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Chapter 117.1 “If we were to get married in the future, would we make an official announcement?”

By the time the two of them finished cleaning up, it was time for dinner.

Cheng Yu ordered takeaway and asked Lin An Lan to sit on the sofa to help him put the pearls on his phone case.

Lin An Lan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but he did as he asked and put the pendant on and then gave him back his phone.

“Speaking of which, why did you have amnesia?” Cheng Yu wondered.

Lin An Lan briefly recounted the events of those few days and said truthfully, “Actually I also don’t know, but after I recovered my memory, I went to the hospital and the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with my brain now and that I should just take care and rest, so I stopped caring about it.”

Cheng Yu nodded, guessing that Lin An Lan had been angry at Jiang Xu’s words, and that he subconsciously didn’t want this situation to exist, plus the fact that he had hit his head when he was riding in the car later on and with the physical and psychological reasons overlapping, had forgotten about the past.

As for mistaking him for his boyfriend, it was probably because Jiang Xu’s suggestion had had such a shocking impact on him that he thought about it all the time in those days, what’s more before he lost his memory, he thought about it the most, which was why when he tried hard to remember something afterwards, this information that had left the most impression on him popped up.

It was just that his memory was so fragmented that he only extracted his name and corresponding identity, as well as the address that Jiang Xu had told him while forgetting the most important thing– which was what Jiang Xu had wanted him to do.

Cheng Yu felt that this was really an error that had occurred due to a strange combination of circumstances. Jiang Xu had intended for Lin An Lan to hurt him, but had instead ended up fulfilling his wish.

In the end, not only did he not get the fatherly love and wealth he had wanted, he had also lost a friend like Lin An Lan, who was a true friend.

Why bother doing all these when he was so stupid?

But he probably didn’t expect Lin An Lan to be so angry because of this. For Jiang Xu, he and Lin An Lan were the two closest people in the world. When there was only one straw left, even if the other person was depressed and discontented, they wouldn’t throw that straw away easily. Most people would rather choose to wrong themselves so that they wouldn’t be alone.

Jiang Xu probably had the courage to say such things to Lin An Lan because he knew this, coupled with the friendship between Lin An Lan and him for more than ten years.

He may not have been unaware that Lin An Lan would be angry when he heard that, but he just felt that his anger and disappointment would only be temporary and that after time had passed, Lin An Lan would definitely forgive him and that they would still be the best of friends and the closest people in the world.

Which was why he dared to say it, because once Lin An Lan said yes, it would be a matter of great profit.

Whether he had hurt him or Cheng Feng recognized him, it would be to his advantage.

He had nothing to lose, which was why he had said it with boldness and confidence.

He really, really didn’t understand Lin An Lan.

There might be people in this world who would commiserate in order to not be alone, but that person was definitely not Lin An Lan.

Even if Jiang Xu didn’t know what had happened to him in his early childhood, he probably remembered Lin An Lan’s rejection of his intention to identify with Cheng Feng as well as his personality and habits from childhood to adulthood. He obviously had a very mature and sound outlook, his own moral standards and his own opinions.

He wouldn’t force himself to make friends just because everyone else had to do so during the semester, nor would he force himself to fall in love at university just because everyone else had to fall in love during university.

He would never live according to the standards of others, he only lived according to his own ideas.

Which was why he wouldn’t hold on to the only straw in his arms and when he discovered that it had rotted, he would let go of it himself and then move on proudly alone.

Lin An Lan’s character dictated that he wouldn’t deceive and his morality dictated that he wouldn’t help Jiang Xu do anything that would hurt others while his mind also predetermined that he wouldn’t accept betrayal or any wrong doing as return payment for the sincerity he had given. The moment Jiang Xu said those words, it was predicted that there would be no more future between them.

Cheng Yu shook his head in his heart, thinking that Jiang Xu was really something else. He didn’t understand the person who had been his friend for more than ten years at all.

Or rather, he had underestimated Lin An Lan’s sense of morality and thoughtfulness.

Otherwise, he would have realized that something was wrong when he saw Lin An Lan appear beside him instead of thinking that he was really doing it for him and was really playing games with him.

When Cheng Yu thought of this, he couldn’t help but sigh, “You’re very impressive. Even when Jiang Xu said that after you lost your memory, you didn’t believe it, not suspecting at all that what he said was true, that you really came to me in order to deceive me. Instead, you thought he was making up his own show.”

Lin An Lan propped his head in his palm, “It’s normal. I’m a normal person, how can a normal person think they’re scum? This kind of thing can only be done by scum and since I don’t think I’m scum, I definitely won’t do that.”

He looked at Cheng Yu, “But I didn’t expect that it was true. If I hadn’t lost my memory, then this wouldn’t be you deceiving me, but me deceiving you.”

Smiling, Cheng Yu unfurled his hand, “I would be more than willing to be deceived.”

Lin An Lan slapped his hand, “Didn’t you suspect at first that I was really here to deceive you? Pretending that I had lost my memory.”

“I did suspect you.” Cheng Yu said generously, “But as I said, I would be more than willing, so whether you really had amnesia or you were faking it, I would have accepted it.”

Lin An Lan knew that his words were true. He had spoken to Cheng Yu before when he heard Jiang Xu say that, telling Cheng Yu not to believe Jiang Xu if he said that to him. But at that time, Cheng Yu had said that he didn’t care and if that was the case, he had Jiang Xu to thank for it.

He had thought he was just jokingly saying that, but now it seemed to be a reflection of his truest feelings.

“It’s really an error that had occurred due to a strange combination of circumstances.” Lin An Lan sighed.

Cheng Yu nodded, “But it’s a good situation for me, I like these kind of errors.”

That was also true.

Lin An Lan smiled at him. He also liked it too.

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