I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 62.2

Lin An Lan didn’t get much sleep after Cheng Yu left, so he got up to start washing up.

When Yang Wang arrived to pick him up, he asked him to choose the style of the birthday cake and the hotel dishes.

“Don’t invite anyone else,” Lin An Lan told him, “just the few of us is simple enough.”

“Alright, but the crew would be celebrating your birthday too.” Yang Wang informed him, “Yesterday, the assistant to the assistant director came and asked me if you were having a birthday soon and I said yes, then they asked me if you wanted to have it on that very day, a few days earlier or a few days later.”

“Do I have to have it?”

“Of course. Usually when the lead actor has a birthday coming up, the crew would celebrate it to show the importance of the lead actor and for everyone to have a good time. So, what time do you want to choose, Lin Ge?”

Lin An Lan thought about it for a while then said to him, “Let’s bring it forward then.”

The crew knew that they had a birthday to celebrate and might even promote it on the official blog, so if it wasn’t celebrated early or on the day, but delayed, it would likely be interpreted maliciously by well-intentioned netizens, but he wanted to leave the very day of his birthday for Cheng Yu, so it would have to be early.

“Ok.” Yang Wang wrote it down, “Lin Ge, do you have a date that you prefer?”

“Whatever, I don’t care about that.”

“Alright then.”

Looking at his serious expression, Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile. Although it was somehow one more birthday celebration, it looked like he would be able to eat cake twice on this birthday.

He didn’t know if Cheng Yu, who liked sugar so much liked cake, but he could cut the biggest piece for him if he liked it.

He wouldn’t dislike it, right?

In order to test whether Cheng Yu liked cake, Lin An Lan ordered pastry and milk tea for the cast and crew in the afternoon.

After ordering it, he asked Cheng Yu, “Which one do you like? I’ve ordered all the flavors. Whichever one you like, I’ll have Yang Wang steal those for you when the time comes.”

Cheng Yu was shocked and amused by his naked and blatant shady method, but he told him, “Chocolate and matcha are both fine.”

“Then I’ll give you two pieces when the time comes.”

“That’s not necessary, just give me the chocolate one, I want chocolate today.”

“No problem.”

Lin An Lan left the chocolate for him and the matcha for himself, thinking that this way, he could make Cheng Yu try his own and sort of eat them all.

The afternoon tea arrived quickly and Yang Wang had the crew help him distribute it to the other chief writers of the drama, all of whom expressed their gratitude to Lin An Lan, eating cake and drinking milk tea during the break.

Lin An Lan unwrapped his pastry box and took out the matcha slices inside.

“Do you want to eat it?” He asked Cheng Yu.

As Cheng Yu took his chocolate cake, he looked at it and seemed to understand something, “You saved a piece of matcha for yourself on purpose?”

“Not really, I’d rather have a matcha one today.” Lin An Lan laughed.

Picking up a fork, Cheng Yu forked a piece of his matcha cake. Lin An Lan looked on with a smile as he watched Cheng Yu bring the cake to his mouth.

“You eat it… Mmm.”

Cheng Yu took advantage of the gap in his speech and shoved the cake in.

Helpless, Lin An Lan could only eat the cake in his mouth and comment, “It’s not bad.”


Cheng Yu forked a piece of his chocolate cake and brought it to Lin An Lan’s mouth, “Then try this.”

Lin An Lan narrowed his eyes at him, not daring to open his mouth to speak.

Cheng Yu coaxed him, smiling, “Ah~”

Lin An Lan: ……

“Hurry up.” Cheng Yu urged.

Fan Ruiwen happened to be passing by and was about to stop by to thank Lin An Lan for the afternoon tea, only to see such a scene from afar.

Fan Ruiwen: …… Never mind, there didn’t seem to be any room for her, so she should stay away.

She turned around and walked back, but couldn’t help but steal a glance back. No wonder Cheng Yu rejected her and wanted to hype up a CP with Lin An Lan. These two were really…. the two of them look inexplicably pleasing to the eye and quite appropriate.

Lin An Lan was afraid that the standoff would last too long and be seen, so he ended up eating the cake off his fork.

“Is it good?” Cheng Yu asked.

“It’s okay.”

Hearing this, Cheng Yu forked a small piece and put it in his mouth to taste it, “It’s really not bad.”

“Then you should eat more.”

“You bought it, so I’ll naturally eat it all.” Cheng Yu said.

Lin An Lan smiled when he heard this, saying to himself in his heart, then this meant that Cheng Yu wasn’t averse to cake, so he would order a chocolate one and cut a big piece for him!

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but smile as he thought of this.

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  1. Wha- you can’t just leave me hanging here, translator-san~. You can’t just show me sweets but not let me eat some. 😭

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