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Chapter 44.1

Whenever Lin An Lan used to repost Jiang Xu’s promotions, it would contain three lines with an expression that showed that he was looking forward to it.

But now, his words and expressions had been given to another person and he only gave him the system’s four words: ‘It has been reposted’.

There wasn’t even a single punctuation mark.

Jiang Xu suddenly became very sad. Although he knew that it was because Lin An Lan had no choice and that he was trying to deal with Cheng Yu, he still felt very uncomfortable. How did Cheng Yu deserve to be treated like this?

This was clearly his! What qualifications did Cheng Yu have to receive it?!

He texted Lin An Lan: ‘I saw you promoting Cheng Yu’s new movie. Next time you don’t have to be so serious, just forward it without adding any words and expression.’

Lin An Lan: ….

Jiang Xu: ‘Or is he giving you a hard time, forcing you to do this?’

Lin An Lan: ….

Jiang Xu: ‘You don’t have to be too accommodating. You don’t like him so if you’re too accommodating, he will take himself too seriously, just treat him like you used to before. Be nice to him once in a while and he should be satisfied.’

Lin An Lan felt that he was really dramatic. He hadn’t said a word, yet Jiang Xu had already said so much. Why was he so idle? Didn’t he have work to do?

He put his phone in his pocket as he got up to film a scene, planning to leave Jiang Xu alone to talk to himself.

Anyways, he could make a Jack Su drama all by himself, moreover everyone liked his idol drama, so there was no need for a group actor like him to make a cameo.

So, he should go ahead and act.

Jiang Xu didn’t know that Lin An Lan had decided that he was hopeless and couldn’t be saved and that he had been put on a waiting list. He was still waiting for Lin An Lan to reply.

While waiting, he couldn’t help but add jealously, ‘You guys have been on the hot search twice, don’t do it next time, otherwise you’ll have cp fans and it won’t be good for you.’

He sighed, regretting his decision more and more.

He didn’t know when Cheng Yu would send his Xiao Lan to the Cheng family’s house. If it didn’t happen soon, he wouldn’t be able to resist bringing Xiao Lan back.

It seems he had to speed up the process to hurry Cheng Yu up.

Lin An Lan changed into his costume and walked out of the changing room.

The scene they were filming today was the one where Jing Huan went to Gu Shuyu’s house to study for the first time.

After that talk at the hospital, Jing Huan decided to go back to school, only his grades weren’t good and he had wasted several months, so Gu Shuyu offered to help him with his studies.

Jing Huan’s house was too small and there were many people hawking downstairs, making the place too noisy, so Gu Shuyu took him to his house.

This was the first time Jing Huan was going to Gu Shuyu’s house. As he followed Gu Shuyu into his neighborhood, he looked at the design of the neighborhood, looked at the beautifully decorated elevator, went out onto the 26th floor, and seeing that Gu Shuyu’s house was on the entire floor, the inferiority complex in his heart surfaced slowly as he saw the difference between him and Gu Shuyu clearly.

Standing at the door, Gu Shuyu brought him disposable slippers, but as Jing Huan looked down at the clean and white slippers, he didn’t dare step in them.

His socks were new, but he had worn them before and had even stitched them up with a needle in order to keep wearing them.

But now he felt that the socks on his feet didn’t match the slippers, just as he didn’t match the house, and didn’t match Gu Shuyu standing in front of him.

As he stood in the doorway, he tried to curl up his toes so he could hide the stitching on his socks, but he wanted to hide himself more, so that Gu Shuyu wouldn’t see him.

The closer he got to Gu Shuyu, the more he saw the gap between them, and the more he felt he didn’t deserve his attention.

Gu Shuyu didn’t know what was going through his mind, he just thought he felt a little shy coming to his house for the first time so he just said, ‘Come in with me when you’re done,’ before turning around and going to the study.

Jing Huan changed his shoes and followed him.

The two of them sat down in the study. Gu Shuyu’s desk was very large, so even with Jing Huan, it didn’t look too cramped.

Gu Shuyu took out his own paper, then pulled another one out and handed it to Jing Huan, “Do this one first.”

Jing Huan nodded then began to do the questions in silence.

Gu Shuyu was a little surprised. He rarely saw anyone who could get into a study state at a moment’s notice. Most students were used to going home and having something to eat, having a glass of water, playing with their phones, before they would then dawdle on their homework.

But Jing Huan was different in that he could get immersed in his paper as soon as he sat down and picked it up.

He didn’t look like a bad student.

But he didn’t get very good grades.

‘He’s not being modest, he’s getting better,’ Gu Shuyu thought to himself as he took Jing Huan’s paper and looked at the blanks and multiple-choice questions that he couldn’t do.

Jing Huan looked at him apprehensively, his body stiffening up.

Gu Shuyu put the paper back in front of him, pulled his chair over, moved closer to him and began to explain the questions to him.

His voice was gentle, his tone calm as he explained each step clearly.

Jing Huan looked at him unconsciously and seeing his eyes lowered in a serene and beautiful way, sunlight slowly seeped into his heart.

He stared at Gu Shuyu quietly.

Cheng Yu was also staring at Lin An Lan.

It was just that in this moment, he couldn’t tell if he was looking at Gu Shuyu or Lin An Lan, as if he couldn’t tell if he was Jing Huan or himself anymore.

At the beginning when it was still unclear whether his feelings for Lin An Lan were that of friendship or love, he had once approached Lin An Lan and asked him if he could help him with his studies.

He had said, “I’m sorry, I’m too busy to take out the time right now.”

By busy, he meant helping Jiang Xu improve his grades. Jiang Xu’s grades were in the lower middle of the class but since he didn’t want to fall out of the AP class, he had to keep improving his ranking.

However Jiang Xu had been self-destructive for over a month.

So he really needed Lin An Lan’s help. Cheng Yu understood this, so he didn’t compete with Jiang Xu, he just asked, “Then can you help me later, when you have time?”

Later was a very broad concept of time. Normally anyone would say yes, after all, whenever this later was, depended on that person.

However Lin An Lan wasn’t this kind of person. He knew very well he wouldn’t have this extra time so he didn’t want to give Cheng Yu unnecessary hope and didn’t want Cheng Yu to wait fruitlessly.

So he replied calmly, ”I may not have the extra time, so you should hire a tutor or have a teacher give you extra lessons.”

Cheng Yu’s heart instantly hit rock bottom.

“Won’t, even an hour a day do?”

Lin An Lan shook his head, “I’m sorry, I really don’t have the time.”

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