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Chapter 118.1 Meeting friends and happiness!

Lin An Lan froze for a moment, not expecting that they had only gotten back together last night and here Cheng Yu was thinking this night of their marriage official announcement for their marriage later on.

“We will.” Lin An Lan said in response “It’s not as if it’s something untoward, so an official announcement is more normal, right?”

Cheng Yu nodded his head hurriedly “I think so too.”

“Is this what you were thinking about?” Lin An Lan laughed.

“Not completely.” Cheng Yu’s fingers roamed the ends of his hair, “I was still thinking about how we two finally shot to the top of the super talk cp list.”

Lin An Lan knew a little bit about this. Zhuo Siya had mentioned to him before that [Backpacking For Youngsters] was a good variety show and the webcast was very popular, so much so that he and Cheng Yu had a lot of cp fans and only fans.

Lin An Lan had also checked the progress of the show after hearing this and found that it had only reached the sixth episode, which was the end of the third recording.

Then there was still the climax to be looked out for, Lin An Lan thought to himself. After all, Cheng Yu had kissed him in front of everyone in the last island episode.

It was a real kiss, so whether it had occurred because of a truth or dare or because Cheng Yu deliberately patched it up later to say that it was because he couldn’t tell right from left, it was a fact that he had kissed him, and when the cp fans saw it, they wouldn’t care if they had been playing games or not. They would probably scream themselves hoarse and shout in husky voices that Yu Lan was real! That they were shipping the real thing!

Of course, this time they were really shipping the real thing.

After Cheng Yu finished drying his hair, Lin An Lan got ready to go to bed.

Back once again in this familiar bedroom, lying in this familiar bed, Lin An Lan felt like he had been reunited after a long separation.

It clearly wasn’t that long ago, but somehow, it felt like it had been a long time.

He closed his eyes and Cheng Yu embraced him.

Lin An Lan felt as if he had returned to the time when he had lost his memory. It was calm, warm and comfortable.

He leaned back into Cheng Yu’s arms and soon, fell asleep completely.

While Cheng Yu was still recuperating, Lin An Lan was already at work.

Zhuo Siya emailed Lin An Lan the scripts he had screened, reminding him that he could start selecting dramas.

Lin An Lan had been doing more TV dramas in the past few years and his first drama had been a hit, so many directors and producers were more inclined to invite him to work on TV dramas.

However Lin An Lan didn’t want to limit himself to TV dramas. He wanted to break out and have a broader development, so he had always wanted to try his hand at films.

Last year, before [Yun Yun], Lin An Lan took a supporting role in a commercial film. The character was quite bright, but unfortunately the part wasn’t much and the cut was only about 10 minutes, so to him, it wasn’t like an acting showcase but more like his introductory marker into the film industry.

However [Yun Yun] was his first film in the film industry.

Lin An Lan basically expected that, given Director Zhang’s standard and reputation as well as the plot of the script, this film wouldn’t be badly received, regardless of whether it would be a box office hit or not.

So if he wanted to stand firm in the film industry, his second film after [Yun Yun] would have to be very significant.

And so for this reason, he first read the script of the film that Zhuo Siya sent him and only after reading it did he go through the script of the TV drama in his mailbox.

However since Yun Yun hadn’t aired yet, he didn’t have much weight in the film industry yet, hence the scripts of all those who contacted Zhuo Siya were all supporting roles with small parts in order to increase traffic and drive popularity.

Some did have lead roles, but they were obviously fan fictions with sloppy scripts that lacked depth and breadth.

This was normal, so Lin An Lan wasn’t affected. He had no representative work in the film industry yet, so it was unrealistic to expect big directors to come to him with good roles. Even in [Yun Yun] he had auditioned for the film and was only cast after that.

So it was better for him to wait and see if there were other audition opportunities for him to flush out a good role.

As for TV dramas, Lin An Lan opened his email and looked at them. They were still mostly immortal and modern urban dramas of which he had already acted in a few and so had little interest in.

Therefore Lin An Lan didn’t choose any of the scripts but decided to wait a bit longer for works that were more valuable than others. What’s more he was already popular, so he could wait.

When Cheng Yu saw that he had turned off his laptop, he moved over to him and asked, “Are you done?”

“En, what’s wrong?”

Cheng Yu smiled, “Then would you like to go out with me to meet my friends?”

Previously when Lin An Lan had lost his memory, he didn’t dare take Lin An Lan out for fear that Xu Sheng and the others would say more than they should and expose his flaw if they weren’t careful about which sentences were said.

But now that Lin An Lan had regained his memory, Cheng Yu wasn’t afraid and was determined to bring him into his circle so that just in case Lin An Lan became angry with him again in the future, he could ask Xu Sheng and the others to help persuade him.

After all, it was always better for two parties to talk after they knew each other than if they didn’t.

Lin An Lan had no problem with this, “Sure, I’ll change my clothes then.”


Turning, Lin An Lan walked towards the bedroom and Cheng Yu immediately sent a message to his small group: [He’s agreed to come! You guys be careful when you get there, don’t say anything you shouldn’t!]

Xu Sheng: [Got it.]

Hua Rong: [Don’t worry.]

Cheng Yu thought to himself, he was precisely the only one who made him worry!

Cheng Yu: [@Hua Rong, you’re the least reassuring.]

Hua Rong: [I’m obviously the most reassuring one!]

Cheng Yu: …… Then you’re really underestimating yourself.

After changing his clothes, Lin An Lan went out with Cheng Yu.

He reminisced for a moment then asked Cheng Yu, “Were you and Hua Rong classmates at university?”

“Roommates, then he went abroad to study but I didn’t take exams for a graduate programme.”

Lin An Lan nodded. He and Xu Sheng had known each other since high school. At that time Xu Sheng was Cheng Yu’s best friend, eating and skipping school with him to play games.

As for Hua Rong, he vaguely remembered that he had seen him and Cheng Yu playing basketball together on the basketball court when he was in university, so he guessed that he had probably been Cheng Yu’s university classmate.

“Then it was pretty good in your case. My roommates weren’t locals and after graduation they all went home, so I slowly lost contact with them.”

“It’s normal, right? One of my roommates who wasn’t a local also slowly spoke less and we lost contact with each other. Those who had a lot of fun together are definitely able to see each other often.”

Lin An Lan nodded, “That’s also true.”

His impression of Cheng Yu’s friends was actually quite good. Xu Sheng and Cheng Yu were very close during his school days and were still good friends even now.

Although he had never come into contact with Hua Rong at university, they had met once when he had lost his memory and before he left, Hua Rong had said to him, ‘Don’t hate him, he won’t be able to take it.’ It could be seen clearly from this that he cared about Cheng Yu.

And although Hua Rong tried to give Cheng Yu Xie Hui when they were separated, he had done it for Cheng Yu’s own good which Lin An Lan understood and because Cheng Yu would never have agreed to it, he had no problem with it. After all, Hua Rong was only Cheng Yu’s friend, not his friend; he just had to do right by Cheng Yu.

In this way, Cheng Yu was luckier than he was, having two friends who were willing to look out for him and a brother who cared for him. Unlike him, who had no siblings and whose only friend of more than ten years wanted to take advantage of.

Thinking of this, Lin An Lan wanted to blacklist Jiang Xu again.

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