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Chapter 134.1 Cheng Feng’s malice, a prelude to Cheng Yu’s counterattack

“I went to the auditions when Director Zhao was selecting actors for Li He, but after I finished, I didn’t receive any response and when I contacted the staff, they just told me to wait. Later, I received a phone call.”

Meng Tingyun’s gaze turned deep, his dark eyes fixed on Lin An Lan, “It was Cheng Yu’s father.”

“He offered you a favor, promising that you could get the role of Li He but in exchange, you were to break Cheng Yu and I up, right?” Lin An Lan guessed.

“Something along those lines.” Meng Tingyun said quietly. “He said he could let me join the crew but if I didn’t agree, then the role wouldn’t be mine. However if I did, then the role would be mine then and there.”

“Of course, I know that there’s no such thing as free lunch in the world, so I asked him what the conditions were. He said he hoped I would pursue you and that no matter whether I succeeded or not, I was to create misunderstandings between you and Cheng Yu. If I succeeded, he would give me other resources as well, but if I failed, I wouldn’t be very lucky.”

Lin An Lan nodded slightly. “You agreed.”

“I didn’t agree at first.” Meng Tingyun said. “But after waiting for several days and not receiving calls for any of the roles I had auditioned for, I panicked and agreed.”

He looked at Lin An Lan, anxious to explain his feelings. “But I had already decided that I wouldn’t really harm you. I just wanted a chance, I never thought about hurting you.”

Lin An Lan nodded. “I believe you.”

He hadn’t done anything to hurt him. What’s more he had always been well-behaved and charming in front of him.

“Later, when we met, you had completely forgotten about me. I asked you tentatively, but you didn’t remember, so I didn’t bring it up again. I approached you as Cheng Feng asked, but every time I got close to you, I felt that you were a good person. Slowly, I developed some feelings for you.”

Meng Tingyun lowered his head as he spoke.

These feelings were vague, not strong, but still obvious.

Because he was already familiar with Lin An Lan from their childhood in the same welfare institute and had now received his care and felt his tenderness, he inevitably felt that they were people of the same world.

They understood each other and could also accompany each other, hence Meng Tingyun felt that they truly fit and were suitable for each other.

“I originally wanted to fall for you slowly then tell you, or at least sow some misunderstandings between you and Cheng Yu before telling you. I just didn’t expect that Cheng Yu would notice my intention and confront me yesterday.”

Lifting his head, he looked directly at Lin An Lan. “And because of him, you’ve began to distance yourself from me.”

Hearing the grievance in his words, Lin An Lan laughed. “That’s normal. He’s my lover and you’re just my colleague. And you have ulterior motives towards me. Could it be that for you, I should distance myself from him?”

Meng Tingyun moved closer to him unconsciously. “Lin Ge, believe me. You two aren’t suitable. You’re really not suitable.”

“And what are you to me that you’re telling me this? We aren’t even friends.” Lin An Lan said indifferently.

“Lin Ge, think about it. You two aren’t even married yet and his father is already trying to break you up. Do you think you’ll have good days together? Love that isn’t blessed by family begets unhappiness. Cheng Yu comes from such a family with the whole Cheng family behind him. Right now he loves you and naturally thinks you’re the most important, but later, if he doesn’t love you anymore, you won’t even have someone close to you to speak up for you.”

“You two aren’t suitable and his father won’t let you two be together.”

“I know.” Lin An Lan looked at him calmly. “I know what you’re saying, but I don’t care.”

“Meng Tingyun, this isn’t your concern. Just focus on yourself and don’t worry about others.”

Meng Tingyun shook his head. “Ge, why don’t you understand? All that he relies on is the Cheng family background. Once there’s a conflict, the Cheng family will threaten him with their wealth and then he’ll choose to give you up. You two won’t last long.”

“This isn’t something you should worry about.”

Lin An Lan turned to open the door. “Let’s go, I should go back.”

Seeing this, Meng Tingyun gritted his teeth and said, “If you do this, Cheng Feng won’t let you go. I’m just a pawn, so I can’t threaten you, but there are others who can, right?”

Lin An Lan’s move to open the door stopped as he turned to look at Meng Tingyun. “What do you mean?”

Meng Tingyun’s face was filled with unrestrained sorrow. “Why did he choose me? Isn’t it because we both come from the same welfare institute? Don’t you care about me or about your own background being exposed?”


Meng Tingyun paused for a moment before continuing helplessly, “And he said, he’s doing this as a gesture of goodwill. If you back down now, nothing will happen. But if you insist on being with Cheng Yu, then the same way he was able to make me appear before you, he can make your mother appear before you.”

“Your…. biological mother.” Meng Tingyun said softly.

Lin An Lan didn’t expect Cheng Feng to have such thoughts. He chuckled coldly, “He’s really gone through a lot of trouble.”

“So Ge, just give up.” Meng Tingyun advised. He knew full well what it would be like if Lin An Lan’s biological mother appeared before him. It would definitely not be a picture of a kind mother and a filial son, but rather a revelation of Lin An Lan’s past wounds, exposed to the media.

Unable to bear it, Meng Tingyun added, “Cheng Feng doesn’t approve of you two at all. If you insist on being with Cheng Yu, you’ll get hurt eventually. For people like us, throughout our lives, all we seek is a warm and peaceful life. Why burden ourselves with so many wounds?”

As Lin An Lan looked at Meng Tingyun’s pleading gaze, he felt that what he was saying was right. People like them indeed sought a warm and peaceful life throughout their lives.

If it were possible, he also wished for the person he loved to have a harmonious family and kind and gentle parents, so they could live a good life together, rather than having someone like Cheng Feng, who had already prepared many gifts for him before they had even met.

Unfortunately, he already loved Cheng Yu.

His warmth and peace were all with Cheng Yu, so it was inevitable that he would wade into this muddy water.

“You don’t have to worry, he won’t be able to hurt me that easily.” Lin An Lan told him.

“Lin Ge…..” Meng Tingyun tried to say something more, but Lin An Lan had already opened the car door and gotten out.

Meng Tingyun had no choice but to follow, worry etched on his face.

“Don’t look at me like that, I know what I’m doing. It’s you that should be careful. Cheng Feng doesn’t give things to others for free. You didn’t complete his task, yet you’ve taken on a role for nothing. If he doesn’t mind, then that’s one thing, but if he does, your future won’t be easy either.”

“I’ve already spoken to him about it.” Meng Tingyun said. “That things like this aren’t always successful and he said that I just had to try my best.”

Meng Tingyun looked at Lin An Lan. He felt that he was more like a symbol, a banner, a powder keg that Cheng Feng was using to warn Lin An Lan.

He didn’t need to succeed, because his appearance had already made Cheng Feng’s attitude clear, and it was also Cheng Feng’s final ultimatum to Lin An Lan— if he didn’t back down, he wouldn’t hold back.

“He might not necessarily make things difficult for me, but he’ll definitely make things difficult for you.” Meng Tingyun said honestly.

Putting his hands in his pockets, Lin An Lan told him, “En, I’m prepared.”

“Is it worth it?” Meng Tingyun couldn’t understand. “Is he really that good?”

Smiling slightly, Lin An Lan responded, “He is really worth it.”

Of all the questions, it was only when answering this one that Lin An Lan smiled unconsciously.

Looking at him, Meng Tingyun realized clearly for the first time that he truly loved Cheng Yu, truly and sincerely loved him.

“Let’s go back.” Lin An Lan told him, taking a step forward.

Meng Tingyun followed, sighing softly.

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