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Chapter 29.1

Gu Shuyu wasn’t annoyed. He said calmly, “I can’t waste police resources like that and it’s not appropriate to use up state security resources when we can solve it privately.”

“Then get yourself a bodyguard.” Jing Huan said and started walking forward.

Gu Shuyu wanted to follow him, but he turned around and stopped him “Don’t follow me, it’s annoying.”

Gu Shuyu stopped in his tracks, only feeling that this man really had a lot of personality.

Because today’s scenes were set on the street, the whole of the day’s filming was done on the street.

After this scene ended, Lin An Lan went back to the dressing room to change his clothes before shooting the next scene with Cheng Yu.

It was the next afternoon.

Jing Huan had just walked to the intersection when he saw Gu Shuyu.

Gu Shuyu had changed his clothes, but Jing Huan was still in the clothes he had been in the day before.

Gu Shuyu waved at him enthusiastically, “You’re off work?”

Jing Huan frowned but ignored him, walking forward with a sullen face.

Gu Shuyu wasn’t embarrassed. He only grabbed his arm as he passed by, slipping the sticky note he had prepared into his hand, “My name and number– you helped me once so I owe you a favour. If you need anything, you can contact me at anytime.”

Not wanting to be bothered, Jing Huan didn’t stuffed the sticky note into his pocket casually. “If I take it, will you stop showing up?”

Gu Shuyu nodded his head, waving his hand “I’m leaving then.”

Jing Huan didn’t say anything, only walking straight ahead.

Gu Shuyu felt it was a pity as he looked at Jing Huan’s back.

He wanted to be friends, but it seemed he wasn’t willing.

Then he could only let go.

He stretched his arms, turning around.

Cheng Yu only had these two scenes today hence after he finished filming, it was Fan Ruiwen’s turn.

Lin An Lan, as the first male lead, had a much larger role than Cheng Yu, so he changed his clothes again and went to the make-up room to change his clothes– a change that made him look more mature than before– before appearing on set.

Fan Ruiwen was already ready. Walking over to her, the two of them rehearsed their lines then got ready to start the filming.

Looking at Lin An Lan holding Fan Ruiwen’s arm, Cheng Yu only felt that it was an eyesore for no reason, yet he was used to this scene from watching Lin An Lan’s TV series and movies.

So he only looked at it for a while before withdrawing his gaze and returning it to his script again.

As it was the first day of shooting, the crew didn’t rush, filming until it was 9pm before wrapping up.

Lin An Lan went to the dressing room and asked the make-up artist to remove his make-up while looking at the schedule for tomorrow’s scenes.

As he looked through it, his cell phone rang all of a sudden.

He picked it up and seeing that it was an unfamiliar number, he didn’t answer the call, he just hung up.

But a short while later, Zhuo Siya’s cell phone rang as well. He glanced at it then said to Lin An Lan with a little bit of a headache, “It’s Jiang Xu.”

“Why is he calling you?”

“He says you aren’t answering his calls.”

“So he called you?”

“Will you pick it up?” Zhuo Siya asked.

Lin An Lan looked at his calm face in the mirror, then replied indifferently, “I won’t.”

Zhuo Siya frowned, hesitated for a few seconds, then tried persuading him again, “Why don’t you pick it up, what if he really wants to see you?”

“Do I have to listen because he wants to talk to me?” Lin An Lan asked rhetorically, “I’m not his assistant.”

Hearing this, Zhuo Siya waved the make-up artist who was removing his make-up out of the room before he softened the tone of his voice, “An Lan, you’ve lost your memory so you don’t know, but you two used to be very close and you were always very concerned about him.”

“You just said ‘used to’.” Lin An Lan picked up a cotton pad, removing his make-up himself, “The old me was the old me and the current me is the current me. Because the old me cared about him, the current me should care about him too?”

Zhuo Siya felt helpless. “I’m just afraid you’ll regret it when you get your memory back.”

“If I do regret it, then let me regret it then.” Lin An Lan said this very philosophical statement with a careless expression on his face, “Why should I pay now for whether I will regret it later?”

“I’m thinking, I had a good life before I lost my memory; I didn’t do anything against my will, did I?”

Zhuo Siya shook his head, “No, you’re one of those people who’s very opinionated, so you don’t condemn yourself too much.”

“That solves it then. I had a good time when I didn’t do anything against my will before I lost my memory and now that I’ve lost my memory, I’m not going to do something I don’t like against my will. As for whether I’ll regret it or not, that’s all for later. Let the future me bear the burden, after all, the present me also has the right to live happily.”

Zhuo Siya: …

Zhuo Siya wanted to persuade him, but didn’t know how to. He could only watch as Lin An Lan sent his assistant to call the make-up artist back in to continue removing his make-up.

Zhuo Siya sighed, saying to himself, he had done everything he could, so even if Lin An Lan did regain his memory in the future, he would have a clear conscience.

After Lin An Lan finished with the removal of his make-up, he left the dressing room, had dinner with the crew and went back to the hotel.

During that time, an unknown number called him twice, but he didn’t pick it up.

He was a celebrity, he couldn’t just answer strange calls. If someone really had any work for him, they should contact Zhuo Siya, not him.

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