I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 85.1

The next morning, the program team arranged a surfing event.

Lin An Lan was quite interested in this event and played with Cheng Yu for a while before getting off the surfboard.

They all ate some fruits and then walked along the beach.

Looking down, Lin An Lan saw a green shell. He picked it up and looked at it; the shell was very nice and green, unfortunately, he couldn’t bring it back to C Country.

Throwing the shell back into the sea, he sank his feet into the sand and enjoyed the sea breeze.

Jiang Xu looked at him. He wanted to approach him but didn’t dare because he was afraid that Lin An Lan would continue to ignore him, and even more afraid that Lin An Lan would be more angry because of his approach.

The group took a break and then started to play beach volleyball.

“Everyone should divide themselves into two teams of five.” The host instructed.

Jiang Xu immediately went to Lin An Lan’s side and said in a more than natural tone, “I’ll be on the team with Xiao Lan.”

Chen Yingjie also said, “I’ll be on the same team with Yu Ge.”

Others: ……

Li Yongsi and Jian Yada looked at each other. They were girls, so if at this point they said they would be on the team with Lin An Lan or Cheng Yu, their fans would tear them apart.

However, if they didn’t say anything, it wouldn’t be fair to put three girls into one group.

At the critical moment, Cheng Yu laughed and said, “Let’s choose the captains first. An An and I will captain our team; does anyone else want to captain the other team?”

Ma Junshan, who wanted to get more shots, raised his hand hurriedly, “Me me me.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yu nodded, “Then we’ll play rock-paper-scissors to pick our teammates.”


Cheng Yu was very good at this game so he won the first round. He asked the crowd, “Should we pick by person or by group? Everyone doesn’t want to split into groups, right? Or should we pick groups?”

The crowd agreed, “En.”

Jiang Xu frowned, “I don’t care, after all I do know Xiao Lan better than Chen Yingjie.”

Chen Yingjie didn’t shy away, “Me too, I do know Cheng Ge better than Jiang Ge.”

The crowd: ……

Cheng Yu smiled, “We don’t seem to know each other very well either.”

Chen Yingjie was a little embarrassed, “But we’ve been recording together for so long.”

“The same answer.” Cheng Yu said in response.

Subtext: All the same, we don’t know each other well.

Looking around, Cheng Yu said, “Then I’ll go with Li Yongsi, Jian Yada and the others.”

Li Yongsi and Jian Yada looked at him in surprise, “The two, the two of us?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Come on over.”

Li Yongsi and Jian Yada run over hurriedly and happily.

“I was actually prepared not to be chosen,” Li Yongsi said during the post-pick, “many people think that girls are definitely worse than boys in sports, especially because Xiao Ya and I are a group. Two girls are definitely not the first choice, but I didn’t expect Cheng Ge to choose us. I was so surprised that Cheng Ge chose us, Cheng Ge is my male god!”

Cheng Yu, the male god, easily won again in the second game.

Ma Junshan wailed, “What kind of luck am I having!”

Cheng Yu looked at the public area, “This time, we’ll definitely split into groups.”

Yuan Leren had become a fan of Cheng Yu after recording this season’s show and had also become a fan of the Yulan cp, so when she heard that the group was being split up, she immediately raised her hand and shouted, “Choose me, choose me, choose me.”

She knew a lot about sunspots and splitting the group was something that would easily attract their ire. If Cheng Yu chose someone who was a little popular, the sunspots would say, did he look down on the little stars that weren’t popular? If he chose someone who was less popular, the sunspots would also say he was guarding against those who were a little popular– showing that he obviously had opinions about them!

So Yuan Leren took the initiative to jump out to save him the trouble, “I have only boys on my side now, I want to be on the same team with Sister Sisi and the others.”

Chen Yingjie said, “If you are chosen, then this side would all boys. If that happens, is there still a need to compete?”

Yuan Leren huffed angrily, “What do you mean by that? According to you, all girls should lose, right? It’s not like I’ve never played before, if we compete, you might not win over me!”

Jiang Xu didn’t say a word. He knew Cheng Yu would definitely not choose him, so he didn’t say anything.

He looked at Lin An Lan, only to see Lin An Lan looking at Cheng Yu.

“Then we will choose Leren.” Lin An Lan laughed, “Come on over.”

Giving a cheerful cry, Yuan Leren ran to his side happily and hugged Li Yongsi and the other girls.

The host read the rules and the two sides started the game officially.

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