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Chapter 60.2

Lin An Lan went on like that for over a year, until his foster father came to the orphanage to deliver items for the children and saw him playing on the slide.

He was picked out once again.

On the day he was to leave, he ran up to Xiao Qiao, full of excitement, “Sis Xiao Qiao, I really have a mum and dad this time, my mum and dad are taking me home, it’s true this time, it’s not a lie. I also have a new name now, I’m called Lin An Lan, you have to call me An An from now on.”

He had smiled happily, not at all like he had been when he was whimpering and crying before. He gave her the only snacks and toys he had then said to her, “All these are for you, you’ll have a mommy and daddy too.”

Xiao Qiao smiled, looked at him and then whispered, “Okay.”

But she hadn’t known then that Lin An Lan had also tried to take her away with him.

He had asked his adoptive father quietly, asking if he could take her with him, “Sis Xiao Qiao is very nice, and also very well behaved.”

Unfortunately his foster parents were both too old, plus the loss of their son was too much of a shock, so raising two children would be too hard for them.

“If your mother and I had been younger, then we would have been willing to take her along with us. But An An, we’re both half in the ground now, we don’t have that much energy to take care of two children so that the two of you grow up safe, sound and healthy, do you understand?”

Lin An Lan didn’t quite understand, but he knew that this should mean a no, so he could only nod obediently and follow his foster parents out of the orphanage.

It wasn’t until he was older that he realized how much work it took to raise a child and how difficult and rare it was for his foster parents to be willing to adopt him at that age.

Xiao Qiao spoke calmly, her gaze as she looked at Lin An Lan very soft. She continued, ” Fortunately, even though he suffered as a child, he’s happy now.”

Cheng Yu’s heart filled with heartache as he listened.

He used to wish he had appeared when Lin An Lan was six or seven years old, at the age when he met Jiang Xu, so that, he, like Jiang Xu, could grow up with him.

But now he wished he had appeared when Lin An Lan was five years old. On the day his mother left him behind, he would have reached out his hand and taken him home.

He would tell him, “Don’t cry, I can take care of you, I can take care of you for the rest of your life, as long as you want.

Lin An Lan and the others stayed until the afternoon, before they were ready to go back.

Before they parted ways, Xiao Qiao smiled as she approached Lin An Lan and said mysteriously, “An An, this isn’t just your friend, is he?”

Lin An Lan was shocked, “Of course he’s a friend.”

“I have already seen your cp online oh~” Xiao Qiao cocked her head a little, “Yu Lan, it’s called Yu Lan right?”

She smiled, “You’ve never brought anyone here before, not even that good friend of yours Jiang Xu. What kind of friend, can be better than a good friend you’ve known for over ten years?”

Lin An Lan: ……

“Trying to hide it from me, I can still see it just the same.”

Helpless, Lin An Lan could only say, “Then please keep it a secret.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not your fan, I’m your friend.” Xiao Qiao winked at him.

She looked at Cheng Yu. Although she had only been in contact with him for a day, during this period, Cheng Yu’s eyes had almost been glued to Lin An Lan. In this world, love could never be hidden. It was written in his eyes, in the way he moved, in every pore of his body.

“Between the two of us, I thought I would be the one to fall in love first, I didn’t expect it to be you. But I wish you all the best in your love and a long and happy life together.“ She blessed.

Lin An Lan had hoped to gain her support and blessing and now that it had really come to pass, he couldn’t help but smile.

Cheng Yu, on the other hand, was even more surprised. He said sincerely, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but I hope you’ll treat him well.”

“I will.” Cheng Yu wrapped his arm around Lin An Lan’s shoulders.

Xiao Qiao waved at them and then got into her car.

Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan also went back to the hotel.

Probably because he had spent too much time in the orphanage during the day, that night, Lin An Lan dreamed about the year or so he had spent in the orphanage.

His dream kept pulling and pulling, making him retrace his steps back to the day his mother had abandoned him.

He dreamt that he was standing at the door, waiting stupidly.

Day after day, there was no sign of his mother.

Sis Xiao Qiao told him, “Don’t wait any longer.”

“Don’t wait any longer.”

“Stop waiting.”

Lin An Lan frowned and unconsciously shook his head. He felt pain, he felt aggrieved, he wanted to break away and he wanted to say, he wasn’t waiting.

In such a state of mind, with a depressed and heavy heart, he opened his eyes abruptly.

The night was bitterly chilly, and all he could see with his eyes open was a room full of darkness.

The words, ‘Don’t wait any longer’ still echoed in his mind.

He hadn’t waited for anyone else since then, since he left the orphanage.

He didn’t want to wait any longer, so he never chased after anyone’s footsteps, and whenever someone came near him, he would cautiously put up his own protective layer.

When someone alienated him, he allowed them do so.

He had waited day after day with red eyes, but his mother never came, so he had never waited for anyone again.

Lin An Lan felt cold, as if a stone were pressing down on his heart.

Turning around, he leaned into Cheng Yu’s arms and hugged him tightly, but felt that it was still not enough.

So he called out to him softly, “Cheng Yu.”

Lifting his head, he moved closer to him and called out again, “Little flower.”

Cheng Yu opened his eyes in a daze, hugged him tightly out of habit and asked vaguely, “Baby, what’s wrong?”

When Lin An Lan heard this term of endearment from him, his nose turned a little sour in that moment.

With unconscious grievance in his tone, he complained to him, ” My mother didn’t want me anymore. She told me to wait for her, but she never came back, so why did she make me wait for her?”

Cheng Yu woke up immediately. He knew about this from Xiao Qiao in the afternoon, but hadn’t expected to hear it from Lin An Lan’s lips in the night. Had he dreamt about it?

Dreamt about what had happened before?

He coaxed him gently, “It’s her fault, it’s not yours. You’re very good, she’s the one who isn’t a decent mother.”

Burying his head in his arms, Lin An Lan rubbed against his shoulder and neck like a little beast.

“It’s all in the past,” Cheng Yu said, kissing his ear and comforting him. “From now on, you’re my baby.”

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