I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 153.2 Do you want to make an announcement?

Lin An Lan felt very fortunate. It seemed that he was sometimes unlucky in some ways, but incredibly lucky in others. His biological parents didn’t want him, but his adoptive parents treated him as their own. His friend had hurt him, but his lover had always been patient, waiting for him and loving him. He had lost in some areas of life, but miraculously, he had gained happiness he never imagined in others. Ultimately, Lin An Lan felt lucky, as if he was being watched over and cherished by the world.

“It’s time for me to get married.” He said softly, leaning against the car window. “I want a new family, a new home that belongs to me.”

Zhuo Siya looked at the longing on his face and smiled slowly, “You will.”

He added, “You’ll have it.”

Thinking of the children he would have in his family, Lin An Lan’s mood softened. It was a pity that he and Cheng Yu wouldn’t be able to have biological children, but that was alright. Adopting a child would be just as wonderful. Just like his adoptive parents, he could go to the orphanage where he had once lived and adopt a child like his former self, giving them a home.

“Even if I get married, I’ll still continue acting. You can rest assured.” Lin An Lan assured Zhuo Siya. Zhuo Siya breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that Lin An Lan would follow in Cheng Yu’s footsteps and transition into business, leaving him to start over.

“I’m definitely luckier than Sun Meng.” He said.

“Sun Meng is very lucky too.” Lin An Lan defended his family’s treasure. “Cheng Yu pays him a high salary, gives him a lot of freedom and trusts him. It’s not easy to find such a boss.”

Zhuo Siya: …

“You’re really his fiancé, aren’t you? You’re already speaking up for him before getting married.”

“Am I wrong? Isn’t Cheng Yu a good boss? Isn’t he lucky?”

Zhuo Siya nodded helplessly, “He is lucky. Working for President Cheng is the greatest honor of his life.”

Lin An Lan nodded in agreement unashamedly, “That’s true.”

Zhuo Siya: …You win!

Soon, they arrived at the filming location and Lin An Lan got out of the car and resumed his busy work.

By the end of June, Lin An Lan finally wrapped up the filming.

He had joined the crew in April and now, he had finally finished the film, causing him to feel a sense of relief.

There were many scenes in the latter parts of the film where Lin An Lan had to perform alone as Li Hao. He shot several takes, fearing that he hadn’t captured the character’s balance of rationality and emotion.

Fortunately, Zhao Penghai was very patient with him, affirming him multiple times and constantly giving him pointers. In the end, he achieved his best performance as Li Hao.

As day broke, Li Hao left his home at the crack of dawn, taking one last look at the house where he had lived for half his life without any regrets or hesitation. He walked toward the police station— toward his future.

As Lin An Lan had officially wrapped up his part in the filming for this project, the crew threw a wrap party for him and he had dinner and took pictures with everyone before preparing to leave.

Zhao Penghai was quite fond of him, so he drove him back personally to the hotel, “I hope we can work together again in the future.”

“I hope so too.” Lin An Lan smiled, “Thank you, Director Zhao, for your guidance all these days.”

“It’s what I should do.” Zhao Penghai laughed, “You did quite well. To be honest, you were much better than I expected. I have a feeling that this film will be a success.”

Lin An Lan had the same feeling. Although he hadn’t seen the finished product, he liked the script and hoped that the film would achieve great results.

After saying goodbye to Zhao Penghai at the hotel room door, Lin An Lan returned to his room to pack his belongings.

And after receiving his message, Cheng Yu came to pick him up.

He brought flowers and after Lin An Lan got in the car, he gave them to him.

“Congratulations on wrapping up the shoot.”

“Thank you.”

Looking at the tulips in his arms, Lin An Lan lowered his head to smell them and found them to be quite fragrant.

“Let’s go to my place.” Cheng Yu suggested. “Your place isn’t cleaned up and we would have to tidy it up if we went there. We can do that some other day.”

“Okay.” Lin An Lan had no objections.

He held the flowers as he and Cheng Yu returned home, only to discover that Cheng Yu had actually bought a potted magnolia plant.

“Does it look nice?” Cheng Yu smiled. “I saw it at the florist’s the other day and thought it looked pretty, so I bought it.”

Lin An Lan touched the white magnolia petals, “It does look nice.”

Walking over, Cheng Yu hugged him from behind, “Then you can take care of it from now on.”


Lin An Lan agreed. “Who asked me to be the gardener? I’ll take care of all the flowers in this house, including you, my little flower.”

Cheng Yu rubbed his cheek against Lin An Lan’s shoulder then kissed his cheeks.

After Lin An Lan finished filming, he had a number of commercial engagements, so he only stayed at home for a couple of days before Zhuo Siya came to get him again.

In early July, the second trailer for ‘Yun Yun’ was released. This time, the trailer was a few seconds longer, briefly and brilliantly outlining the relationships among the three characters, and netizens finally started to get a vague understanding.

“So, in this film, Cheng Yu likes Lin An Lan?!!”

“Damn! Is it really what I think it is? Is it that exciting? Cheng Yu and Fan Ruiwen’s character both like Lin An Lan?!!”

“Did I misunderstand? Did I see it wrong? Can any fan answer me? Does this mean Cheng Yu likes Lin An Lan? This is too explosive right?!”

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