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Chapter 125.2 New movie starts filming, ‘Wait for me to come back.’

Lin An Lan was reading the script at this very moment.

He was just halfway through when he noticed that someone was blocking the light in front of him. Looking up, he found a young smiling face. The person who was smiling looked like a student who had only just graduated. He took the initiative to talk to him, “Hello Lin Ge, I am Meng Tingyun, playing Li He who grows up in the movie. I would like to ask you for more guidance in the future.”

Feeling the vibrant energy he unconsciously exuded, Lin An Lan smiled, “Okay.”

“Then can I come and read my lines with you when you’re done with your scenes and are not busy at that moment?” Meng Tingyun scratched his head, “This is my first movie, I’m afraid I won’t be able to act well.”

“Alright.” Lin An Lan nodded.

He had also come from being a newcomer, so he naturally knew the apprehension and anxiety that came within the period of being a newcomer.

When he had been filming his first movie, he had also always been afraid that he would make mistakes and that he wouldn’t be able to match his seniors’ when they were acting scenes together, so he kept rehearsing in private.

However, he hadn’t been as bold as Meng Tingyun and had also been afraid of disturbing his seniors, so he didn’t dare walk up to them directly to voice his hopes, but this didn’t mean he hated Meng Tingyun’s kind of character. It was probably because since childhood, he had excelled at academics and had experienced being disturbed and asked questions by others since he was young, so Lin An Lan had long since gotten used to it.

To him, as long as the person asking was open-minded and was seeking advice, then it was okay for him to help out when he could in passing.

Meng Tingyun seemed to have not expected him to be so easy to talk to as he said delightedly, “Really? Then thank you, Lin Ge.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Lin Ge, you look so familiar to me.” Tilting his head, Meng Tingyun looked at him carefully then asked him, “Have we met before?”

Lin An Lan didn’t think he had seen Meng Tingyun so he shook his head, “No, I don’t think so. Maybe it’s because you’ve seen me on TV.”

Meng Tingyun was a little disappointed, “It turns out it’s like this.”

He added disappointedly, “Then maybe I was wrong.”

Lin An Lan smiled, very politely.

Meng Tingyun didn’t stay long. After Lin An Lan agreed to his request, he left politely.

Zhuo Siya looked at Lin An Lan’s filming notice sheet and checked it carefully before handing it to him, “I’ve read the filming notice for this period. The time and whatnot is arranged quite reasonably; there are a few late night scenes, but it’s normal. Take a look at it and see if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted. If there is, I’ll go ahead and coordinate.”

Lin An Lan read it carefully then said to him, “The two scenes in the afternoon of next Thursday and the two scenes in the evening have to be adjusted, Cheng Yu will probably come to visit at that time and I want to spend some time with him.”

“Okay.” Zhuo Siya nodded, thinking to himself that they were really still in the passionate stage of their relationship. They were seriously like glue. The filming of the movie had just started and they had already planned the visitation time.

”You two are still quite attached.”

“You have a problem with that?” Lin An Lan asked him.

“Of course not, I’m just sighing. This time last year you were avoiding him but this year you’re passionately in love.”

Zhuo Siya found this somewhat amazing, “To be honest, I’ve thought about you being in a relationship a few times before, but I never thought it would be with Cheng Yu.”

“I never expected it either.” Lin An Lan said truthfully, “But I’m happy it’s him.”

“Then I wish you both happiness.”

“Thank you.”

“Come on, it’s time for you to get styled, you have a scene later.”

Hearing this, Lin An Lan stood up and walked towards the dressing room of the crew.

The character he was playing this time had a wide age span; Li Hao hadn’t yet graduated from university when Sister Li got married, he had just worked for a year when his sister was killed, and by the time his nephew Li He grew up and he went to turn himself in, he was already 43, a mature middle-aged man with a successful career.

The make-up artist first gave him a youthful make-up look while Zhao Peng Hai watched by the sides, throwing suggestions of changes that could be made. He felt that Li Hao was in essence actually a very simple and transparent person, so he didn’t need too much heavy make-up or a look that was heavy, what’s more Lin An Lan’s current appearance fit the bill, so the make-up artist simply gave him a base and a light make-up.

Satisfied, Zhao Peng Hai sent Lin An Lan to change his clothes. He waited until everything was over, then he went to see the others’ make-up creation.

On the first day of filming, Zhao Peng Hai wanted everyone to get into shape as soon as possible, so he arranged for Lin An Lan to have a heartwarming scene with his sister and mother, and for his sister and brother-in-law to have a scene of domestic violence.

Mother Li was played by veteran actress Li Wanshu, his sister was played by Xu Xiuying, a young actress who came from a theatre background and switched to acting and his brother-in-law was played by Zhou Yan, the only actor in the movie who had won the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Lin An Lan greeted them in turn. Zhou Yan wasn’t around as his scene with Xu Xiuying was later, so he was still resting and hadn’t arrived on set yet.

It had to be said that Zhao Peng Hai was a very good casting director. Xu Xiuying and Li Wanshu were both very sweet-looking and looked gentle and beautiful. Anyone who looked at them would think they were a good mother and sister.

Lin An Lan spoke to both of them for a while then listened to Zhao Peng Hai talk about the key points of the scene before the official filming began.

Because it was a dinner scene, the crew had already prepared the meal, but unlike the warm and delicious meal that people outside the scene saw, the meal in the scene, which had been set on the table early, was cold and neither was it warm or tasty.

Lin An Lan sat at the table with Li Wanshu and Xu Xiuying, eating and talking about the recent events.

Sister Li blushed profusely as she spoke of her boyfriend and Li Hao looked at her with a smile, happy for her in his heart.

Mother Li was also very happy, picked some vegetables for her son and daughter to eat then told her daughter to bring her boyfriend home some day.

Lowering her head shyly, Sister Li nodded as she ate.

The scene looked very cozy.

However, Zhao Peng Hai wasn’t satisfied. He felt that Xu Xiuying didn’t fully show the shyness that Sister Li should have when in love, so he made them repeat the scene.

And so, by the time the scene was over, the plate was half empty and Lin An Lan had eaten several pieces of meat which had long since gone cold and was both unpalatable and greasy in his mouth. Lin An Lan had to drink a glass of orange juice to be able to force himself to keep the food in his mouth down.

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