I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 89.2

Gu Shuyu, unsure and puzzled, had asked him, “What’s wrong?”

His eyes were clear as they had been when they first met and he had followed him to ask his name, as clear as when he had said to him on that sunset afternoon, “I’ll help you.”

Time hadn’t left its mark on him; he was still the same gentle, sunny nobleman he was back then, and he deserved to meet only flowers and diamonds for the rest of his life.

Jing Huan woke up abruptly.

Those thrilling waves that came tumbling in at high tide, in this moment, calmly retreated to the surface.

He lost that moment of courage and selfishness.

He told himself: it was because he didn’t want to.

But if Gu Shuyu had a little, just a little, even just a hint of affection for him, or had an inclination for men, he would have told him without a care or hesitation, “I love you, I like you, I want to be with you, I will be with you all my life.”

But Gu Shuyu didn’t.

He was like the most unusual of boys, laughing and joking, pouring his heart out and totally devoted to his friend, but only, a friend.

Jing Huan could care less about anyone, any obstacle, or any fence, yet he wouldn’t make things difficult for Gu Shuyu, let alone pull Gu Shuyu into the mire.

He loved him and he, more than anyone else wanted him to be happy.

So giving a little smile, he had helped him straighten his tie as he said, “Congratulations on your wedding.”

“Is that all?”

“En.” Jing Huan nodded, “I wish you happiness.”

“Good.” Gu Shuyu patted his arm, “You scared me to death. I thought something had happened to you just now. Is everything really okay? Don’t hide anything from me.”

Jing Huan shook his head, “Yes. I just had a sudden rush of emotions.”

Relieved, Gu Shuyu turned around to continue walking towards the door.

Jing Huan removed his hand, just like that time when they went to the haunted house together and Gu Shuyu had said he was afraid of ghosts. He had reached out to pull him, but Sun Xinxin reached out first and Gu Shuyu took her hand, causing Jing Huan to withdraw his hand.

Later, the two of them went to the haunted house alone and he had pulled Gu Shuyu along, walking slowly towards the front in silence.

Gu Shuyu had been terrified and kept wanting to go out quickly, but Jing Huan wanted to go slower, very slow. He had been afraid that if Gu Shuyu went out, he would no longer be able to hold his hand.

Among his favorite activities, haunted houses had always been at the top of the list.

Gu Shuyu had complained, groaning at him, “Instead of liking roller coasters, you enjoy haunted houses. What’s the point if the entire place is just dark?”

Jing Huan had only looked at him with a smile, not saying anything.

He didn’t like haunted houses, he just liked it when Gu Shuyu pulled him close to him.

As the snow fell heavier and heavier, Jing Huan lifted his head and watched the snow fall, the flakes fluttering as if they were feathers scattered by someone raising their wings.

He had finally let his angel go. In this life, he could never embrace him again.

Lowering his head, Jing Huan felt the snowflakes fall on his face and on his shoulders and as he looked back, everything was framed in a world of silver and white.

East of the crossroads, a beautifully made-up Sun Xinxin sat in her car, laughing and crying, sad for her lost first love and happy that her former lover had found new happiness.

North of the crossroads, Gu Shuyu, newlywed, was smiling as he wrapped his arms around his bride and whispered sweetly to her about their honeymoon.

And west of the crossroads, Jing Huan turned round to look at the whole world and then bowed deeply in the direction where Gu Shuyu was, amidst a blanket of white.

Pedestrians rushed along the road, each with his own preoccupation, each with his own gamut of emotions.

The people of [Yun Yun] were all ordinary, and yet, extraordinary.

Director Zhang looked at the image in the camera, then slowly pulled the camera farther and farther away.

In the end, it was fixed on the hurried and heavy traffic of the world.

At this point, the crew had finished filming [Yun Yun].

The assistant director asked everyone to stand together, saying he would take a group photo of everyone together.

Lin An Lan stood next to Cheng Yu on his own initiative but Director Zhang stood between them then they all looked at the camera and smiled happily, freezing the moment together.

[Yun Yun] had finished filming, but Cheng Yu was in no hurry to leave. Taking his camera out, he took multiple pictures with Lin An Lan in the many scenes that hadn’t yet been removed.

Lin An Lan understood that he didn’t have many pictures with him when he had a crush on him, so he didn’t stop him, making the two of them get a camera full of pictures.

On one side [Yun Yun] had finished filming, while on the other side Cheng Yu’s new drama [Sunday Night the 8th] was about to be released.

Cheng Yu hadn’t had much time to do roadshows before, but now that he was done filming, he had to go on a promotional tour.

He was a little unwilling, and in his heart of hearts he would have preferred to stay with Lin An Lan, but there was no point in thinking about it, as he was still responsible for his own work, so he had to leave the set to start another round of work.

Lin An Lan reassured him, “It’s okay, you go, I’ll be at home, you won’t lose me. You go promote it and I’ll help you on Weibo, then when the film is released, we’ll go see it together.”

Cheng Yu looked at him then hugged him, reluctant to part with him, “I want to pack you away too.”

“Then wear the ring as a pendant on a chain, so that it would be as if I’m with you.”

Cheng Yu thought that it was a good idea, “Good idea, it’s still my wife who is smart.”

He kissed Lin An Lan excitedly and Lin An Lan smiled as he looked at him, thinking that he was very cute as well.

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