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Chapter 106.2 Cheng Yu is sick

So he could only wish Lin An Lan happiness from behind.

Cheng Yu sat alone in the car, the wind blowing in and making him a bit cold, but he couldn’t close the window.

It was as if closing the window would further distance his world from Lin An Lan’s world.

He knew Lin An Lan too well and he also knew Lin An Lan’s character too well. Lin An Lan didn’t like to be pestered and he wouldn’t be moved by it; he would only feel annoyed, feeling that the other party didn’t respect him.

That was why he now hated Jiang Xu’s presence and didn’t want to bother saying anything more to him.

Cheng Yu didn’t feel that he had the same emotional capital that Jiang Xu had. The feelings between the two of them, was in itself so little that it was pitiful, so he didn’t dare pester him like Jiang Xu did, and he also didn’t feel, that he had the right to pester him.

They had originally been two trees that had nothing to do with each other, that grew independently of each other, but he had forced his branches around him, in the vain hope that he would be able to stand side by side with him.

But Lin An Lan’s branches didn’t reach out, they only accepted his branches passively and then left actively.

Branches fell to the ground, but even that, they were only his branches.

Cheng Yu drove home as the night rose.

And feeling a little cold from the night’s wind, turned on the shower and took a bath.

The water in the shower was hot, blossoming into splashes as it hit his skin. He stood quietly under the shower and as he listened to the rustling of the water, he remembered that Lin An Lan had once burst in while he was showering.

Here, they had hugged and kissed and he had called him his wife over and over again, as if he was really his wife and would never leave him for the rest of his life.

He had held him so tightly, kissed him so deeply, been so close to him that he could even hear his heartbeat just by turning his ear.

A sound that seemed to beat for him.

But now, it was all over. No matter how much he repeated this action, he couldn’t really be his wife, he couldn’t hold him tightly and he couldn’t be close to his heart.

Cheng Yu leaned against the wall, in pain, his breath constrained.

Turning off the shower, he picked up a towel, wiped the water from his body and walked out.

Cheng Yu was sick, but he didn’t realize he had a cold until he got up the next morning. His head foggy, he started sneezing uncontrollably.

He was a little surprised, because he rarely caught a cold, and it came almost once a year, but this year it had come so early.

He remembered the time when Lin An Lan had a cold and felt that his constitution was weak. He had grumbled to him, “But you are all right.”

At that time, he had said, “I had a cold once in the first half of the year, so I won’t have it for the rest of the year.”

But now, he had a cold.

He sneezed, and not making things hard for himself, lay down on his bed to rest in peace.

But he was not destined to be at peace as he had thought, because Sun Meng called to remind him, “There’s a movie meet and greet in a few days, the creators will be there, so don’t forget.”

Cheng Yu had really forgotten, “I’m not going.”

“That won’t work, you are the main actor.”

“I’m sick.” Cheng Yu’s response was muffled, “I’ll record a vcr or have the host send me a live video link. I’ve been in a bad state for the past two days, I want to take a break.”

Sun Meng was skeptical, but Cheng Yu hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

He didn’t bother to take any medicine and he didn’t even know if there was any medicine in the house. It was just a cold anyway, it was just a matter of how quickly he got better, so it didn’t matter.

Closing his eyes, Cheng Yu slept for a while until there was a knock at the door.

He got up, weak and weary to open the door a little too unwillingly to find that it was Sun Meng.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you. You said you were sick, as your manager shouldn’t I come to see you?”

“My goodness,” Sun Meng couldn’t stop shaking his head, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, how come you’ve become like this? Is it serious? Let’s go to the hospital, that place is definitely more reliable than home. What’s wrong with you? Your stomach? Liver? It can’t be the heart, right?”

Cheng Yu:……

Turning around, Cheng Yu walked towards the bedroom, “It’s just a cold, don’t be nervous.”

“Please, how can a cold make you feel and look like this? Who are you kidding?”

Cheng Yu went into the bedroom, lifted the covers and leaned back on the pillows, “It’s really a cold.”

Sun Meng didn’t believe it.

Cheng Yu was about to speak when he coughed.

Sun Meng hurriedly went out to pour him a cup of hot water then he heard Cheng Yu sneeze several times.

It seems…… it was really a cold.

“It’s really a cold?” He handed him the cup of water.

Cheng Yu accepted it, took a few sips and nodded, “Yes.”

Sun Meng sat down on the edge of his bed, “Then why are you like this?”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything.

Sun Meng was about to say something when he looked up and saw the painting of Lin An Lan in the room. It was only then that he remembered to ask him, “Where is Lin An Lan, why isn’t he here? You are sick but he didn’t stay home to look after you?”

Cheng Yu was silent for a moment and then said truthfully, “He’s gone.”

“He left a few days ago, he found out that I had lied to him.”

Sun Meng: !!!

“Then why didn’t you tell me!”

“Would it have helped if I had told you?” Cheng Yu said calmly, “Why worry one more person, right?”

“Then you….”

“I’m fine, I’ll be fine after this period.” Cheng Yu said softly.

He just couldn’t bear the sudden departure of Lin An Lan, the gain and then the loss, that was why he couldn’t turn around for a while.

After a while, he would get used to it and would slowly return to his previous state and go back to doing what he had to do.

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