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Chapter 123.1 Cheng Yu, who was jealous of himself, and Lin An Lan, who smoothed his feathers

The next day, Lin An Lan and Cheng Yu went to the cinema together and watched ‘8th Sunday Night’ all over again.

The first time Lin An Lan saw the movie was when he was alone, booked the whole venue and sat in an empty cinema.

He’d had no interest in the movie at that time and had only gone to see it because of Cheng Yu, as he had promised.

But now he was sitting next to Cheng Yu, and although the cinema was also empty because the whole venue had been booked, he didn’t feel cold, because Cheng Yu was sitting next to him and because of this, he felt warm and peaceful.

And he was even interested in the movie.

Cheng Yu’s acting was excellent and Lin An Lan, on his second viewing of the movie, realized that he had handled many details with great delicacy that left one with a pleasant lingering impression, and so he watched it carefully, trying to learn his skills in making such movies, so much so that he was even more serious than when he first saw it.

Cheng Yu peeked at him several times and seeing that he was staring at the screen with rapt attention, was unable to sit still. What was so nice about the movie? Wasn’t he handsome?

Who came to a cinema to just watch a movie? When a couple watched a movie, the movie was just a backdrop and the little action between the couple was the main plot, but why was his An An watching the movie so seriously?

Cheng Yu was very dissatisfied as he looked at the him on the screen. He silently reached out his hand and took Lin An Lan’s hand in his.

Lin An Lan who was paying attention to the expression in his eyes in the movie sensed Cheng Yu’s little gesture, but he ignored him.

Cheng Yu lifted his other hand and fed him popcorn.

Lin An Lan opened his mouth, his eyes still fixed on the screen.

Cheng Yu took the coke and touched his mouth with the straw, Lin An Lan took two sips, his eyes unblinking.

Cheng Yu: ……

Cheng Yu felt that he was too miserable!

He was sitting at the cinema watching his boyfriend and his boyfriend was sitting next to him watching the movie.

The movie lit up his boyfriend’s eyes, and all his boyfriend saw was the him in the movie!

Was it that his real self wasn’t handsome enough?

Why wouldn’t he turn to look at him?

Cheng Yu leaned on Lin An Lan’s shoulder, depressed, finally stopping with the tossing and turning and watched the movie with him.

Lin An Lan didn’t look back at Cheng Yu who was leaning on his shoulder until the camera switched to the female lead, “Are you tired?”

“Tired at heart.” Cheng Yu sighed.

Lin An Lan was puzzled, “How can you be tired at heart?”

Cheng Yu raised his eyes, “Am I handsome?”

“Of course you are.” Lin An Lan didn’t hesitate.

Whether it was in high school, university, before he lost his memory or after, Cheng Yu was the most stunning person he had ever seen.

Lin An Lan had never been stingy in judging his looks. He could well understand why Cheng Yu had become famous so quickly despite his late debut; after all, he was really too handsome.

How could anyone not like such a face?

“Then which looks better, me in the movie or me in reality?”

“The real you, of course.” Lin An Lan laughed, “Although both are handsome, the one I like is the you in reality, so naturally I think the real you looks better.”

“But you’ve been ignoring me since the beginning of the movie until now.”

Cheng Yu said aggrievedly, “I just fed you popcorn and gave you a drink but you ignored me.”

Lin An Lan almost laughed out loud. He really didn’t expect that Cheng Yu wouldn’t be jealous of others, but of himself.

Lin An Lan thought that Cheng Yu was a bit too cute, so he grabbed some popcorn and fed it to him, saying soothingly, “I’m just trying to learn your acting skills so that I can succeed in the audition.”

Cheng Yu lifted himself of his shoulders in satisfaction this time, sat up straight, then reached out and took him into his arms and said with care, “When are you going to the audition, I’ll take you there.”

“It’s in three days.” Lin An Lan said, “I’ll ask Zhuo Siya to not come if you’ll drop me off.”

“En, I’ll drop you off.” Cheng Yu kissed his face, “I’ll be your exclusive driver.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan didn’t refuse.

The two of them settled back down and watched the movie for a while, but this time Lin An Lan took the time to pay attention to Cheng Yu so that he wouldn’t be jealous of himself again.

Seeing him looking at him from time to time, Cheng Yu seized the opportunity of him turning around at some point, kissed him on the mouth, then laughed with him.

Lin An Lan only felt sweetness in his heart and reached out to hold his hand, smiling as he continued to watch the movie.

After the movie, the two of them didn’t rush back home. Instead, they found a private restaurant and had dinner before walking back slowly.

When Lin An Lan arrived home, he sent a message to Zhuo Siya, telling him that he didn’t need to come pick him up in three days and that Cheng Yu would take him to the audition.

Zhuo Siya had no problem with this. From the moment he heard Lin An Lan say that he didn’t hate Cheng Yu that much, he had a vague feeling that it wouldn’t end so easily between these two.

He just never thought that he would get back together with Cheng Yu so soon.

He and Cheng Yu had only been separated for a few days, right?

And he had just let it go so lightly?

Cheng Yu had lied to him for half a year, even about his feelings, and he wasn’t even angry?

This, he really liked him?

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