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Chapter 115.1 Help me to put the ring back on

Cheng Yu felt Lin An Lan’s kiss. Though it was light, he still felt it.

He couldn’t help but hug Lin An Lan tighter, saying tenderly, “You’ve agreed.”

Leaning against him, Lin An Lan responded faintly, the sound low but clear.

Cheng Yu laughed instantly.

He had never been happier. There was nothing in the world that could make him happier than Lin An Lan’s willingness to be his boyfriend.

He hugged Lin An Lan again then slowly let go to look at him.

Feeling a little shy, Lin An Lan lowered his head unconsciously.

Cheng Yu pressed his forehead against his and allowing his joy dance freely in his heart, asked, “Can I kiss you?”

In a gentle and restrained manner.

Lin An Lan looked up and saw Cheng Yu looking at him expectantly with unblinking eyes.

The joy in his eyes was unmistakable as his eyes shone brightly.

He was looking at him with deep affection between his brows.

Lin An Lan’s original shyness under such a gaze dissipated slowly.

And as he nodded, Cheng Yu leaned slightly closer to him and kissed him on the lips.

He kissed him gently, in a valuing and reverent manner, however he didn’t prolong the kiss. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the person in front of him again.

Lin An Lan allowed him hold him for a while, before he felt Cheng Yu let go and draw back slightly to look at him with a smile on his brow.

“You rest.” He said, “You’re probably sleepy, so I’ll leave you alone. Rest well and have a good dream.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan nodded.

Getting up, Cheng Yu prepared to head out.

Lin An Lan reached out and tugged him as he was about to leave. Cheng Yu turned around, his eyes filled with confusion, “What’s wrong, is there something else?”

“No.” Lin An Lan said in response. “You can sleep here tonight.”

Cheng Yu: !!!

Cheng Yu was incredulous. Had he obtained the right to share a bed with him so soon?

He looked at Lin An Lan in surprise, disbelief written in his eyes.

Seeing the surprise on his face, Lin An Lan said warmly, “I don’t want to open the door later only to see you at the mouth of the door again.”

“It won’t happen.” Cheng Yu said.

“So you don’t want to?”

Cheng Yu sat back immediately, “With pleasure.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile and getting up, walked to the other side and lifted the covers. Looking at him, Cheng Yu lifted the covers slowly on his side as well.

“Yes, what did you want to do when you went out just now?” Cheng Yu asked him, “It can’t be that you discovered that I was right outside the door, right?”

It was only then that Lin An Lan remembered. He had wanted to drink water.

He had forgotten to drink it just now, but now that he had remembered, he wanted to drink it again.

Getting out of bed again, Lin An Lan walked out of the bedroom, got a glass of water, then came back inside.

He took a few sips then put the water on the bedside table.

Then remembering something, he asked Cheng Yu, “Do you want some?”

Cheng Yu didn’t really want to drink it that much, but nodded anyway since it was Lin An Lan who had asked.

Lin An Lan handed him the glass and Cheng Yu took a couple of sips. It was only after he was done that he suddenly realized something, “I just kissed you, won’t it give you the flu?”

“I don’t think so.” Lin An Lan said, “I don’t get sick that easily.”

Cheng Yu was then reluctantly relieved. He took another sip of water then set the glass aside.

He lay back under the covers and Lin An Lan switched off the light, causing darkness to return to the room.

This was the first time Cheng Yu was spending the night at Lin An Lan’s house, not to mention in his bed.

Thinking about it again, he felt that it was all so unreal. Lin An Lan had forgiven him, and he had not only forgiven him, he had agreed to be his boyfriend –and this time it wasn’t because he had lied to him, but that he was willing to be his even after knowing everything.

And now, he was lying in Lin An Lan’s bed.

It was surreal, it was simply like a dream. Cheng Yu pinched himself quietly and feeling the pain, was relieved. This wasn’t a dream, it was real.

He was really Lin An Lan’s boyfriend now, an open and aboveboard boyfriend whom Lin An Lan himself had recognized.

His right hand slowly moved towards Lin An Lan and in the darkness, he quietly took Lin An Lan’s left hand.

Lin An Lan subconsciously turned his head to look at him and as it was dark, he couldn’t see Cheng Yu’s face clearly, but he guessed that Cheng Yu was very cautiously and happily jumping for joy.

Turning his hand, he took hold of Cheng Yu’s hand.

Cheng Yu became even more excited and tightening his grip, interlocked his fingers with his.

Then he rubbed Lin An Lan’s fingers gently, feeling the warmth of his hand.

He opened his mouth, “An An, I’m so happy.”

Lin An Lan made an ‘en’ sound in response, then added, “I’m also happy.”

Cheng Yu turned sideways and looking at him, couldn’t help but ask, “Can I hug you?”

Turning over, Lin An Lan gave a soft reply in response and Cheng Yu reached out to hug him, pulling him into his arms.

After so many days, Lin An Lan was finally back in his arms, finally in his embrace again.

He was finally, his again.

“Good night.” Cheng Yu whispered, “Sweet dreams.”

“You too.” Lin An Lan whispered back.

Then he closed his eyes in Cheng Yu’s embrace and slowly fell asleep.

The night passed peacefully and when Cheng Yu woke up the next morning, as he looked at the person in his arms, he was a little dazed.

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