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Chapter 67.2

The house wasn’t really big; it was about 100 square feet, with three rooms and a hall.

When Lin An Lan pushed open the largest room, he saw a huge framed picture hanging on the wall. It was his parents’ wedding picture.

Anyone looking at the picture would know that this was a loving couple because they were both smiling very happily and their eyes revealed happiness.

Noticing two picture frames next to their bedside table, Lin An Lan walked over to take a look, only to discover that they were single pictures of him and Lin Bo.

In one frame, Lin Bo was smiling brightly and dressed in a sports outfit, as if he had just finished working out.

The picture of Lin An Lan however was much more gentle and elegant. Standing in front of his school, he was smiling gently, with a celebratory banner about his high entrance exam scores behind him.

Looking at the two picture frames carefully, Lin An Lan thought to himself, ‘He and his brother did look alike a little.’

If one were to just look at the pictures, probably no one would guess that he was an adopted child; instead, they would assume he was a child of the Lin family.

This was probably fate.

Lin An Lan put the picture back and walked out of his parents bedroom.

Then looked towards the bedroom next to his parents’ room, unsure if it belonged to him or Lin Bo.

Curious, he pushed the door open and walked in. Instantly, a familiar and unfamiliar atmosphere engulfed him. It seems this was his bedroom.

He saw a medium-sized bookshelf, his desk, and his bed.

There was also a picture on his bedside table of the three of them as a family.

In the picture, he was still very young, probably around ten years old, while his parents were very old, with greying temples.

It seems they had gone to a certain park to play and had someone take this picture for them.

Lin An Lan looked at it quietly, before putting the frame back down.

Crouching, he pulled open his bedside table drawer and saw his many certificates in there.

There was the first place in essay writing, the championship in speech, the third place in an Olympiad competition, the second place in the province’s high school students’ maths competition, and so on.

As Lin An Lan flipped through the certificates, he even found his degree and a certificate that showed he had completed school.

Rummaging through the entire drawer, he said to himself as he couldn’t find what he was looking for, “Strange.”

“What are you looking for?” Cheng Yu asked him.

“Pictures.” Lin An Lan answered, “Shouldn’t I have pictures of me growing up here?”

“Perhaps they are over there in the bookshelf.” Cheng Yu reminded him.

Thinking that it made sense, Lin An Lan walked over to the bookshelf to look through it.

However to his surprise, there was nothing in the cabinet of the bookshelf either.

“Could they be in your parents’ room?”

“It’s possible.”

Lin An Lan didn’t rush there this time. He looked at his bedroom again, then went to Lin Bo’s bedroom.

Lin Bo’s bedroom was much simpler.

He had been gone for too many years, so little had been added to his room over the years.

It was only when there was too much stuff to fit in the house that Father Lin and Mother Lin would put them in his room.

He stood looking around the room for a while then withdrew quietly, not disturbing the silence of the room.

Entering his parents’ bedroom again, he opened the bedside table, looking for the photo album.

However, no matter how much he searched, he still didn’t find anything.

“Could it be that it isn’t in the bedroom?”

“Then where did it go?” Cheng Yu guessed, “In the cabinet of the living room coffee table?”

Lin An Lan also thought it was possible.

Unfortunately, he still didn’t find it there.

Sitting on the sofa, Lin An Lan thought carefully, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember anything.

After thinking about it, he decided to go and ask Jiang Xu.

“You go.” Lin An Lan pushed Cheng Yu, “You go and ask him, I won’t talk to him much.”

Cheng Yu didn’t think this was actually necessary. Although he didn’t like Jiang Xu, it wasn’t so bad that he would forbid Lin An Lan from talking to him.

But since Lin An Lan was so concerned for him, he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Hence, he grabbed Lin An Lan’s hand, kissed his face, and said to him, “Don’t worry, I will definitely help you find out where it is.”

Jiang Xu was chopping vegetables when Cheng Yu knocked on the door and entered. Even though Jiang Xu was busy, he took the time to look at him, but once he realized it wasn’t the person he wanted to see, he didn’t even give him a sidelong glance.

“An An asked me to ask you, do you remember where he keeps his photo album?”

Jiang Xu said rather blandly, “What does it have to do with you?”

“You really don’t remember, do you? Sure enough, An An was right. He just guessed that you wouldn’t have these things in your heart by now.”

“Cheng Yu, you don’t need to stir up trouble!” Jiang Xu was dissatisfied.

Cheng Yu shrugged his shoulders, “Am I? I’m just being honest, aren’t you long past the age where you would put him in your heart?”

“I’m not!” Jiang Xu held the knife up, wishing he could cut him right there and then to silence him completely.

“Is that so? Then do you remember where he keeps his photo albums? What is the password he uses most often? What is his favorite dish? You don’t remember.”

“I remember!” Jiang Xu couldn’t help but be irritated and in his rage, said angrily on the spot, “His photo album was brought to his house last year, his most used password is his parents’ birthdays, and his favorite dish is sweet and sour pork because it was the first sweet and sour dish he ate when he was a child. Before that, he had no idea that meat could be sweet and sour at the same time, so he loved it. “

Cheng Yu was surprised. This was something he hadn’t known before, but thanks to Jiang Xu, he knew now.

“So what, you’ve still changed.”

“You’re the one who has changed!”

“Yes.” Cheng Yu leaned against the door frame and said indifferently, “Who’s life will remain the same? People change, and you and I are no exception. As long as you don’t regret it.”

Frowning, Jiang Xu said coldly, “I’m not going to regret it.”

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