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Chapter 48.3

The meal was enjoyable for both the guests and the hosts. When Lin An Lan saw that everyone had finished eating, he started collecting the dishes to wash them.

He and Cheng Yu weren’t at home after all. At home, he didn’t cook or wash the dishes, which was what Cheng Yu wanted.

But in front of the camera, if he was still like this, then his black value would definitely reach a climax.

After all, to outsiders, he and Cheng Yu were like old school friends, so there was no reason for him to keep sitting there all the time.

When Cheng Yu saw that he was going to wash the dishes, he stood up to stop him.

“Keep on chatting, I’ll go.”

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu pushed Lin An Lan back into his chair, “What kind of boyfriend allows his boyfriend to do that? It’s not appropriate.”

Lin An Lan:!!!

Lin An Lan looked at him in horror then lowered his eyes immediately, feeling guilty.

Guan Fei crowed, ” Oh oh oh, so powerful, Cheng Ge. Cheng Ge is right!”

“That’s right.” Yuan Le Ren agreed, “Don’t you think so, little sis?”

Zhou Yuan could already see that his girlfriend clearly liked Cheng Yu’s type, so he said sensibly, “Big sis is right.”

Chen Yingjie said deliberately, “Lin Ge is really enviable. Yu Ge knows a lot, and is gentle and considerate, no wonder you wanted to team up with him. I want to team up with him too, it’s just like lying and winning.”

Lin An Lan was speechless, “So you want to team up with him just to lie down and win?”

“I thought you liked him or admired him, I didn’t realize that, it’s all about winning.”

Chen Yingjie hurriedly changed his tone, refuting, “No, it’s not true.

“Really? Then your words are quite ambiguous.”

Chen Yingjie’s expression turned uncomfortable as he whispered, “You’re the one who misunderstood.”

“Perhaps.” Lin An Lan smiled as he said this, his gentle and soft appearance achieving much with little effort.

Seeing the delicate atmosphere between them, Guan Fei took Chen Yingjie and stood up, “That, it’s late , we’ll go back first.”

“Be careful on your way.” Lin An Lan said.

Chen Yingjie was really unwilling to leave and as he passed by Cheng Yu, he emphasized, “Yu Ge, I really admire you, it’s not just about wanting to win.”

Where did Cheng Yu didn’t care about this? All he cared about now was that Lin An Lan was jealous, right?

Lin An Lan was jealous, that’s why he said that.

He was definitely jealous!

“It’s okay.” Cheng Yu answered without a care, “I’m only going to be with An An anyway.”

Yuan Le Ren instantly clenched her hands. F**k , so cool!

Hearing his rejection, Chen Yingjie finally felt a sense of loss and sadness and left with Guan Fei.

Seeing them leave, Yuan Le Ren wanted to leave too.

But since she had eaten someone else’s food, Yuan Le Ren wanted to help Cheng Yu wash the dishes before she left.

Even if Zhou Yuan was stupid, he knew how to follow suit by now.

“I’ll go. Big sis, just sit down.”

Yuan Le Ren looked suspicious, “Why do you want to do that all of a sudden?”

Zhou Yuan took her plate, saying in his heart, You’ve been complimenting me all night long, isn’t it because you want me to follow your example?

He was afraid that if he kept on being stupid, his girlfriend would run off with someone else, like Cheng Yu.

Zhou Yuan gave Cheng Yu a sidelong glance, but it would have been better if he hadn’t looked at him, but once he did, it was even worse.

Cheng Yu was much more popular than he was and his face and figure were much better than his.

“My heart aches for you, little sis.” Zhou Yuan said gently, “There’s no such thing as making my little sis work, I’d rather I do it.”

Yuan Le Ren was satisfied, “Then big sis you’ve worked hard.”

“Not at all.”

Lin An Lan looked at Cheng Yu who had gone into the kitchen with Zhou Yuan and felt unsure of himself.

Yuan Leren moved close to him and said quietly, “Lin Ge, thank you and Cheng Ge.”

“You’re welcome.”

“So can I come back again?” She asked, blinking her eyes.

Lin An Lan didn’t reject her or agree, he just said, “Ask Cheng Yu, I’m not the one who cooks so I can’t accept anything on his behalf.”

“Okay, but you two are really quite harmonious, no wonder you guys are old classmates.”

Lin An Lan laughed as he thought to himself, If you we were really just old classmates, I wouldn’t be feeling so guilty.

After cleaning up the kitchen and sending Yuan Leren and Zhou Yuan away, Cheng Yu and Lin An Lan went back to their rooms.

This time, Lin An Lan deliberately left the master bedroom for Cheng Yu. The last time he had stayed in the master bedroom. If he did the same thing again, he didn’t know if the Tulip girls would stand for it, but he knew his anti-fans would definitely not.

He turned off the camera, took a shower, changed his clothes and the camera crew that had been doing the recording also left their villa.

Just after he lay down on his bed, he heard a familiar knock at the door.

“Come in.” He sat up.

Cheng Yu came in and sat down beside him, “Finally, it’s just the two of us.”

Yes, thought Lin An Lan. At last, it was just the two of them.

Cheng Yu asked as he put his arm around him, “Were you jealous just now?”

“You mean Chen Yingjie?”

Cheng Yu nodded, looking at him with an expectant expression.

“Yes, a little.” Lin An Lan said, “So, Yu Ge, are you happy that there’s someone who really, really wants to be with you?”

“Is this person my An An?”

“It’s your Chen Yingjie.”

Cheng Yu made a ‘bah’ sound, expressing his disdain, “Your Chen Yingjie, don’t push it on me. I have five words written all over my body, and it’s Lin An Lan has my all.”

Lin An Lan laughed softly, “I’m not pushing anything on you, but it’s obvious he’s pushing himself on you.”

“I didn’t make him do it.” Cheng Yu hugged him, “I’m innocent, I’m so innocent, I’m all about you from head to toe, from body to heart.”

“Don’t worry.” Lin An Lan smiled, “I don’t blame you.”

“I know.” Cheng Yu kissed him on the lips, “You’re jealous.”

Lin An Lan felt he wasn’t really jealous, Chen Ying Jie wasn’t worth being jealous of, he just didn’t like the tone of Chen Ying Jie’s voice.

But he knew that Cheng Yu liked him to be jealous because of him, so Lin An Lan was willing to be jealous once in a while, after all, it made his boyfriend very happy.

“You’re happy that I’m jealous?”

” Yes, a little.”

“A little?” Lin Anlan’s face was full of disbelief.

Cheng Yu confessed, “Okay, I’m very happy.”

Lin An Lan smiled and poked him in the face, “Then I’m really jealous.”

Cheng Yu smiled even deeper in an instant, took his fingers, and kissed his forehead.

“But little flower, I want to talk to you for a moment.”

“Talk about what?” Cheng Yu wondered.

Lin An Lan thought about it, sat up straight from his arms and said seriously, “Recording a show outside is different from being at home , I know it’s because you like me, that’s why you want to leave everything good for me , and don’t want me to suffer any hardship, but if I don’t do anything on the show, when it is finally broadcast, would the netizens scold me?”

“Even if the netizens don’t scold me, I still have a lot of anti-fans… and they’ll definitely come out and cause hot searches, so I think… can stop putting me on a pedestal a little bit… and let me get down to earth once in a while… can you?”

Cheng Yu thought it was very unnecessary, he just wanted to be nice to Lin An Lan, wanted to provide for him, wanted to do everything for him. The only thing that Lin An Lan needed to do was to allow him love him.

But Lin An Lan had a point, he couldn’t just go ahead and do it knowing that it would bring him down.

Cheng Yu nodded, “Okay.”

“Thank you, my little flower.” Lin An Lan smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“There’s one more.”

“There’s more?” Cheng Yu was surprised.

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