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Chapter 52.2

Soon, the news of Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu recording a variety show together spread to all the major forums.

Forum users were surprised, with one saying, “No way right? No way right?! Didn’t these two not work together? Now they’re going to work together in a movie and are recording a variety show?!”

“Oh my God, is it too late for me to get a stake in Yu Lan? This is going to be a big hit!”

“Variety show + movie, the most popular cp next year has been chosen, I don’t believe anyone can beat these two.”

”Not necessarily, what if they don’t have a romantic atmosphere when they are together?”

“That, does anyone remember that the last time Cheng Yu did a live broadcast, there was a mystery person who didn’t appear in person, but his voice did? Cheng Yu and he were very close and at that time, I remember someone saying that this mystery person’s voice sounded a lot like Lin An Lan. So, could it really be Lin An Lan?”

“F**k! If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have really forgotten. If you look at it this way, it’s definitely Lin An Lan. When netizens were saying that it was definitely not Lin An Lan, it was because they don’t see eye to eye and don’t work together at all, but now that they’re both in a variety show, what’s there to doubt?”

“I saved the broadcast from the last time. Would any of the grove sisters like to listen to it to see if it’s Lin An Lan’s voice?”

None of the little grove sisters stepped up, but a Yu Lan fan ran over excitedly and after seeing the video, reported excitedly, “Yes, it’s An An’s voice, it’s definitely An An’s voice!”

“Da*n, I always thought it was Cheng Ge’s other cp, so I was scared and didn’t dare watch this video. I didn’t expect it to be our Yu Lan’s candy. This is too sweet right! “

”So sweet, so sweet. I really really ship them, they’re good for low blood pressure.”

“So Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan are old classmates?”

“My goodness, these two are usually too good at pretending. I couldn’t even tell.”

“But watching the video, it seems they are really close. Cheng Yu obviously has a double standard with him and only accepts his kindness. Lin An Lan is the same as well, he even helped him to unscrew the bottle cap.”

“My blind guess is that Lin An Lan became popular early, so Cheng Yu was afraid that people would say he was rubbing off of him, so he never mentioned Lin An Lan. Lin An Lan knew what he was thinking, so he didn’t mention him either and as a result, everyone saw them as kings who didn’t see eye to eye.”

“It’s possible, after all, Cheng Yu debuted later than Lin An Lan.”

“So now that they’re more or less popular, they’re starting to interact normally? D*mn, I’m so happy. Together we are the king, separately we are also kings.”

“I’m in, I’ll buy it all!”

For a while, the people in the forum had almost turned up all the previous posts of the two people related to each other, with questions like guess when they met? Were they old classmates in primary school, middle school, high school or university?

In no time at all, the marketing accounts lurking in the forum moved their posts to Weibo and netizens were shocked, “Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu are old classmates?”

“Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu are actually recording a variety show together?”

“Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu have worked together twice in a month?”

“God Yu is actually part of Yu Lan?”

“Crap, crap, crap. I’ve been shocked three times. This melon is so sweet, let this child take a break then eat two more bites!”

[Lin An Lan Cheng Yu] was once again on the hot search, followed by the golden word ‘bubbling up’, with many new fans instantly joining the Yu Lan Super Talk.

“Heavens, surging waters have flooded the Dragon King temple, family members didn’t recognize family. God Yu and Yu Lan are a family, there is no longer any distinction between us!”

“I said before that the mystery person’s voice sounded like An An. Unexpectedly it’s really him!”

“Yu Lan is real, I ship them.”

“I finally have a cp I want to get high on. Do you have a fan group? I want to join.”

Wang Cheng watched the growing number of fans and posts excitedly then skillfully dumped his own Weibo group, led the other big Yu Lan fans to issue candies in an orderly manner and create reposts, with each of them striving to have a piece for everyone, because those who ate their candies, were their people.

Jiang Xu was lying in bed, when he opened Weibo, then he saw that Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu were on the hot search again, but unlike the previous times which didn’t have much substantive content, this one was rich in content.

First, there was the official announcement of the variety show, then the fans picked up on their close interaction, then the fact that they were also old classmates.

As Jiang Xu looked at the words ‘old classmates’, he felt heartbroken.

What qualifications did Cheng Yu have to say that he was Lin An Lan’s old classmate? Obviously, Xiao Lan didn’t take him seriously at all, obviously Xiao Lan wasn’t even friends with him!

Jiang Xu was furious, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

This must have also been done by Cheng Yu, he thought to himself. It was rare that Xiao Lan was willing to be his boyfriend, so Cheng Yu definitely wanted the whole world to know about their relationship and even if they couldn’t come out, he had to settle for the next best thing, and that was to show that their interactions were different.

Jiang Xu was already unwell, so this anger made his heart beat unnaturally, causing him to cough for a long time.

When would this be over? Jiang Xu thought once again. If this didn’t end in the near future, did he really still want Xiao Lan to stay by Cheng Yu’s side?

Lin An Lan had been very angry at that time and had rejected this suggestion, so even though he had done as he, himself had asked, he didn’t talk with him for a long time, and even when they had met, he treated him coldly.

Right now, Xiao Lan must also be very unhappy too.

But, they had already invested so much time and energy, so if they gave up at this time, wouldn’t the loss be more than the gain?

Jiang Xu was torn. He had been without Lin An Lan for too long that he inevitably missed him. Especially when he was sick, as his thoughts of Lin An Lan became more and more serious.

But if he pulled out at this time, then everything before would be a sunk cost and Xiao Lan’s sacrifice would have been in vain.

Sensibility told him to give up, that it was time for Lin An Lan to come back and he wanted Lin An Lan to come back.

But reason advised him not to, because at this point, letting Lin An Lan come back would only be a loss.

*He saw the surprise, curiosity and excitement on Weibo when people were surprised that Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan were old classmates, he also saw the groups on Weibo with Yu Lan fans waving flags and screaming, so so sweet, Yu Lan was real.
He thought it was funny, but couldn’t laugh.

He closed his Weibo account, then sent Lin An Lan a message.

Jiang Xu: [I’m sick].

He waited for a long time with his cell phone in his hand, but didn’t receive a reply from Lin An Lan.

Where would Lin An Lan have the desire to pay attention to his text messages at this time? He and Cheng Yu were wandering the streets of the city, actively exploring the shops.

The streets were full of small shops, and this was the first time Lin An Lan had ever been abroad so he kept on looking for something new.

He bought a small craft from the first shop, a craft from the second, then bought candy for Cheng Yu from the third shop.

“Here.” Lin An Lan handed him the candy, “Taste it, is it sweet?”

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