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Chapter 122.2 Yu Lan tops the hot search, new movie offers

She was very miserable.

Pitiful, miserable and foolish.

So she ended up dying at last under the punching and kickings of her husband, in the home where she willing gave in and endured.

His brother-in-law was shocked, Li Hao’s mother fainted at the news, and Li Hao was bitterly remorseful and felt guilty, and, after a fight with his brother-in-law, took him to court.

He wanted his brother-in-law sentenced to death because he had killed his sister.

However his brother-in-law’s lawyer argued on his behalf that he hadn’t killed her on purpose, that they were husband and wife, that they had a relationship, and that it had just been a slip of his hand.

And his brother-in-law wailed in the courtroom and kept repenting.

In the end, he wasn’t sentenced to death, only to a term of imprisonment.

Looking at him, Li Hao clenched his fists, his heart full of resentment.

Then he went home and took care of his mother while planning to bring his sister’s child to his side.

His brother-in-law’s parents disagreed, feeling that they were the child’s grandparents and that Li Hao was the one who broke up the child’s family. If it hadn’t been for him suing the child’s father, how would the child be fatherless?!

Li Hao looked on in silence, said nothing, let go, then began his plan.

Li Hao had always been calm and patient, what’s more he was younger and wiser than his brother-in-law’s parents, who seem to have lost their support after losing their son.

He hated the old couple for saying that he shouldn’t have sued their son and left the child fatherless, yet didn’t care about their son beating his sister to death, feeling no guilt whatsoever.

He devised ways to reveal the dark history of the old couple, ruined their reputations, and left them in a bad state of disrepute and in some small way made their own relatives quite critical of the parents of the son with the murder of his wife case and unwilling to have dealings with them.

Finally, he had the children in the neighborhood sing a children’s song he had made up, and every time the old couple walked by, they would hear the children laughing at the fact that they had raised a good son who was a murderer.

His brother-in-law’s parents were so overwhelmed that on several occasions they even tried to rush up to beat up the children in the neighborhood, only to be scolded by the children’s parents.

Finally, the owners of the property joined forces and demanded that the parents of the murderer be evicted.

His brother-in-law’s parents also didn’t want to live there any longer and wanted to relocate, while Li Hao, at this point, snatched back custody of the child on the grounds that the child’s grandparents were old and feeble-minded, and so incapable of raising him.

His brother-in-law’s parents hated him but could do nothing about it.

But that wasn’t all, because Li Hao wanted revenge not only on the spoilt, unsympathetic parents, but also on their son.

And after years of patience, he finally held on until the time his former brother-in-law completed his sentence and was released from prison.

How ironic, that he was able to complete his sentence and still be released from prison after killing a person, but his sister, who had never hurt anyone, was dead.

His brother-in-law wanted the child back, but the child didn’t want to return. However he was the child’s father and so had the upper hand in a lawsuit.

But quite unexpectedly, before he had time to file a lawsuit, he died in a drunken accident after losing his footing and falling to death.

His brother-in-law’s parents fainted, barely able to bear it, the old couple washing their faces with tears, almost crying their eyes out.

The child was very sad and then happy. Sad that his father was dead, but happy that he wouldn’t have to be separated from his uncle.

He was still young, which meant that he would be more attached to whoever he spent more time with.

Li Hao didn’t attend his brother-in-law’s funeral, but continued to accompany his mother and took care of his nephew.

Later, when the child grew up, Li Hao stopped calling him baby and called him Li He.

He wanted the boy, he hoped, to become a peaceable and gentle man.

Then later, when Li He went to university, Li Hao’s mother died, but before she left, her greatest regret was that she didn’t see her son get married.

Li He asked him, “Why aren’t you getting married?”

Smiling, Li Hao told him, “You will know later.”

Li He didn’t understand until he graduated from university.

The day he got his diploma, Li Hao told him a lot.

Finally, Li Hao told him, “When you were little, you fought with a boy but I didn’t stop you. I told you to get up when you fell down, to win back when you lost and to not let others bully you. But later, when you went to pull a girl’s braid, I hit you ten times on the palm of your hand because men and women have different physiological structures and different physical strength, so you going to pull her braid, even though she was upset, she knew that she might not be able to succeed if she pulled your hair back.”

“It’s always going to be a lot easier for boys to try to bully girls. It’s not because you’re so smart, it’s just because you have different physiology. So I hope that you will respect every female around you and not abuse your strength just because you are taller and stronger than them. Your mother was a very kind woman, but she left because of violence. She protected you and sacrificed herself, so you should know that the greatest thing in this world is a mother, and a mother, is a woman.”

Nodding his head, Li He said, “I understand.”

“Then from now on, live well.” Li Hao stroked his head, looking at him lovingly.

Li He went to sleep and Li Hao looked out of the window at the night. His mother was gone and his nephew had grown up. It was time for him to turn himself in.

How could there be so many accidents in this world? He had waited for his brother-in-law for so many years, would he really allow him to go on living?

His death, was totally connected to him.

He had always been a very patient person, and he had always been patient when it came to waiting.

If one killed someone, then they had to pay the price, so his brother-in-law had to pay for killing his sister, and he had to pay for killing his brother-in-law.

He accepted the justice of the law and so he was willing, to turn himself in.

Li Hao walked out of his house at the break of dawn but left a letter for Li He, writing everything down clearly.

He felt that Li He was old enough to have the right to know the truth about everything. It would be best if he could understand.

But if he hated him, then he too would be judged by the law, so he could rest assured.

He went down the stairs and out the hole in the building and watched the darkness slowly blossom into light, as if a story that had been silent for years had finally been unveiled and smiling slowly, walked towards the dawn.

Lin An Lan liked the script. It didn’t over dramatize anything, but simply told a story with multiple characters, leaving it up to the audience to judge whether Li Hao’s actions were right or wrong.

Lin An Lan had never played a role like this before, so he contacted Zhuo Siya right away and told him he would audition for the role.

Cheng Yu was curious when he heard that he had received a role he liked, but after reading the script, he laughed, “This is really predestined. My mysterious male protagonist role also ended up turning himself in, but my role did so because in the end it was almost like the police had guessed that it was him, so he took the initiative to turn himself in, and this one, yours, it was automatic.”

“It’s different,” Lin An Lan analyzed, “Li Hao didn’t actually want to kill anyone, he always believed in the law. He was educated and had a strong sense of the law, it was just his sister’s death, his brother-in-law’s sophistry, his brother-in-law’s parents’ lack of care that made him go down this path. It actually went against his philosophy and he was suffering inside, which is why he felt relieved when he finally decided to turn himself in.”

He looked at Cheng Yu, “Whereas that character of yours, who decided to kill for revenge from the beginning and wanted to escape the law, turned himself in only after the police had zeroed in on him. Essentially, the plot is different, the characters are different, so the approach is different.”

“That’s why Li Hao didn’t fall in love and didn’t get married. It’s because from the beginning he was ready to turn himself in after his nephew grew up, because he didn’t want to drag others down.” Lin An Lan explained.

Cheng Yu looked at him with surprise, “You went to see this movie of mine?”

“Of course.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“You didn’t ask.” Lin An Lan said in response.

Cheng Yu: …… It seemed to make sense.

“Then why don’t you accompany me to see it again tomorrow?” Cheng Yu smiled as he invited, “You said you would accompany me to see the premiere. I won’t be able to make the premiere, but before the next screening, it’s still possible.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan nodded, “I’ll learn from your acting skills as an aside.”

“Your acting skills are already very good.” Cheng Yu complimented him.

“But I’ve never played this kind of role before, I’m a bit worried.”

“You will definitely be able to do it.” Cheng Yu stroked his head, “You’re the best!”

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile, thinking that every time Cheng Yu complimented him, it sounded extra good.

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