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Chapter 87.1

After standing against the wall for a while, Lin An Lan heard a knock on the door and, thinking it was Cheng Yu who had forgotten his keys on his way out, went over to open the door.

But as soon as the door was opened, he realized that the person standing at the door wasn’t Cheng Yu, but Jiang Xu. He immediately tried to close the door with his other hand.

Jiang Xu placed his foot in the door hastily, “Xiao Lan, I’ll just say one thing. You don’t want us to be photographed and then be embarrassed together, do you?”

“Okay, one word, say it now.”

Jiang Xu: ……

Jiang Xu could only stand outside the door and persuade him seriously, “Cheng Yu is lying to you. You really have nothing to do with him, believe me.”

“That’s it, you can go.”

“Xiao Lan ……”

Jiang Xu was speaking when he suddenly felt someone grab his collar and yank him backwards.

“What are you doing in our house in the middle of the day instead of sleeping?” Cheng Yu pushed him aside, “I have to sleep if you don’t, get out of the way.”

He opened the door and went in. Jiang Xu tried to go in as well, but Cheng Yu kicked him through the door and unprepared, Jiang Xu took several steps back. With a ‘snap’, the door closed and Cheng Yu turned his head to smile at Lin An Lan.

Lin An Lan: ……

“I kicked him because he was trying to break in, I was defending myself.” Cheng Yu explained.

Lin An Lan raised his eyebrows, “Then what were you doing up in the middle of the day?”

Cheng Yu waved the bag in his hand, “I went to collect shells for you.”

“We can’t take them back, so why collect them?”

“To see if there are any pearls in them.” Cheng Yu laughed, “Can’t we take the pearls back?”

“Then what’s the deal with Chen Yingjie?” Lin An Lan asked him.

Cheng Yu was about to answer when he remembered something. He asked, “Wait, if you know about Chen Yingjie, then why did you ask me what I was doing just now?”

Lin An Lan smiled, “Can’t I ask?”

Laughing, Cheng Yu pinched his face, “Testing me, huh?”

“Is there a need for me to test you?”

“There’s indeed no need.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I just found out he was on the shore after I finished picking up the shells. I told him to behave himself in the future and not to always watch you in order to target you. He thought I was threatening him and said so for a few minutes.”

“That’s all?”

“Otherwise?” Cheng Yu shrugged, “He probably likes me, but I don’t like him. I already have someone I like.”

Cheng Yu finished and smiled as he approached Lin An Lan, “Right?”

Lin An Lan felt that this should be the focus of his conversation with Chen Yingjie, otherwise, Chen Yingjie wouldn’t have waited for him on the shore specifically, not to mention always trying to move closer to him.

But it was also true that he could only be unrequitedly in love.

Cheng Yu was so attached to him that when he didn’t respond, he managed to keep pursuing him for eight years, let alone now, when he had become Cheng Yu’s boyfriend.

As long as he was around, Cheng Yu would only notice him, and if he left one day, Lin An Lan felt that the odds were that Cheng Yu wouldn’t move on, and that he would probably get very sick and continue to love him, or, try not to love him so much.

“So you’ve made it clear to him?” Lin An Lan asked.

Cheng Yu nodded, “I made it clear.”

Then that was good.

With the way Cheng Yu looked and with this background and identity, it was unusual for no one to like him, so Lin An Lan wasn’t averse to someone liking him. As far as he was concerned, as long as Cheng Yu could explain it to the other person clearly and not get involved, then it was good.

Other than that, he wouldn’t care. After all, he himself knew very well that Cheng Yu loved only him and only him the most.

In a good mood after being questioned by Lin An Lan, Cheng Yu poked him in the face, “So impatient to question me, are you jealous?”

“Can’t I be jealous?” Lin An Lan looked up, “As soon as I opened my eyes you weren’t in the house, and as soon as I opened the window I saw you and Chen Yingjie talking. If I didn’t trust you, I would have suspected that you were secretly meeting someone else behind my back.”

Cheng Yu burst out laughing instantly, “Secretly meeting someone else. Why didn’t you come and catch us in the act then?”

“It’s because I trust you.”

Something sweet slowly bloomed in Cheng Yu’s heart as he reached out and hugged Lin An Lan, “Don’t worry, I’ll only have secret meetings with you.”

“We are in a serious relationship, and we call that dating.” Lin An Lan corrected.

Letting out a low laugh, Cheng Yu kissed the side of his face, “Why are you so cute?”

After he finished, he kissed Lin An Lan several times as if that wasn’t enough, “So cute.”

Lin An Lan looked at him with a smile. He just knew that Cheng Yu would be happy when he got to know that he was jealous.

Sure enough, he simply knew his boyfriend too well.

The two had been cuddling around the house for a while when they received a notice from the program team telling them to meet at the beach.

The group spent the afternoon at the beach and it wasn’t until the evening meal that Lin An Lan had time to go back to their villa with Cheng Yu to open the box and check the shells.

“With so many shells, there must be a pearl or two to be found inside.” Lin An Lan said.

“I hope so.” Cheng Yu wasn’t so sure.

But they got lucky and did find pearls in a few shells.

Lin An Lan was very surprised. Taking the pearls out, he looked at them carefully, picked out a few that he liked and handed them to Cheng Yu.

“You stayed up in the middle of the day to pick this up, which means you want to give me a present and I’m guessing you won’t give me the pearls straight away, so take them to be processed.”

Cheng Yu thought he was really clever and he gave him a kiss, “Clever.”

Lin An Lan kept the rest of the pearls for himself, planning to make Cheng Yu a little present. Although he hadn’t thought of anything yet, there was no hurry, he could take his time thinking about it.

The two of them finished tidying up, took a shower and lay down on the bed.

On the afternoon of the last day of the show, they had a campfire where they talked about their aspirations, their past, their future, and sang happily around the campfire.

Before going back to the room, the director gave each guest a drift bottle and asked them to write down their wishes, put them in the bottle and throw them into the sea.

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