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Chapter 79.2

“Who are you to hate him!” Lin An Lan snapped.

“His very existence is enough to make me hate him!” Jiang Xu shouted. Jiang Xu shouted, “I hate who he is, I hate the fact that he was born with a father! It is obvious that we are all Cheng Feng’s sons, but he doesn’t have to do anything for Cheng Feng to call him his son and accept him, but what about me? No matter how much I show how close I am to him, he just treats me like I don’t exist!”

“He already has Cheng Feng, but he has to behave like a dog……”

Lin An Lan raised his hands to pinch the sides of Jiang Xu’s cheeks, interrupting him, “If you dare say that word again, next time, I will really get into a fight with you.”

He let go and Jiang Xu was incredulous, “Xiao Lan, what did you say?”

“You’re saying you’re going to fight me for him?”

His eyes were full of disbelief as he gazed sadly, unwillingly at Lin An Lan, and then, as if deliberately testing, deliberately trying to provoke Lin An Lan, he said in a loud voice, “Am I wrong? Isn’t he just a dog? A dog who keeps staring at you, a dog dog …… “

“Boom,” Lin An Lan raised his hand and gave him a punch.

His eyes were full of coldness as he said, “You’ve really disappointed me.”

Lin An Lan turned to open the door of the car and Jiang Xu pulled him back hastily.

Lin An Lan shook his hand off and got out of the car.

When Yang Wang saw him coming out, he greeted him hurriedly and asked, “Lin Ge, are you guys done talking?”

“I don’t want to see Jiang Xu again today. If he wants to come to me later, you are responsible for stopping him. If you can’t stop him, just call the bodyguards.”

Yang Wang was surprised. He looked at the coldness on Lin An Lan’s face and wasn’t sure what had happened in the car, but it must have been a fight, otherwise, Lin Ge wouldn’t have said this.

Yang Wang nodded his head hurriedly, “Okay.”

Lin An Lan took a step towards the filming area.

He looked down at the hand he had just hit Jiang Xu with. He probably should have hit him a long time ago.

What if a kid doesn’t want to listen? He was mostly wasted, so give him a beating and he would be fine.

Jiang Xu hadn’t been beaten since Jiang Liying left.

He had felt sorry for Jiang Xu and had projected his own experiences as a child onto Jiang Xu. Although he had kept him in check, he hadn’t been able to keep an eye on him all the time because he had his own business.

He had thought that Jiang Xu would grow up, that he would realize that parents who weren’t worthy of being parents weren’t worth waiting for, and that if they didn’t love you, then you shouldn’t waste your feelings on them.

But after all these years, Jiang Xu was still clinging to his parents and to this unnecessary relationship.

Jiang Xu didn’t hate Cheng Feng, he longed to be recognized by him, so Cheng Yu, the only person who was recognized by Cheng Feng, who carried his surname and called him father, became the object of his grudge.

He didn’t even ease down his hatred of Cheng Yu as he grew older. Instead, it grew stronger and deeper.

Lin An Lan knew from the beginning that Jiang Xu wasn’t supposed to get too close to Cheng Yu.

He couldn’t help comparing himself to Cheng Yu, being jealous of him and disgusted with him, but he didn’t expect that he would still be jealous of him and hold a grudge against him even though Cheng Yu hadn’t come close to him for so many years.

Just because he was Cheng Feng’s son? Just because Cheng Yu had always looked at him and wanted to pursue him?

Lin An Lan couldn’t understand.

He could understand the pain of seventeen-year-old Jiang Xu, but he couldn’t understand the longing of the twenty-five-year-old Jiang Xu for his father.

There had never been a biological father in his memory, but his adoptive father, on the other hand, had been a very good man.

He was too good to be true, so Lin An Lan knew very well that he wouldn’t be absent from his own child’s upbringing at all.

He could even raise a child who wasn’t related to him as if he were his own son, let alone, his own son.

He sighed and slowly walked into the filming area, walked to his chair and sat down.

When Zhuo Siya saw him leave with an indifferent face and return with a heavy one, he asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I think that human beings are probably not really the same in their sorrows and joys; the same things are handled in a completely different way by everyone.”

“That’s normal.” Zhuo Siya said, “Otherwise if humans can just copy and paste, what do we need people for? Isn’t the special trait about man is that he has a mind, whether he is clever or stupid, he is unique and special.”

“Then he’s really stupid.” Lin An Lan said.

“You mean Jiang Xu?”

“Or would it have been me?” Lin An Lan gave him a look.

Zhuo Siya: ……

Zhuo Siya felt deeply that Lin An Lan, who hadn’t yet realized that he had been deceived wasn’t really that smart.

But obviously, he was still smarter than Jiang Xu.

By the time Jiang Xu had recovered from the surprise of being hit by Lin An Lan, Lin An Lan had already been gone for a while.

He sat in the car in disbelief, stunned for a while, before pushing open the door and getting out, hurrying to catch up with Lin An Lan.

When Yang Wang saw him coming out, he stopped him hurriedly and said to him, “Jiang Ge, Lin Ge said that he doesn’t want to see you today, so you shouldn’t go over there, otherwise Lin Ge will scold me.”

“He told you that he doesn’t want to see me today?” Jiang Xu said in a daze.

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