the year, so I won’t have it in the second half of the year.”

Lin An Lan moved close to him, rested his head on his lap and fell asleep in a daze.

Lin An Lan felt hot then cold, and his body seemed to become sticky and needed a tub of water.

He tried to catch the water, but felt something dripping on his palm, and when he looked up, he realized it was Jiang Xu, a 17-year-old Jiang Xu with red eyes who was crying.

“She’s gone.” Jiang Xu cried.

“She doesn’t want me anymore. She chose that man, she’s gone.” Jiang Xu’s tears continued to fall down his cheeks.

Lin An Lan was confused, “Who? Who is gone?”

“My mother.” Jiang Xu cried then showed him the letter in his hand, “She doesn’t want me anymore, she doesn’t even want to see me, she left without saying a word to me, how could she do this!”

Jiang Xu’s head dropped down, tears falling down like rain.

Lin An Lan took the letter; it was actually a paragraph written on Jiang Xu’s homework paper.

“I’ve left you 50,000 yuan, so save it and don’t come to me. If you can’t make it, go to your father. Mom has raised you for so many years, I heard that abroad, after 18 years old, parents aren’t obliged to take care of their children. You’re almost eighteen, so don’t let mom keep worrying about you. If you need money or something else, go to your father. You already have your father’s picture, so I’ll just tell you now. His name is Cheng Feng. If you need anything you can go to him, after all, he has never raised you before.”

Lin An Lan was speechless for a moment as he looked at the letter in his hand.

Jiang Xu was still crying.

Lin An Lan comforted him, “Don’t cry, she doesn’t want you anymore, so you don’t want her either.”

He told Jiang Xu the words he had heard at the orphanage, “Don’t wait for her, from now on, just pretend you don’t have her as your mother.”

But Jiang Xu couldn’t accept it. He grew up with his mother, maybe there were some bad memories, but she had always given him love and affection.

Of course he knew that his mother was in love with another man, and of course he knew that the man he called uncle didn’t like him.

So he had persuaded his mother to break up with him, he had told her that the man didn’t really love her and wouldn’t be good to him.

He just hadn’t expected that his mother would choose that man over him.

Jiang Xu cried so much that he squatted down, and the teenage Lin An Lan accompanied him. As he looked at his crying face, he felt as if he was seeing his former self.

The helpless, abandoned by his mother, unwanted him.

He comforted Jiang Xu, “You still have me, I will be with you.”

Jiang Xu lowered his head, tears welling up in his eyes.

He cried all night, and only the next day did he ease up a little, but only on the surface. He kept calling Jiang Liying, but no one answered.

He went back to his house, which was silent.

At that moment, he heard a knock at the door and ran out to open it, only to find that it was not his mother, but the landlord who had come to collect the rent.

How funny that he had never had a home, whether it was a house or the home it represented.

He paid the rent then sat helplessly in the house.

Lin An Lan wanted to help him, so after talking to his adoptive parents, he suggested that Jiang Xu move into his house so that he could save on rent.

Father Lin, a teacher, couldn’t stand the thought of children at that level having their studies affected by their families, “What is Jiang Xu’s mother thinking, when the college entrance exams are coming up in a year? Even if she wants to leave, she should wait until the child’s college entrance exams are over. What else is more important than a child’s college entrance exams?”

He asked Lin An Lan to pick Jiang Xu up and bring him to live and eat at his house.

“It’s not as if we can’t afford to add an extra pair of chopsticks, he only needs to do well in the exams.”

Lin An Lan agreed, but Jiang Xu didn’t want to. He kept his home stubbornly, wanting to wait for his mother to come back.

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