I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 5

Sun Meng just couldn’t understand what kind of bewitchment Lin An Lan had placed on Cheng Yu that could charm him into such a state. He was so determined to work with Lin An Lan before but now this was even better, he wouldn’t act even Lin An Lan didn’t act. This was simply a case of willfulness!

Sun Meng couldn’t help but persuade him, [Although Jing Huan is also the male lead, Gu Shuyu is obviously the heart of this drama. Jing Huan and Sun Xin Xin are tied together through him, besides, Director Zhang also prefers you play Gu Shuyu, so you should audition for Gu Shuyu. If you really want to act with him, you can let him play Jing Huan].

How could that be? Cheng Yu thought, how could Lin An Lan play Jing Huan. He wasn’t Jiang Xu, how could Lin An Lan be Jing Huan.

He himself was Gu Shuyu.

Cheng Yu: [That’s it, I’ll discuss it with him first and give you the results in a few days.]

Cheng Yu finished and put his phone on the coffee table.

He looked at Lin An Lan, unsure if he would be willing to star as Gu Shuyu.

For so many years, they had never starred in a drama together, and every time, Lin An Lan would retreat whenever he heard his name.

He once thought that if Lin An Lan entered the entertainment industry, if he didn’t, then he and Lin An Lan would probably never cross paths again in their lives.

But then he found out that even though he had followed him into the entertainment circle, the two of them still didn’t have any interactions.

Because Lin An Lan refused to cross paths with him.

“You’re so cruel.” Cheng Yu whispered, yet he couldn’t help but hug him tighter.

“But, I don’t blame you.” He kissed the person in his arms and closed his eyes, falling asleep with him.

After sleeping for more than four hours, when Lin An Lan woke up it was already dark.

Cheng Yu took out the leftover dishes from lunch and had another hot pot meal with him before going to the kitchen to clean the dishes.

Lin An Lan asked his agent about the variety show as he sat on the sofa.

Lin An Lan: [Who and who are going to be in the variety show?]

Zhuo Siya: [The only ones who have signed up seem to be Li Yongsi, Chen Yingjie and Guan Fei.]

Lin An Lan looked at the three names, thought about them, and said to him: [Got it, if there are any other moves, keep me informed.

Zhuo Siya: [Okay.]

The next night, Lin An Lan had just finished taking a shower when he received a WeChat from Zhuo Siya: [Cheng Yu seems to be negotiating with them too.]

He hesitated for a moment and asked carefully: [Are you willing to record with him?]

After Zhuo Siya asked, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed in his heart.

He knew about Lin An Lan’s memory loss, and it was on the same day he knew about his memory loss that he met Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu sat in front of him, his eyebrows clear and cold, his tone calm as he said, “Lin An Lan has lost his memory. I’m guessing you know that, right?”

“I know.”

“Then you must not know that a week before he lost his memory, the two of us established a love relationship. I came to talk to you about it.”

Finding it ridiculous, Zhuo Siya asked, “Cheng Yu, do you know what you’re talking about? Do you think I would believe it?”

Cheng Yu looked at him with a smile and questioned, “Why don’t you believe it? Lin An Lan didn’t tell you everything, we were in a secret relationship before. He didn’t tell you but I’m telling you now, you just have to believe it.”

Zhuo Siya shook his head, “I don’t believe it.”

He had brought Lin An Lan along since he joined the circle, he knew Lin An Lan too well.

Lin An Lan didn’t have a good feeling towards Cheng Yu, of course, he couldn’t say that he had a bad feeling either, he just didn’t want to get involved with him, so he avoided all activities where he might meet Cheng Yu, and put off all TV dramas and movies that had Cheng Yu in them.

In Lin An Lan’s signing conditions, there was an invisible clause that he would not share the same stage with Cheng Yu.

Zhuo Siya once thought he hated Cheng Yu, so he asked him, “Is there any misunderstanding between you and Cheng Yu?”

Lin An Lan laughed, “No, it’s just that Jiang Xu doesn’t like him, so I avoid him.”

Zhuo Siya didn’t expect this kind of reason and could only say, “You really consider Jiang Xu a lot.”

“That’s what he wants.” Lin An Lan said helplessly, “He wanted this, so I agreed to him, otherwise there would be no need to make things so embarrassing as Cheng Yu and I are actually classmates.”

“You’re classmates?”

“Yeah. High school classmates, college alumni. We have known each other for quite a long time, it’s a pity.”

He said it was a pity, but there was no hint of regret on his face, and Zhuo Siya knew then that he didn’t actually feel much pity.

He didn’t care about Cheng Yu, so even though he said it was a pity, he still refused what he should refuse and he still avoided what he should avoid. They didn’t look like classmates who had known each other for years, but more like strangers who didn’t know each other and didn’t see eye to eye.

It was impossible for such a Lin An Lan to be in a secret relationship with Cheng Yu.

“Cheng Yu, even if Lin An Lan has lost his memory, I haven’t lost mine, so I don’t believe what you’re saying.”

Cheng Yu smiled, took his cigarette case from his pocket slowly, pulled a cigarette out and lit it gently.

He held the cigarette between his index and middle finger, slowly exhaling the smoke from his mouth, his expression cooling slowly.

“What’s the point of believing it or not?” Cheng Yu said in a cold voice.

“Does our relationship need your approval?”

He looked at Zhuo Siya, his tone smooth, soft and slow, “When you go out, you are an agent, but when you return home, you become a son to your parents, a husband to your wife and a father to your daughter. Being an agent is easy, but being a good son, a good husband, and especially a good father, is not so easy, is it?”

Zhuo Siya’s face changed instantly, “You’re threatening me?”

Cheng Yu snorted and pressed out the cigarette in his hand, looking at him with gloomy eyes amidst the smoke that hadn’t dissipated yet, “In this world, only Lin An Lan can add obstacles to my love. If he doesn’t like me, I have nothing to say, but anyone else who dares to add any hindrance to my love, I don’t care what kind of reason he has, I won’t let him go.”

“Zhuo Siya, you are a wise man, so don’t touch what I cherish. If you touch it, don’t blame me for destroying what you cherish most.”

“You’ve been in the world of fame and fortune for so long, you should know who you can and can’t mess with.”

Zhuo Siya had no more words.

Cheng Yu watched as he closed his mouth in silence, as the resignation in his eyes slowly turning into resigned helplessness, before he stood up in satisfaction, “I’ll leave first then, An An is still waiting for me at home.”

“By the way,” he reminded gently, “the cheesecake here is delicious, I ordered one for you, take it back to your daughter, she should like it.”

Zhuo Siya clenched his fist at the word ‘daughter’ that came out of his mouth, “I understand, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Cheng Yu said, turning around to leave.

Only Zhuo Siya was left looking at his back, his heart full of contradictions.

Now, Cheng Yu was obviously planning to be on the same variety show as Lin An Lan, but he didn’t know if Lin An Lan was willing. He hoped he wasn’t, because as long as he wasn’t willing, there was nothing Cheng Yu could do.

Otherwise, when he regained his memory, then….

As Zhuo Siya was thinking, he heard his WeChat’s notification tone. When he looked down, he saw Lin An Lan reply to him, [I’m willing.]

Willing? Really!

The small fire in Zhuo Siya’s heart instantly went out, but he didn’t dare to persuade him to refuse. He could only reply after some deliberation: [Okay, I understand.]

He only hoped he won’t blame him when he regained his memory.

Zhuo Siya sighed. At this point in time, he could only comfort himself that he was lucky that Lin An Lan didn’t hate Cheng Yu, but was only concerned about Jiang Xu, which was why he hadn’t cooperated with him before.

With this, it seemed that there was still room for manoeuvre.

However, Zhuo Siya was puzzled as to where Jiang Xu had gone all this time.

Did he know that Lin An Lan had lost his memory and was now with Cheng Yu? Why had he not contacted Lin An Lan?

Zhuo Siya felt it was very strange. He recalled the last time he met Lin An Lan before he lost his memory.

At that time, Lin An Lan was obviously in a bad mood, and his last words before leaving were, “I’m not going to that commercial performance in a few days, pay the programme team as much as you should for breach of contract, I’m leaving first.”

He was surprised at that time. Jiang Xu was also in that commercial, the two people’s pure fans and cp fans had been hyping for days for this, but now he suddenly said he wouldn’t go. Did he have a fight with Jiang Xu?

He said that he had lost his memory.

He said it with a straight face, as if his memory loss hadn’t caused him any problems, but rather he was taking pity on Zhuo Siya who was already puzzled by what had become the mystery of the century.

Never mind, Zhuo Siya put away his phone, what was he doing butting into someone else’s relationship?

If Jiang Xu had a heart, then he would have noticed the anomaly by now.

And if he didn’t have a heart, then he only had himself to blame.

He turned around and went into the bedroom, preparing to go to bed with his wife.

When Cheng Yu came out after taking a shower, he saw Lin An Lan sitting on the bed playing with his cell phone. He went over and sat next to him.

Seeing that he was still wiping his hair with a towel, Lin An Lan sat up on his knees, took the towel from him and helped him wipe his hair, telling him in passing, “My agent just sent me a message. I think we will be in the same variety show.”

Cheng Yu wasn’t surprised by this, but still put on a surprised look, “Really?”

“Mm.” Lin An Lan nodded, “So I was thinking about something.”

He stopped wiping his hair and tilted his head to look at Cheng Yu, “We’re going to be recording a variety show together in a while, so shouldn’t we let our agents know we’re in a relationship at that time? Otherwise they won’t be able to do good PR if anything happens later and they don’t even know.”

Cheng Yu didn’t expect him to say such things to him. He immediately pulled him from the side and wrapped him in his arms, saying excitedly, “If you’re willing, I’d love to.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile, “Of course I’m willing, although netizens can’t find out, our agents have to know, otherwise it’s easy to get into trouble.”

“Then when we record the show, we’ll tell them.”


Cheng Yu lowered his head happily to kiss him, rubbing the tip of his nose, “My baby is so nice.”

Lin An Lan let him kiss him then stretched his hand to continue rubbing his hair.

Cheng Yu looked at him and feeling his hands wiping his hair, kissed his cheek lightly.

Only when his kisses went from his cheeks all the way down to Lin An Lan’s neck and shoulders did Lin An Lan realize the danger. He said in a soft voice, “Your hair isn’t dry yet.”

“No more wiping.” Cheng Yu unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his jaw and collarbone, “We won’t be sleeping for a while anyway.”

He hugged Lin An Lan harder, kissing him meticulously and in no time at all, his clothes reached the edge of the bed, and in the bright light, one could see the white complexion hidden between the sheets and the quilt.

Lin An Lan placed his hand behind Cheng Yu’s neck and tilted his head, making way for his kisses.

His eyelashes fluttered slightly and his eyes seemed to be filled with mist. He called out to Cheng Yu in a small voice, letting out a soft moan as he bit his lips.

He reached out and touched Cheng Yu’s face, who grabbed his hand and kissed his lips.

Lin An Lan clasped his hand backwards, interlocking his fingers with his as he whispered, “Be gentle.”

“Hmm.” Cheng Yu responded gently, slowing his movements.

Lin An Lan held his hand in one hand and hugged him with the other, and after everything was over, he rubbed Cheng Yu’s head and said in a soft voice, “Kiss me.”

Cheng Yu kissed him passionately for a long time, hugging him tightly as he lifted his hand to stroke his waist gently.

He simply felt that it wasn’t enough as he glanced at Lin An Lan’s blushing face; the yearning in his heart was unsatisfied, luring him to want to do it again, twice, or even innumerable times.

However, Lin An Lan was obviously already a little sleepy, and Cheng Yu didn’t want to toss him, so he appeased the beast in his heart and allowed himself to slowly calm down.

“Want to go take a shower?” Cheng Yu asked him.

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