I love you the most in the world [Entertainment circle]

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Chapter 162.1 Little flower, I love you so much

Lin An Lan turned to look at Cheng Yu and smiled.

Walking over, Cheng Yu put his arm around Lin An Lan’s shoulders and said, “Come on, let’s go have some fun.”

Nodding, Lin An Lan went inside with him.

Cheng Yu had booked the entire amusement park for the day, so it was unusually quiet and empty, with only staff responsible for maintaining the safety of the attractions present.

Wang Cheng followed after them, not caring that he was a third wheel as he occasionally sneaked pictures of the two.

This amusement park was much larger than the one Lin An Lan remembered, and as he walked with Cheng Yu, they were surrounded by various rides.

Cheng Yu chose a medium sized roller coaster, intending to let Lin An Lan experience the thrill without overwhelming him from the start.

However he had clearly underestimated his boyfriend, because after one round, Lin An Lan was utterly calm as he asked, “Is that all?”

Cheng Yu: …..

Cheng Yu took him to the large roller coaster.

This time, Lin An Lan finally experienced the excitement everyone talked about. After one loop, he shouted happily, “Let’s go again!”

As the roller coaster started once more, sitting in his seat, Lin An Lan felt the wind rushing past his ears. It was as if he could touch the sky with an outstretched hand.

He was having a great time. He even went on the park’s super large roller coaster with Cheng Yu.

However this roller coaster was really a bit too exciting. After one round, Lin An Lan sat in his chair for several minutes to recover, thinking to himself as he did so, the large roller coaster was good enough, but the super large one might be more suitable for fearless teenagers. For someone like him who was part of the working world, it wasn’t necessary.

Seeing that he had recovered, Cheng Yu asked if he wanted to try other attractions and not refusing, Lin An Lan stood up and eagerly.

With no one else in the amusement park, they had the entire place to themselves. Lin An Lan had never played so freely before, and the childlike fun and playfulness that had been restrained in his teenage years were completely unleashed today.

He seemed to be interested in everything. He would drag Cheng Yu to try something one moment and ask what was on the other side the next.

When they passed by the haunted house, Lin An Lan remembered Jing Huan and Gu Shuyu. Holding Cheng Yu’s hand, he told him, “Let’s go in and have a look.”

Naturally, Cheng Yu agreed.

He also remembered the scene from the movie and how Jing Huan’s favorite attraction was the haunted house. Not because it was thrilling, but because every time he would say he was scared, Gu Shuyu would hold his hand and this continued until they walked out of the haunted house.

“Are you scared?” Cheng Yu asked him. “I’m actually quite scared.”

Chuckling, Lin An Lan shook the hand that held his. “You’re still scared even though I’m holding your hand?”

Cheng Yu nodded with an innocent expression on his face. “I’m that timid.”

Lin An Lan clicked his tongue. “Then what would it take for you not to be scared?”

“I probably need An An to give me a kiss, to buff me up.” Cheng Yu said, clearly more demanding than Jing Huan.

Fortunately, the person he loved understood his intentions better than Gu Shuyu, because Lin An Lan pulled him down and kissed him on the lips before asking, “Is that enough?”

Cheng Yu nodded, then they entered the haunted house together.

The haunted house was really quite thrilling. Scared several times, Lin An Lan’s grip on Cheng Yu’s hand tightened more and more. In the end, Cheng Yu simply hugged him and protected him as they left the haunted house.

Lin An Lan felt that he seriously preferred other attractions where he could have more fun. This thrilling haunted house wasn’t his cup of tea.

Looking at Cheng Yu, he thought of his innocent expression before they had entered the haunted house. “And you said you were scared?”

“I became strong for love!” Cheng Yu argued playfully.

Lin An Lan snorted, thinking his boyfriend had too much drama.

They played until it got dark before deciding to head back.

As Lin An Lan was a little tired, Cheng Yu carried him on his back as they left.

And lying on his back, Lin An Lan was extremely happy.

“Did you have fun?” Cheng Yu asked him.

Lin An Lan nodded. “Let’s come back and play again next time.”

Hugging Cheng Yu’s neck, Lin An Lan leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Thank you, Little Flower. This is the first time I’ve had so much fun.”

He had enjoyed going to amusement parks as a child, but that happiness was different from this one. Back then, it was the excitement of seeing a new world for the first time. The happiness Cheng Yu brought him was different but still precious, so Lin An Lan cherished both.

Hearing Lin An Lan’s words, Cheng Yu was also happy.

Cheng Yu calculated the time and as they were about to reach the park’s exit, he saw fireworks bloom in the sky.

He stopped and Lin An Lan looked up.

The fireworks were colorful and dazzling, forming various patterns in the night sky before disappearing slowly.

Lin An Lan watched quietly then said, “It’s so beautiful.”

“It is beautiful.” Cheng Yu agreed.

At the end of the fireworks display, four words appeared in the sky, shining brightly like stars: “Happy Birthday, An An.”

Lin An Lan smiled instantly, looked at Cheng Yu, and kissed his cheek.

As Cheng Yu turned his head, Lin An Lan’s lips met his and they shared a gentle kiss.

“Happy Birthday.” Cheng Yu said.

“As long as you’re by my side, I’ll always be happy.” Lin An Lan looked at him with tenderness in his eyes. “So, you must always stay by my side.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu kissed his brow, “Of course.”

Lin An Lan couldn’t help but hold him tighter, resting his head on Cheng Yu’s shoulder.

His eyes were filled with happiness and the corners of his lips curved upward more and more. He loved Cheng Yu so much; he really loved the person he was holding.

He didn’t need any gifts, because Cheng Yu was the best gift he could have ever received.

Lin An Lan gently kissed Cheng Yu’s shoulder and whispered in his heart: Little flower, I love you so much.

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